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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi goop readers. I’m Tracy Anderson and I’ve created a ten-minute workout for you to do on the go. So we’re going to start
standing, and I’d like for your feet to be about shoulder-width apart. Place your hands on your hips, and what we’re gonna do is use our hands to kind of rotate our pelvis to stretch through the lower back. Stretch forward, keeping the back really straight, and then I just want you to reach forward to me. Bring your arms back and up. So push the hips back, reach the chest forward, reach the arms forward, return and up. We’re just gonna do this a few times. Good job. And then drop your neck to the floor so that it’s aligned with your spine when you feel
comfortable that you’ve got this move. Creating this space, this pull from the
chest and pull back from the tailbone, really helps to open up through your core. Okay, good job. Now we’re gonna stretch to one side. I’m stretching to my left and then to my right. Now I’m gonna have you take your arms out to the side, keeping your arms straight, your shoulders down, and you’re just
gonna drop them down to your side, staying tall, and we’re going to take a
circle with our head. Let your neck drop to the back, and then we’re going to take a circle to the other side. Let your neck drop to the back and come down. Now place your arms back out in that position, and what we’re gonna do with energy through our arms is just rotate our palm to the back and to the front. So rotate forward and back, and forward and back. We’re gonna do this ten times. One, two. Get some rhythm to it. Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Now switch and rotate to the other side, push back. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Now you’re gonna reach up through your core, too, and you’re gonna hit right, left,
double right. Left, right, double left. So you’re gonna kind of get into a little
bit of a rhythm here, but your arms are probably feeling a little bit tired
because the weight of your arms out against your body is actually creating
quite a lot of resistance, which is good for defining your muscles, toning. Now what I’m gonna have you do is circle your arms around to the front so the
palms are gonna go to the ceiling, and then you’re gonna rotate the palms down. Circle front and up. Good job. Now what I want you to do is rock through the chest
a little bit more so you’re pushing back and opening up, and I’m kind of tucking
my pelvis forward, too. Now I want you to reach forward, and what you’re gonna do is take your arm like two of these to the side, and we’re gonna open and push. Open, push. Now I’m gonna take you down to the mat now that your arms are awake. I’m gonna have you lie on your side, and we’re gonna go down onto your elbow, and I really want you to lift out of this shoulder here so that you’re having to
use all of your side abdominals in your core to actually lift up your hips. So you’re gonna lift up, and we’re just gonna mark and extend. So this is a very friendly way for you to just open up this long line in your body and
extend that leg to the side and also get some positive hip activity here. And then we’re gonna rotate the knee the ceiling and stretch through the inner thigh. You’re reaching, dropping, rotating, and this is more of a stretch, and dropping. Okay so we’re gonna go, one, two. Rotate the knee. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven and eight. Good job. You want to make sure that you’re actually organizing your shoulder here, and you’re using those abdominal muscles to actually lift your hips. So you’re gonna get this squeeze down here in the supporting butt cheek. So it’s lifting up, extending here, dropping rotating and squeezing to lift higher. You’re gonna rotate your body to the side. You’re gonna have your feet
together, and your hands are going to be stretched back far enough to where you
can get into this tabletop position and when you get into that tabletop position,
I want you to push energy through your fingertips into the floor so that you
can feel that energy travel all the way through your arms and rotate your
shoulders back. So you actually feel a stretch in the front of your arms that we just warmed up. So you’re gonna lift, drop, and then all I’m gonna ask you to do is mark your leg back. So it’s just up, drop, open, return. Up. We’re gonna do eight for you. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven and eight. Good job. Make sure you’re actually extending in a full range of motion where you feel an actual engagement in your inner thighs. So I’m pushing here through my elbows and making sure that I feel the rotation and the stretch in my shoulders. So for the next move, what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna kneel on all fours, and you’re gonna take your left leg and you’re gonna put it in what’s called an attitude position, so if your leg is extended here, we’re gonna
slightly bend it. It’s important that you don’t
collapse the leg like this and that it’s just a slight bend and you maintain that bend. You’re gonna get in attitude position and you’re gonna swing that foot as far to the side as you possibly can. I can show you what it looks
like from the back. So I’m really pushing my lower back forward, extending my shoulder back, towards the foot. Okay. And then I’m gonna go to the side, drop
it down, weight transfer to my left elbow and my right leg is gonna
extend up to the ceiling as high as it possibly can. So bend, lift the left arm,
extend, drop the knee, elbow down, extend the leg back, pop yourself back
up back for this attitude. So here, here, drop and here we go for eight. One. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven and eight. Good job. A lot of people think that when I’m
bending my leg, you just collapse your leg here and we’re really just ever so
slightly bending the leg and making sure that the knee is raised up in line with
the hips. It’s a small contraction that’s very controlled, and if this is a challenging move for you right now, just even maintaining this knee being in
line with the hip, you can just work here until you’re ready to continue on to
the full movement. For the next move, I’m going to get you into a plank position. It’s really important that you push through your hands and that you really work to be able to get your bum flat with your spine. When you extend your legs straight,
it’s really important that you’re really taking it in your abs. I like for people to elongate themselves out on the floor when you’re able to. If you’re not quite there yet, what I prefer is that you start with bent knees. So we’re gonna cross over and touch the knee down. So you do get a little break here. So knee down, extend the leg up, cross it over, and return it. Okay, so one. Two. Three. Four. Five. Six. Seven. and eight. Good job. If you’re not ready for a plank position just even momentarily learning how to
just try and hold it for a second and come back down to a knee for safety is
completely okay, to work up to being able to actually do the full move and then do
multiple reps of that move so just always remember to be patient. It’s very important that your spine muscles, your abdominal muscles learn how to support your back here. For the next move, we are going to start with our right foot forward and just a kneeling position. We’re gonna bring the knee here, so
you’re gonna have to balance, plant the knee next to the other knee, and then
you’re gonna come down and kick the leg to the side. So it’s up, knee to knee, and
kick to the side and drop. We’re here, and you want to be able to manage this
momentum. You want to stand tall. One. Two. Three, and you want to act like the floor
is hot, so your brain is waking up. Four. Five. Six. Seven. And eight. Good job. The kicks to the side I love because
they’re really effective on your abs and on that very special place in your hips
that I like to go after, and it’s great toning for
your legs and bum as well. So for the next move, I’m going to ask
you to bridge up. So you’re going to reach up to the sky with our hips and our arm into a big high bridge position. You really clench the butt cheek. Rock
like the floor is hot, rotate them. I’m rotating my right knee and my left leg
is going high as I bring my arms to the ground. Okay, and back around, so extend up,
drop, rotate and kick back. Literally working everything. One and two. You can see I’m just barely touching my bum to the ground like the floor is hot because that activates transitional muscles right away. Five. Six. Seven and eight. Good job. So this is again really good for the back, really good to open up the whole body. And I want you to release any tension in your neck. So after doing each of those, even if you
just use them eight times, start with eight times, you can actually work up to thirty reps if
you want to. That will take you more than ten minutes, but that’s up to you. If you’ve been traveling, if you’ve been sitting at a desk, if you’ve been sitting on an airplane, a lot of these moves are meant to expand what has been so contracted. All of that weight is just weighing on your joints and your bones and your spinal structure, so it’s very important that after that amount of
time of sitting on a long flight that you properly open up and awaken all of
the muscles in your body. Nice job, and for more wellness tips, check out

