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hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo and cool bear
and today we’re gonna show you the top seven treatments for an ACL sprain so
let’s get started so there’s
many different kinds of ACL sprains there’s different grades and then
there’s also a complete tear so this is really just for a sprain to help it or
even if you have a complete tear but this is before surgery this is not after
surgery because a lot of times after a surgery there’s different protocols
depending on what graft you have and what all they do in surgery but it’s
really important to talk to your doctor or surgeon if you need surgery or not
some people don’t need surgery it depends on your activity level and the
kinds of things you do so if you try some of these and it doesn’t feel like
it’s helping make sure and talk again with your doctor or go see a physical
therapist for some other treatment so the first one is just going to be a heel
slide you can do heel slides sitting down on the floor or you can do it lying
down usually lying down it’s just a little
bit more comfortable and this is just to help get some motion a lot of times when
you have that ACL sprain it’s really tight and that knee joint sometimes
people who can’t straighten it all the way out sometimes they can’t get a good
bend so a heel slide is just exactly how it sounds you’re sliding that heel up and
down so starting out as straight as you can get your leg and it might not be
completely straight you’re just gonna slide that heel up and really just try
and go as far as you comfortably can make a little pause and then come back
down I like keeping this side bent because I feel like you can get a little
bit more of a pull sometimes people just keep it down and do the other side which
is fine but again I feel like it’s a little more comfortable on your body if
you want a little bit more of a stretch when you’re doing the heel slide you can
take a strap or a belt and when you come up if you want more you can take that
strap and just kind of help pull it up a little bit to get more of that slide but
again it shouldn’t be painful you’re not trying to pull it up into pain you
should just feel some tension in there and then slide it back down so this only
needs to be done maybe 10 times two maybe two sets of ten a couple
times a day really just to get that bend in there the next one is going to
be a quad set so a lot of times again with that ACL sprain or a tear you don’t
have that full extension in there or that straightening out of the knee so
quad sets do a really good job of helping to get more of that extension in
there and to start activating that quad muscle because a lot of times after that
sprain those quad muscles just shut off and that’s usually even after surgery as
well that’s really hard to get those quads activating again so starting early
to get them activating and keep them contracting is really really important
you can do it just flat but if you’re not quite at full extension it might
help to take a towel a little rolled-up towel or a small little roll and put it
underneath your knee to give yourself a target so the goal is to squeeze push
your knee down into that role but not lift up your heels some people do this
and that’s not exactly what I’m looking for I want you to push down into there
where you’re contracting that quad muscle and you might be able to see it a
little bit where I’m squeezing and contracting that now if you’ve just had
a sprain or a tear you might be squeezing and you’re not seeing much
movement in there and that’s that’s okay just really try and push down this to
that where you’re really just trying to squish one what’s underneath your knee
to contract that muscle sometimes if it’s not doing a lot if you just tap it
a little bit while you’re doing it you can if you have an electrical
stimulation machine you can do that as well a muscle stimulation and then it
will help contract that muscle as well but when you go into the squeeze try and
hold it for about five seconds give it a good squeeze again keeping that heel
down and then relaxing it maybe do that ten times again a couple times
throughout the day you don’t want to over work the muscle but you want to
keep it moving so then the next one is going to be a prop a knee prop and so
this again is to help with that knee extension you can just use a roll again
if you’re on the floor if you’re sitting in a chair you can prop it up on a stool
or another chair in front of you but this time you’re just trying to
relax that knee so let’s say I don’t have that full extension I’m about here I
can’t straighten out my knee all the way if I’m just relaxing it and letting
gravity just push down on it a lot of times eventually it’ll start to
straighten out as you hold it there so this one’s pretty easy you don’t have to
do anything so if you want to do this while you’re watching TV maybe if you’re
working at a desk you can prop it up underneath the desk so then you don’t
have to think about it because it’ll probably be uncomfortable that’s just
because everything’s tight under there but try and just let all those muscles
relax and just let it go back down so maybe two to three minutes at a time you
might just want to start off with 30 seconds to a minute the first couple
times you do it and just see how you feel but again you can do that a couple
times a day so then the next one is going to be a hamstring stretch a lot of
times once you have that sprain in there all these muscles around the knee
the quad the hamstrings the calf muscles all get really tight and those are all
important to stretch I’m just going to show you the hamstring stretch today but
you can definitely check out those other stretches the the way I like to stretch
the hamstrings the best is with a strap because then you can lie down and relax
your back and really just focus on the hamstring stretch so take a strap or a
belt dog leash works really well something
with loop but not something like a band you wanted to be tight where it doesn’t
give and just wrap it around your foot you’re gonna lie down and then keeping
your leg as straight as you can so if you have a little bit of a bend because
of the sprain that’s okay but you don’t want to actively bend your knee you want
to try and keep that leg really straight and you’re gonna take the strap and pull
it up so I’m not lifting my leg actively I’m lifting it with the strap and just
pulling up so you can only go to here and you feel a stretch that’s fine and
then you’re gonna hold the stretch for 30 seconds if you can bring it up a
little bit higher that that’s great too you just want to go where you feel that
comfortable stretch but if I start doing this to bring it up then I’m no longer
stretching out my hamstrings because they come and they cross the knee so if
the knees bent I’m not really stretching them so if your knee starts to bend then
