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What’s going on guys? Coach Madden here with Brent Pourciau Top Velocity and he’s gonna show
us his med ball drills the drills that he uses in his program to get some of the
results that these guys are seeing so I developed these drills when I started
the program it helped me personally in my career I was a guy who tore his
rotator cuff so when I came back logging a lot of innings on my arm really
compromised what my arm could handle I couldn’t handle a lot after surgery so I
needed something that would allow me the reps to improve my mechanics without
putting the wear and tear my arm and that’s where I developed these drills
I’m going to talk about the different phases that we go through with the
drills and how it progresses to the mound and to the baseball’s well first I
want to talk about how this works so this is a over load approach or a
weighted ball approach it’s the difference bring this and a way to
baseball is we do this with two hands and in doing this these throws will
literally go through the similar throws of delivery when we do with two hands it
forces because I’m using the other hand to keep the throwing arm engaged with
the trunk and working with the trunk to carry the energy and not working
independently of the trunk which is where a lot of the problems can happen
with with arm issues and an arm injury that’s what a weighted baseball approach
I believe can do when you grab a weighted ball if my arm and my upper
body isn’t really synced up and they’re disengaged and I’m dragging my arm or
pushing my arm and then I’m adding an added load through the weight I find
that to be an issue and that’s why I steer away from that and more towards a
two-handed way to ball approach so once like like I said when you start doing
that what happens is when this stays more engaged you you don’t feel the
stress on the arm as much or considerably I mean you can throw
hundreds and hundreds of these throws and not feel a sore arm after so what
that’s allowing is kind of like hitters we can get a lot more reps in without
cooking and compromising our arm health in the process so now that you
understand that also too you’re going to find we don’t go above two pounds two
pounds is where we stop because it just it gets too heavy and it really starts
slowing us down and the mechanics you really start getting bad you’re gonna be
challenged to have good mechanics on this and that’s what makes it a great
drew a tool because it’s gonna force you to become more self aware of how you’re
moving and how to get better at it and you’re going to need a lot of the 3x
pitching mechanics to help guide you through getting better at
these mechanics so we have basically two series of drills we have an overhead
series and then we have a shoulders closed series and how this works is very
similar to Olympic lifting which is a big part of our approach it’s creating
variations of the pitching delivery so you can work on little bit of little
segments here and there as opposed to trying to work through the whole thing
that’s why a lot of times you go to a traditional pitching lesson and the
coaches shouting things out you through your full delivering it’s very hard to
make them changes and improvements we’re gonna segment it or create variations of
the pitching delivery with this ball to put less stress on the upper body and
forces to get better at the legs and core because it’s a heavier object which
is really the key things that create better more total body mechanics so I’m
gonna give you a walk through the variations we basically do a chest up
which is our chest open position or now we’re taking out rotation in the trunk
and just working on driving the body up the kinetic chain from the ground force
all the way to the fingertips we do this in a full stride on knee and momentum
and there’s key things we’re focusing on through the drills and each one of those
positions and if you just want to see how it would move in a chest opposition
we’re gonna lift all forward and down the same rate pop the plate dry this
will load the trunk back then the upper body will engage and we’ll throw the
ball to the target we’d like to work 45 feet with these and like I said you’ll
find you can do a lot of reps and not be dealing with arm soreness also – we do
shoulder close series now this gets more challenging because now I’m adding in
trunk rotation it’s called our separation throws because you’re
actually with your back leg internally rotated which is going to open your hips
you’re closing your shoulders off and you’re feeling that hip to shoulder
separation so that’s the hard thing guys trying to learn hip to shoulder
separation on a mound they’re starting hips and shoulders and sync and now they
have to somehow figure out how to pull them apart and it’s a very hard thing to
do so what we do is we start in that position with the hips open and then the
shoulders close so now they’re already there so now they get to experience what
hip to shoulder separation feels like and they’ll lift in
drive and they’ll cock the ball all the way back and they’ll go through the same
arm pass shoulder rotation arm abduction next orientation forward trunk intermit
ation to throw the ball and they’ll throw it just like throwing a baseball
and this arm is supporting that’s how the guy’s it’s kind of like you’re
holding it like you’re hitting and it’s supporting the the ball and your arms
going to go through the same path so drive pop the plate cock and throw and
we do the same thing full stride on knee momentum and then we work in a lateral
position so we were here in a internally rotated position which means we were
already in rotation then we go to a lateral position now we have to learn
through our drives to add in rotation get some more complex and we do that
through the separation throws then we transition it to the baseball’s same
drills and then we work it onto the mound we have some a lot of peripheral
drills around that to help in the process and the goal is to use these
segments these variations to implement the 3x mechanics more easily because
you’re you’re only working on pieces of the delivery as opposed to the entire
delivery and something I notice when you’re doing these drills you have a lot
of these drills on your Instagram page one thing I noticed you’re always taking
the velocity of these drugs right yeah what is a good velocity for you guys
having some of these drills a good point so our chest up elite velocities our
chest open is 40-plus so we you know forty to forty one forty two you’re
doing pretty good our separation velocities we want to go up another five
miles an hour so 45 46 47 you know we’ve we’ve seen guys all the way up to 51
we’re rarely fifth 49 thinks the highest we’ve seen in here but we’ve seen guys
send us videos up to 51 so those are really elite numbers people always like
well how does that correlate to the ball I’ll tell you right now the little guys
throw these slower than the big guys because it is a added weight so if your
little guy throw in a 46 yours is gonna convert a lot better than a big guy
throwing a 46 but I could say you could double the separation throat so if
you’re hitting a 46 or let’s say it easy at 45 then you should be at 90 on the
mound that’s very common the guys that throw 90 in here can throw 45 Plus with
these med balls and you’re doing all these on the King
Hill are you trying to do the same thing with the king of the hill as you would
on the mound trying to get the clique exactly when you’re throwing them right
in in the thing is when you’re interesting rotated it’s more just pure
extension because we’re not working on rotation and then when you go in the
lateral now you get to learn how to rotate or trigger rotation and drive and
we call this foot sync it’s one of our mechanical components cuz your feet up
to sync up but the same thing we’re trying to now rotate and drive through
the movement and you notice how we’re advancing that way we’re starting linear
and we’re adding in rotation to me it’s a better way to learn that unfortunately
and the way people come up as pitchers today they try to learn rotation before
extension before the linear movements and it’s a harder process now let me ask
you this when guys are trying to throw this 45 feet away to the mat are they
trying to get it there in the air and get it heart where they trying to go
more in the line yeah when you throw these you want to make sure you’re
throwing them like a fastball on a line to the target so we work with targets
well you can even work with location with these you can play inside outside
if you’re bouncing if you’re arcing it you’re you’re not throwing it your
mechanics are off so you need to make a mechanical adjustment to work on that
that’s a big part of our programming how these mechanics work around all this
training is the key where can they get some of these to pound medicine balls
that yeah the the hard thing is is like the quality of them there’s some that I
tried to get involved in and get you guys some and I couldn’t get a good
quality so I know the best quality right now they’re the power systems and this
one which I don’t know the name looks like can do or something but you’ll see
that you’ll look at them just put in two pound med balls on Amazon that’s a good
place to find them and you get these these are going to be there’s gonna last
a lot longer than these other ones obviously king of the hill you can get
from my site from your site uncle rich a site I’ll leave the link down below
where you can get those at also Brent and I shot video with for tips on how to
instantly increase your pitching velocity really good stuff it’s the big
ideas of his pitching program so if you’re a pitcher and you’re trying to
increase your pitching velocity you definitely want to check that one out
all you got to do is click the first link in the description down below it’ll
take you to a page where you enter your first name in your email and I’ll shoot
you that video over right away and if you watch it and you implement it you
guys are going to see some results so please go check that one out that’s all
I got good thanks and we’re going to talk about the top
velocity pitching mechanics and some of the big ideas we’ve got for so I have a
basic six mechanics and it’s just it’s just basically what we’re doing is we’re
taking this one second delivery and we’re just going to cut it into six

