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In this video we’ll discuss the top weight
loss myths that are stopping you from achieving your weight loss goals. Hi ladies and gentlemen, I’m Dr. Zyrowski,
and welcome back to the channel. Now if you’re new to the channel, it’s a pleasure to have
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community. That way it can help you skyrocket your health. Now in this video we’re going to talk about
the top weight loss myths. Now the reason this came is because recently, a patient came
to me and said, “Hey, you know what, I think if I lose weight I’m going to feel so much
better. And I’m going to be just happier about my body and everything.” And I said, “Well
yeah, I agree with that.” And then the next thing I said is, “Well what is your plan?”
And unfortunately, her plan was basically, all of these different weight loss fad things
that were going to set her down the wrong path and set her up for failure. And I thought
to myself, if she’s struggling with this, I bet a lot of other people are as well. So
let’s go ahead and discuss some of the top weight loss myths and things that you need
to avoid. First, eating breakfast is going to boost
your metabolism. You eat this big great breakfast in the morning and then it’s going to boost
your metabolism, so you burn fat all day long. Well this couldn’t be further from the truth.
As a matter of fact, this makes life a whole lot more difficult, because you eat that big
breakfast, you have to watch more about the calories, or really track the calories you’re
eating throughout the rest of the day. It makes things more complicated. You know what
makes things easy, especially when it comes to weight loss, and gets you great results?
Skipping breakfast, doing intermittent fasting, burning fat all morning long, and then breaking
your fast in the afternoon. It makes it so that you’re automatically consuming less calories
throughout the day, and it’s going to help you get better results. So like easy. I don’
t like to make things complicated. Intermittent fasting is one of the fastest ways to not
only lose weight, but make the whole weight loss process less complicated. Fat makes you fat. Now this couldn’t be further
from the truth. This has been peddled from the dietary industry for so many years. And
it couldn’t…it’s just so false! First of all, fat is good to consume. Good fats are
not only going to be satiating, and help you consume less calories throughout the day.
But they’re also going to even help you burn fat. Now the other thing about good, healthy
fats, is they’re absolutely necessary for your overall bodily function. Your nervous
system needs them, your brain needs them, your brain needs these good fats, you need
these good fats. So don’t buy into this “fat makes you fat.” For years, when I was growing
up, this was the only thing that was out there, “You gotta avoid fat if you don’t want to
get fat.” We know that that’s false. Don’t buy into that. Good healthy fats are going
to really help you lose weight. Now simply eat less and exercise more. Now,
this is bad advice because, first of all we want to make sure that we’re eating good quality
foods. It’s not just about eating less. And the other thing about this is that, when it
comes to exercise and nutrition, it’s a 50/50 thing. If you’re trying to lose weight, you
can’t just do exercise and you can’t just do the nutrition part of it. You need to do
both. So you need to focus on a good healthy diet and also exercise together, and that’s
how you’re going to get the best results. Follow a weight loss diet and eat diet foods.
A couple of things about that, first of all, a lot of these diet foods are total garbage
and a lot of these diet foods are loaded with things like artificial sweeteners; like sucralose
or event these artificial sweeteners, like aspartame. Now the other thing that I don’t
like about follow a weight loss diet, is that, when we look at the weight loss diets, they’s
in more cases are just total garbage, okay. The reason that most people fail with them
is because it sets them up with unsustainable practices. I can’t tell you how many times the local
hospital has worked with my patients and said, “Well, you know what, we’re going to help
you lose weight.” And so they put them on this big fad weight loss diet plan. They’re
paying a fortune for these pre-packaged meals. And they lose 20, 30, 40 pounds. Guess what?
The come off of them because the can no longer afford the meals and they gain all the weight
back, okay. Don’t buy into this stuff. You want to just follow a good ketogenic diet
or low carb diet. Basically, the difference is, a low carb diet will just offer you a
little bit more carbs to consume on a daily basis than the keto diet will. So what you want to do is focus on those diets.
Don’t buy into all of these pre-packaged foods, and all these things that are just designed
to empty your wallet. Like I said, “The weight loss industry is awful!” The reason it’s awful
is because they’re just emptying people’s pockets because they’re preying on people’s
emotional wants, and there’s a huge lack of integrity when it comes to the weight loss