42 thoughts on “Tracy Anderson’s 10 Minute Workout | goop

  1. This is great. On a funny,side-note; I’ve never seen yoga pants be baggy on someone! She is seriously sculpted-and tiny!

  2. Beautiful..sister.🌻

  3. While I loved the moves of the workout, it was sped up through ellipsing transition times. This means you have to pause the video – and for something that requires focus – it throws off the whole momentum.

  4. Thank you! I used to be a hard core metamorphosis girl, and this is the first time I’ve been able to fit in excessive since the baby 9 months ago, thanks for making a short thing I did it in the kitchen while making soup

  5. + Many comments here thought her leggings looked baggy. I thought they looked like a comfortable fit and not stangling her body… healthier for lymphs too. 🙂

  6. love most of them but the knee work on just a mat is so hard on anyone's knees – eventually causing a knee injury. Non-invasive things like swimming or alternative exercises will be easier on the kneed and create the same results:)

  7. This is amazing Tracy but could you please redo this in a slower pace 😂 I’m a 42 beginner with a body of 82. I’m slower and aching 😂

  8. I wish she wore more contrasting colors, it’s hard to see how her core and hips are moving because everything is monotone.

  9. couldnt make it to the gym and i had exactly 15 minutes to try to move my body in a powerful way without jumping around, this workout was PERFECT

  10. She keeps doing those stupid arm movements. If you notice, she is not in that great of shape. And that side leg lift is downright dangerous to do. It misaligns the entire hip area and back.

  11. I saw an interview with J Lo who does Tracy's workouts (and who doesn't want a body like Jennifer Lopez???) and so decided to give Tracy's workouts a try.

    This workout is absolutely terrible. I am a certified personal trainer and unless I had been working out with a client and assessed their fitness level as advanced, I would never recommend these moves…..especially in a 13 minute workout where your body is not properly warmed up.

    The leg work is downright dangerous for your back and because you have to watch Tracy to see what she's doing (she also switches sides with no transition), you're craning your neck as well. She's also doing these moves way too fast.

    Does she assume everyone has the fitness level of J Lo or Gwyneth? I guess so. But if you couldn't do this workout, do not beat yourself up at all. It's meant for advanced exercisers who have a trainer right there with them to correct their form.


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