come back down and try and straighten it back out
if you want more of a stretch you can pull your toes up and that’ll also
stretch out those calf muscles just a little bit as well so 30 seconds three
times doing that so after you’ve got them stretched out a little bit gotten
some motion in there now you want to do some strengthening so with the
strengthening you’re just going to start off with a simple straight leg raise so
it’s just again how it sounds a lot of the stretches and exercises are just how
they sound so again I like propping up my opposite leg just especially for this
one one cuz it gives me a target for my other leg and two it takes some pressure
off of my low back if you’ve got an injury to your knee and you’ve been kind
of hobbling around on it for a couple days you’re probably gonna have a little
bit of back pain too so this just helps take the pressure off of it so with the
straight leg raise you’re gonna pull your toes up towards you that’s going to
help a lock out your leg and activate those muscles again if you’ve got that
little bend in there because you can’t straighten it out that’s okay
still try and pull those toes up to lock it out and then you’re just gonna lift
it out to about the height of the other side so you’re not coming up all the way
up here and you’re not just lifting it down there even though if that’s all you
can do that’s okay but if you could come up you want to be about equal to the
other side you also want to go slow and control this isn’t doing an exercise
this this is just using momentum so you really want to come up nice and slow and
you want to go down nice and slow as well so again I just start off with
maybe 10 if that’s doable do two sets of 10 a couple times a day and then that
should really get you going so the next ones are gonna be standing up so the
next exercise is going to be a terminal knee extension and basically just what
that means is you’re extending your knee in a closed chain position so you’re not
your foots not up in the air and you’re and you’re trying to extend it or
straightening it but your foot is down so you can start off without any
resistance and so really what I like to start off having people do to get used
to it it’s just kind of been learning like this and then your heel can be up
and then you’re just kind of going down trying to straighten
that knee and then bend it again so you’re extending terminally extending
that knee and so if this is comfortable and this is doable and you don’t really
feel like it’s doing a whole lot then you can use a resistive band so just
make a loop and then anchor it on to something solid so with with the chair I
definitely need to hold on to the chair so the chair doesn’t come flying back to
me but you can anchor it in a door you can have somebody hold on to it there’s
a couple different things you can do but this works pretty well as long as you’re
holding on to it so it doesn’t come flying toward you so again I’m just kind
of starting with my knee bent you can you can put your heel all the way down
you can have it up just a little bit some people might tell you a little bit
differently but all you’re gonna do is then just try and straighten out your
knees see how I’m getting that resistance of the band and then slowly
unlock that knee because when you have that ACL sprain it’s really hard to lock
your knee you don’t have that stability in your knee anymore it becomes unstable
people say you know it just feels like it’s wiggling around in here and so you
really want to do that controlled motion because that’s gonna help you get that
stability back so really just extending that knee trying to get it as straight
as you can and slowly coming back so you don’t want it to be like this because
then you’re just gonna hurt it even more you just really want to go nice and slow
and controlled and so I would start off with the lightest band this and the
thera-band series is the second heaviest but I would start off with the lightest
one whatever brand that you have so the last exercise is going to be a balance
and reach exercise so again when you have that knee that is no longer stable
anymore because that ligament that ACL is trying to heal it’s unstable and so
what you want to do is really strengthen those muscles around it to help
stabilize that knee now once you tear a ligament especially if you completely
tear it it’s not going to heal if you sprain it you can kind of scar up the
ligament and make sure that it’s a little bit stronger but a ligament
itself once is torn it doesn’t heal you want to strengthen those muscles around
the knee so balancing is really really great for that
great for your ankles for your knees and for your hips and you want to work all
those joints around the knee as well as the knee itself so I would start off
definitely holding on to something and just trying to get that balance because
the first time you do it that knee might give out on you so you really want to
make sure that you’re getting some good stability in there squeeze those glutes
nice and tight that’s gonna help kind of ground you to the floor and just start
off trying to balance once you get that down and maybe you’re just holding on
with a couple fingers and then maybe you can go off and then not hold on to
anything at all then after you get that then you can start getting a little bit
of movement where you’re just reaching forward kind of bending at your hips to
get some of that balance you can go forward you can bring your arm out to
the side you can go towards the other side just to get some different
movements to work on that balance so again I’d start off holding on not
moving at all maybe just 10 or 15 seconds and see how you feel and
eventually progress to that but again if you have a sprain make sure you talk
with your doctor make sure it’s okay to go ahead and start exercising because
everyone is different every sprain is different every tear is different so
if you ask me I don’t know because I can’t evaluate you so those are your top
seven treatments for an ACL Sprain I think bear fell asleep if you’d like to
help support my channel make sure and click on the link up there and don’t
forget to subscribe by clicking down there and remember be safe have fun and
I hope you feel better soon.

21 thoughts on “Top 7 ACL Sprain Exercises & Stretches – Ask Doctor Jo

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  9. Hi doc! I had a mild sprain on my ACL seven days ago when playing soccer. I did not have to come off, as the pain only started when I cooled off. Four days later, I went to train with my team. I run and stretched and all went smooth. However, after some drills with the ball (including game situations), I felt some discomfort.

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    From Chile.

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