industry out there. So don’t be a part of it and just do some of these things I’m telling
you in this video. Now the other thing I want to do is if you want to learn more about like
intermittent fasting or ketogenic diet, I’ll put links for all the different resources
in the description below. Get weight loss supplements. So weight loss
supplements. You know, so many people say, are going to help you lose that weight. Well,
this is false. Most of the weight loss supplements that even work are doing it by the basis of
placebo. And so, when we look at weight loss supplements, once again, huge, big thing,
that’s preying on people’s emotional wants, and it’s just a big lack of integrity in this
area. They don’t work, and I’m not a fan, and I just hope you don’t go that route. Now
if you want to use some different supplements, focus on the basics. A good multi-vitamin
and mineral, focus on a good fish oil, focus on probiotics. Science says again and again
that these are going to fulfill some of your basic needs. And so, focus on that, but don’t
do this stuff. Next, everyone loses weight equally. Okay,
this is not true at all. Everybody shows up to the starting line of weight loss completely
different, okay. So let’s say your friends and co-workers are all trying to lose weight.
You know, this person over here, the weight loss just flies off. This person, it goes
pretty fast, and then you come along and you can’t get things to budge. Everyone approaches
weight loss differently. Some people are going to have a lot of inflammation. Some people
are going to have a lot of hormone dysregulation in the way of metabolic hormones. And then, the other thing is that some people
are going to be maybe suffering from a condition. If you’re female, you could have PCOS, which
is going to block weight loss. And so everybody’s going to show up differently. Here’s the thing,
keep your head up, keep a smile on our face, and keep charging forward, because the big
thing is persistence here. The big deal is that some people are going to have to go through
a healing period before they ever actually get to the weight loss period, okay. So if
your body has just kind of focusing on down-regulating inflammation, balancing out metabolic hormones,
let it do it’s thing and just keep persisting through ’cause the weight loss will come.
But everybody is going to lose weight differently, so don’t compare yourself to others. Next here is all calories are created equal.
This is something that I see a lot in the fitness industry, where they just say, “Calories
in/Calories out,” and you have to be at a calorie deficit, and that’s all that matters,
okay. No, all calories are not created equal. Eating a piece of white bread versus eating
a sweet potato, they’re both carbohydrates, right? But one has no nutrient quality and
one has a lot of nutrient density to it, okay. So all calories are not created equal. That’s
why following a good, healthy diet is very important. Like I said, ketogenic diet, low
carb diet. But don’t buy into, “It’s just about measuring your calories and eating whatever
you want.” That’s going to set you up for failure because a lot of these foods are highly
inflammatory, highly processed, and they’re going to mess you up. So follow a good, healthy
diet, and don’t buy into “All calories are created equal.” You just need to exercise more. So this is
something I find interesting, because a lot of people based on whatever is more comfortable
for them, they tend to go that route. So if eating healthier is more comfortable for you.
You tend to just really double-down on just eating healthy, and if exercise is more easy
for you, then you tend to just double-down on just, I’m going to exercise like a mad
person. And so, the thing is, is that when I talk to people and they say, “Here’s how
I’m going to focus on losing weight. I’m just going to focus on my diet.” I say, “Well,
you need to do exercise too.” And recently the person said, I’m just going to start exercising
more. I said, “Mm-mm, nope, hold off on exercising. Don’t do that because you’re going to go to
the gym. You’re going to feel terrible, and you’re going to want to give up.” Because
eating a low quality diet, being overweight, and pushing exercise hard, is going to be
very uncomfortable. So I said, “I want you to focus on your diet,
focus on nutrition, double-down there. After you do that for two weeks, then start exercising.”
And they said, “Okay, all right, that’ll work.” But here’s the deal, it’s a 50/50 thing. You
can’t just exercise and you can’t just focus on diet. You need to do both. And when you
look at, “I’m just going to keep exercising more,” it’s a bad idea. Because if you’re
going into that exercise without fixing up your diet first, you’re going to just be doomed
for failure. And so anyway, here are some of the top weight
loss myths. Like I said, I will put links to intermittent fasting and the ketogenic
diet, and some of my top weight loss techniques that I recommend all in the description below.
So be sure to give this video a thumbs up, share it with your friends. ‘Cause a lot of
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that are going to help you improve your health. I’ll see you in the next video!