22 thoughts on “Top Velocity Med Ball Drills Explained! [3X Med Ball Throws]

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  2. Hey I am a high school pitcher and one thing I am having trouble with is spotting my pitches could you make a video about that or if you already have one point me to it thanks

  3. @YouGoProBaseball Do you remeber playing with an LHP named Adrian Burnside he signed with the Padres in 2006 and great video btw. 👍

  4. Do you match sets/reps from each side of each throw in order to seek balance of strength and power on each side of the body of the pitcher?

  5. This is big guys! Thanks for the tip! I'm 6'2 in cleats and got long arms, also I'm very wide and I'd say I'm a big guy, anyway throwing a medball/the act of throwing a medball is precisely what it takes to throw hard on the mound but you gotta work on release point boys! Let's get it! Btw I'm 31 And have been practicing the last 3 years everyday, I got a tryout in June and I hope I make it!

  6. Does anyone know the proper hand placement on the ball to throw these? I've slowed down some guys to try and get a look, and on separation throws so many of them end up throwing the ball with 1 hand from behind the ball. I don;t think this is what Brent intended. Or maybe he did. Any advise would be cool. Thanks!!

  7. Hi coach madden, I’ve been trying these medicine ball drills but I’ve been experiencing some pain on my left groin/hamstring area (I’m a RHP) each time I do them and it makes it difficult to complete the drill. Any ideas what might be causing this?

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