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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey whats up Youtube? So I wanted to take you guys through the supplements for bodybuilding that are
there out on the market right now and show you some of the ones I use to and explain what they actually you for you. So I’m going to keep this video very simple and very short I’ll just leave you basics and Im not going to give
you all the scientific data on it if you to know it message me and i’ll message you back on it. what’s up guys so the very first one that’s I’m gonna talk
about is the pre workout supplement this one is actually just as it says you take it before your
workout and it gives you energy and focus throughout
your entire routine I mean I don’t take it every single time
I work out but I definitely take it when I’m really exhausted
from work and everything it does really great as I didn’t have a pre-workout and after a long week ten-hour shift at
work I’ll probably be like to exhausted to go to the gym and that’s why I
actually a lot people state their gym days just because they’re too tired so if you’re feeling groggy or anything
take this and I swear within like 10-20 minutes you’re
going to want to do nothing but work out so um there’s different ones on the
market alone have them the B vitamins in it the I’m um caffeine obviously, but just a lot is
it to keep you energized and focused and it and there’s a lot of other stuff
better on within these this one is a muscle Pharm right here and as you can see from the label
has a lot of energy providing things potassium which is essential for your
body anyways and down there’s nowhere where it says
are I’ve ever seen where this is actually unhealthy for you obviously
want to stick to the recommended dose start out light with like maybe
once scoop to two scoops for and work your way up to I’m what what i
do two scoops now um because you don’t wanna overdo it but
I am anyways so that’s that one next we have branch chain amino acids there’s a lot of different ones out
on the market right now pretty much what BCAA’s do is They provide the building blocks of protein and muscle for your body so you you take this pretty much to help your
muscles recover faster um especially if you’re working out
really a often such as like five to seven days a week
you definitely want to add this to your supplement routine your muscles will recover faster your body
will grow faster and you’ll be able to hit the gym more
often I’m Next this is kind of like what we just
talked about this is um just one by cell mass by BSN it’s a post workout formula and it
actually has glutamine, creatine and branched-chain amino acids and as we
just talked about the BCAA’s creatine what that does is it helps
your body absorb water and actually makes you stronger
I’m when it’s in your system it also has healing effects as well and
that but there’s alot of rumors out there that creatine is
bad for you it’s not don’t believe that you don’t have to
cycle on and off either but take it once a day just three
to five grams a day if the labels tell you that takes like
50 grams plus don’t do that cuz you really don’t need that much for it to be
effective just saying about three to five grams a day I’m also there’s a even in this one they’re glutamine in it and that’s kinda similar to you um BCAA’s but it also provides you with
healing ability and your muscles see get back in the gym fast so next probably one of the most important ones I
definitely recommend this to anyone is looking to gain muscle um my phone’s going off right now the next
one is protein there’s one different
proteins out there understand talk about a couple Tom when you see here’s whey protein
that’s definitely one the most important ones that you want to take immediately after
work out its a fast absorption protein on this one is by so you chords
extremely good now so have i won by a muscle Pharm I
combat protein that I’ve been using for a couple years now I’m definitely one of the best tasting ones on
the market and there’s a lot of other proteins to you one of them is a Casein that’s
really important as well um because whey protein absorbs into your
system so fast . Casein actually absorbs slowly into
your system alot of people take it at night so throughout your entire sleep you’re actually getting entire a full rest and protein is being absorbed into your body during that entire
eight hours so also we have over here some omega-3
fish oil a lot as you already know about this um at obviously supports a healthy
hearts even if you don’t work out that much I definitely recommend taking this anyways it helps your joints on there’s
a lotta good um body essentials with an omega-3 fish
oil I’m and also this on such power but
these are basically diet pills, fat burners um and it’s not like I’m miss arm a magical pill that helps you like lose
weight but it definitely does speed up your
metabolism there’s like caffeine and other things um so is it’s pretty much those speeds up your
metabolism and helps your body burn fat faster so some people take it I don’t
really take it actually got these for free at one point come in sitting in my cabinet for a
while so anyone who actually wants them let me know but I heard really good things
about these two here you can just add this year supplement stack as well now so the basics um basic supplements are out there
obviously you can see there so many brands simply do your own research
figure out what works best for you and yeah so if you have any questions
hit me up I’m yes my facebook page or on
Instagram Twitter whatever you want you to comment at the
bottom right now um and I’ll get back to you right away
promise SO hope that explain this something and enlightens you on the world as
supplements and as always more good stuff coming soon see you next time!

8 thoughts on “Top Bodybuilding Supplements: What do they do?

  1. Thanks for the added support! In the next few days I will be posting a new video on "at home bodybuilding routines"… so definitely check back in a few days on that!

    as far as protein goes… with Muscle Pharm, I take approximately a scoop and a half post workout mixed with some peanut butter and greek yogurt either in a smoothie or bowl with a spoon. Thats extreme if your really trying to focus on bulking up on stregnth and muscle mass. However, for just starting out just stick to one scoop.

  2. Rohit yadav-
    I apologize for the delayed response. Please understand that i'm a very busy individual but I will respond to your questions within a day or so
    1) Everyone works out there body in different ways. what works best for me is to hit two muscle groups a day. Day1 Chest Triceps, Day 2 Back and Biceps, Day 3 Shoulders, Day 4 Legs, Day 5 Rest/ light cardio. Repeat. If your supplementing your body with protein and other recovery sups this should be sufficient rest. if not add more rest days

  3. 2) Morning is typically the best cause you have the most amount of energy. You will be more focused and be able to lift and push yourself further. My work schedule is crazy so I have to cater my workouts around that… sometimes i go in the morning or at night
    3) 90 second rest between sets is about what i do
    4) Yes running is good. Don't overdo cardio but adding 10- 20 minutes after your strength training won't hinder your muscles. Just have your post workout shake ready
    5) I alternate ab days

  4. Once again, please be patient. I'm not on youtube 24/7 ready to respond to your comments. However, when I get a few free minutes I will sit down, read them all, and respond appropriately.

    as far as your question goes…. everyone has different opinions. I would try out both products and decide what works best for you. I have noticed that quality does come at a price with whey. There may be a reason muscletech is so cheap and readily available.

    Thank you.

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