42 thoughts on “Top Weight Loss Myths

  1. Why does almost everyone recommend skipping breakfast when doing IF?

    I prefer having my last meal at around 11 A.M
    then fasting the rest of the day, and while I sleep; then doing a weight workout fasted at the end of my fast around 8 A.M. then break my fast with a post workout meal around 9 A.M.

    I find it much easier to fast for 10 hours or so after my meal then the last 8 – 10 hours while I sleep; than to have to continue fasting after I wake up.

    Btw I do Keto + IF + 2MAD/OMAD.
    IF usually 4 – 5 days per week 18/6, 20/4, or 22/2.
    I Don't really consider 16/8 as intermittent fasting since an 8 hour feeding window is pretty large IMHO.

  2. Thanks Dr. Z for pointing out that everybody is different especially when it comes to weight loss. If eating in the morning works for you great.
    If eating first at noonday is working for you great. If eating your first meal of the day is in the evening great. Just implement IF when it works best for you.๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Just makes you think about who would benefit from these skewed beliefs. Obviously the big food companies.

  4. Can you do a video (perhaps you already have) about maintaining your weight while doing IF daily (OMAD). I sometimes have to eat two meals in a longer feeding time frame to keep from losing weight.

  5. Big thumbs up to you for pointing out how companies bank on people's desire to lose weight and claim that the product they're selling will do so. Greedy people and their lies!!!
    Thanks for revealing all the fallacies about weight loss!!!

  6. 0:55 – Summary below

    Eating breakfast boots your metabolism
    Fat makes you fat
    Simply eat less & exercise more
    Follow a weight loss diet & diet foods
    Get weight loss supplements
    Everyone loses weight equally
    All calories are created equal
    You just need to exercise more

  7. Very very very informative! Dr. Nick really knows what he is talking. I always watch his videos especially for IF. Im also a fitness youtuber. He helps me alot!!!

  8. I am already a monthly patreon. Do I need to cancel that and then JOIN?. I am not much for facebook but I do follow your Instagram acct and enjoy seeing your lovely children.

  9. Love your channel and the simple way you explain important information as well as giving us the real story ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I have been following ur channel for a few months. Last October I had twins and in April I had umbilical hernia surgery. I did IF for a month and 1200 cal, but not much of the weight came off. My current weight is 161 and it has not gone down after this for a month itโ€™s just stuck no matter what I do. Please let me know how can I start losing this weight. I exercise I eat right, but nothing. Apple cider with lemon empty stomach and then half an hour before eating anything so basically 3 times a day ACV and ginger tea after half an hour eating lunch and dinner. Please do reply to my concern because nobody has given me an answer. Thank you!

  11. Hi Dr Nick – love your videos even though I don't need to lose weight. Here's the thing. I was 154lb and 6ft 2inch when I was in my 20's. I am the same weight now and am 65. My weight never varies more than 2lb no matter what I eat. I run every other day, and this makes me more hungry, so I tend to eat more when I run. Followed a low carb diet all my life and OMAD for last 25 years. People say I am too skinny, but I just ignore them.

