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Are you ready for the 7th week of training? It will be more intense))) Training #1 Exercise №1 – HYPEREXTENSION! Try to make a stop with a barbell in the top – for three seconds. I’m sure you’re back became stronger during the previous weeks and any stop does not make you work. Exercise #2: POWER SNATCH! If you can’t do a POWER SNATCH – a half-squat SNATCH is your option. Frankly speaking, it’s an exercise I never liked. And I never understood it. Even though I know it’s effective and I forced myself to do it. You need to do it – it helps to pull the height of the barbell. We include it in our trainig, and you should “snatch”at least 80% of your PR in SNATCH. The most important thing is we don’t take the barbell in this way: pull the pelvis back, your shoulders should cover your knees. If you don’t follow these recommendations – your body will fall forward. Exercise #3: SNATCH PUSH PRESS! This is a very good exercise for fixation in the SNATCH, and I have already reviewed it in one of the previous videos (on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL). We have to train our fixation in this movement: ..that’s wrong. and that’s right. Exercise #4: FRONT SQUAT+JERK! Go down slowly, get up quickly, don’t stop in the DIP. Exercise #5: FRONT SQUAT! We have already done squats while we were warming up, so you can put the weight you need… … as we have squatted, we put the necessary weight and work with our legs. I call it “killing”. We are getting stronger gradually – and I feel it and see 🙂 Training #3
Exercise #3! We’ll have serious weights in this training. And we have 4 exercises. Exercise #1. HYPEREXTENSION! I won’t show you this exercise this time, but remember – a stop for 3 seconds when you’re extending. Exercise #2! We have 90-95% SNATCH in this exercise,I wrote 95% basing on the fact you’ll get to your new level.Warming up well. You’re the one to decide whether you work out in straps to without straps, I suggest to use straps – to “beat” the result. CLEAN&JERK – have a look! Don’t try to put all your effort in the warm-up, try to progress bit by bit and don’t put out all your energy. I often see when athletes take the minimum weight … and try energy-intensive trainings, warm up slowly. And after you pass 70-80% – start adding speed and whip. That will help you to save your force for the heavier weight. Exercise #3: SNATCH PULL! We have shown good results in the SNATCH. I hope. Share all your results in the INSTAGRAM. I suggest you to make a stop for 2 seconds: the 1st stop will be below the knee and the 2nd one – above the knee. We warm up to 80% with stops and then we have no stops. I’ll show it with stops: Stand, pull back. 5: 42 – 1st stop. 5:45 – 2nd stop. And REMEMBER: we don’t stop after 80%. Exercise #4: HANG CLEAN! Lower the barbell below your knees. Pay your attention please, the barbell should be on the shoulders…. it should not be on the chest. That’s all-this training was challenging,-but I think that it will bring new emotionss, and some new weight to you, guys. Training #5. There are 4 exercises, and only one is the “control” one – HIP SNATCH! Exercise #1:HYPEREXTENSION! I remind you: do it with a stop (3 seconds) when you’re extending. If you feel soreness in your back: try to have some traction either on board or stretch vertically down on the mat. Exercise #2: HIP SNATCH – the “control” exercise! Perform with the straps, there’s something in common with the HANG SNATCH – but we don’t move the barbell down below the knees. Relax your hands, cover your knees with shoulders and…SNATCH!. The most interesting thing in the human body is the muscle memory. I did this exercise 2 weeks ago last time. Exercise #3: CLEAN&JERK! 85% while warming up, 2 + 1 or 1 + 2 – it depends on what you have worse, CLEAN or JERK – more sets on the exercise you have worse. Then we do 1 +1. . Perform the exercise without straps, you can use swathe or plaster to preserve your calluses – next week (#8) calluses will come usuful – there will be two “competitive” exercise (95%). Push your knees out to the sides. Pull back. Look to the line – there should be one line. Pull ypur pelvis back. Exercise #4: BACK SQUAT! Calculated according to your PR in the SQUAT. Get down slowly, get up quickly. Stand on a full foot, get down into the squat slowly and get up quickly. We have worked out 7 weeks of the PROGRAM. I remind the exercises we had this week: FRONT SQUAT – on Monday! HIP SNATCH – Friday! Upload your video into the INSTAGRAM, put a hashtag #Torokhtiy_Gang – I’ll comment and give you a some advices what to pay attention to and how to do the exercises properly. That’s all for today – have some rest – you’ll gonna need it next week. Train together- train right! See you next week, bye!

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  1. спасибо, Алексей как всегда – всё круто и понятно! Вопрос: почти всю неделю в командировке, можно ли "прогнать" три тренировки за пятницу-субботу-воскресенье? Пропускать совсем не хочется никак, шесть недель впахивал всё-таки.)

  2. Огромное спасибо! Самое подробное объяснение у Алексея, вперед, только вперед!!!))

  3. Во сколько лет нужно сделать МС?(До скольки лет)Чтобы иметь шансы попасть в профессиональный спорт.

  4. расскажите, а что ожидает нас в конце 11 ? будет ли какое нибудь продолжение? очень бы его хотелось, так как с Вашей помощью железо становится легче!

  5. Лучшие видеоуроки, что я видел. Огромное внимание к нюансам. Спасибо, Алексей!!!

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