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Hi, I’m Chris Freytag, national health and
fitness expert. There are tons of whey protein products
out there today. so why choose BiPro? Here are the top five benefits of BiPro. One BiPro is
lactose-free therefore people who have milk
intolerance can still consumed BiPro since there is zero lactose present. 2. BiPro is flavorless. Since BiPro
unflavored it can be added to your favorite food or
beverage without altering the taste 3. BiPro contains no artificial
sweeteners. There’s only one ingredient present in
BiPro and that’w whey protein isolate. There are no additional sugars, fillers,
or bulking agents this allows you to choose your own
choice sweetener. 4. BiPro is an isolate that means it has
a higher purity level than to concentrate. Isolates are defined as having 90 to 100
percent pure whey protein. Were a concentrate had
less than 90 percent pure whey protein meaning it could contain additional fats,
carbs, and calories. And 5. BiPro is carb free. Since BiPro has no additional
carbohydrates the calorie content to BiPro is only 80 calories. People on a carb free diet can consume BiPro. For more information go to

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