  12. The only thing about the "eat less" advice is that it's usually given to people who are grossly overeating, in which case a morbidly obese person would benefit greatly following. The leaner you are the more important eating for nutrition is during fat loss, and using exercise to keep a caloric deficit. There are many personal trainers who say this, and I know it to be true using it myself.

    The biggest mistake I see people make (and have made myself) is looking at food as pleasure items rather than fuel. It doesn't take a genius to see how putting extra fuel in the body isn't doing yourself any favors, and how those surplus stores need to be gradually tapped into and used up to have less of an excess in stock. It's thermodynamics 101, and there simply are no hacks. The only "hack" is you have to change your lifestyle and a lot will fall into place on its own.

  13. Very honest video. Thanks. You are right. Somebody could say they will eat tons of sugar food upto their calories. No, no, no. Eat healthy calories with nutrition as u say. ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘

  14. Thank you for the encouragement to persevere! I'm three weeks in and still feel like a house. I feel good though, apart from occasional fatigue and lack of cardiovascular endurance. And I have zero flexibility! At 52 years old (female) 5'5" at about 200lbs (but afraid to get on the scale) and suspect other issues, PCOS and perimenopaus? Possibly a fatty liver, hard to bend over to tie my shoes… Anyway, I'm tempted to quit but I just can't. I have to get healthy and fit. Thank you for your videos. I'm hoping to see results soon.

  15. Brilliant list. I'm more than happy to forget dreadful meal replacement shakes. Yuck. Thank you muchly for sharing this important information with us all. & Take care to. โค๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿถ

  16. You don't need to exercise.

    Keto works extremely well, even without any exercise.

    Yes, exercise is good and important. But it is not at all mandatory for weight loss. I lost 15 kg in 8 weeks – just by doing keto! Not a single minute of exercise.

  17. Your videos are always amazing,, i am always listening to you all the way from Kenya. I have a request would you make a video on your top foods(carbs) in a low carb diet. Thank you

  18. I had a lower back pain and people kept telling me that I have to exercise more which made the pain worse. So, I cleaned my diet from all sugars and wheat and now my back pain is gone and I can start adding exercise to my weight loss journey. You are so right and I so love your channel! Thank you!

  19. Good information. I've been doing intermittent fasting since January and have lost 33.5 lbs so far. It is easier to do than I thought it would be! Also, thank you for saying that weight loss is 50% diet, 50% exercise, as we usually hear that it's 80% diet, 20% exercise. My son is a dietitian, and he agrees with your numbers.

  20. For the majority of the population on the carbohydrate intolerant spectrum just eliminate the carbohydrates and eat to satiate.

  21. Thomas delauer says if u fast from morning to morning ur muscles become insulin sensitive while ur fat cells become insulin basically u can eat more carbs in the morning so ur muscles can take in all the nutrients

  22. I thought eat less and exercise more was good advice. You are burning up more than you are consuming. No?

  23. Great info…i actually have been following all of these ideas! First I started to fix my diet..then I added daily excercise! I lost 25 pounds so far in 7 mo…but I lost 2 pants sizes so I know i lost body fat! Right now im taking your advice to stick w it im at a plateau…O always share your videos..thankyou๐Ÿ’–

  24. Breakfast is great just don't overdo it. The fat you eat is the fat your wear regardless if it's coming from plant or animal sources, and no I'm not saying stop eating healthy animal proteins and go vegan. Eat enough, exercise moderately, try to eat as much nutrient rich whole foods as possible, remember calories in calories out count them to lose fat, or maintain your weight. Eat whole foods=no need for medicine(supplements). Everyone can lose weight equally if they're eating at a caloric deficit regardless of the type of diet, cookie die made you shed? Go for it, but make the next day a veggie diet, count calories, balance*. All calories aren't equal but different macros at different times help you stick to your calorie controlled diet, it's not iifym it's iifyc for fat loss, and always include some protein*. You just need to diet more=step 1 and leads to more results (.) ๐Ÿ˜’

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