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If you’re a fan of Tony Robbins and are looking for ways to prime yourself learn how to do 2-minute meditations and Unleash your inner energy, then this video is for you very first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is I want to get my head right I do this thing called Priming if you want in suffering you have to make the most important decision your life, which says I’m gonna live in a beautiful state every day no matter what even when it doesn’t go my way even when there’s Injustice even when people are unfair you are more than any problem No problem is permanent only our souls are permanent Problems are the gifts we grow from what’s that believe nation? It’s heaven my one word is believe and I believe in you I believe that you have an amazing Potential inside you that I want to see unleashed out into the world now He started to mentor me series to try to hang around people who’ve done a lot more than us And hopefully by spending a little more time with them some of their beliefs are mine said their attitudes the way they think and work Seeps into us to help us become the best version of ourselves so today we’re gonna learn from Tony Robbins and some of his best exercises mentor me Tony Exercise number one is prime yourself My very first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is I want to get my head right I do this thing Called priming now some people get up in the morning and they meditate and I think meditation is wonderful But I haven’t met many people that can not think thoughts this is a different outcome. This is about priming yourself It’s about putting yourself in the state where your mind and body will respond accordingly we all do three steps It’s really simple over ten minutes, so why don’t you sit down, and I’ll guide you through it? So just get really comfortable they want to be sitting up is that back enough for you to be able to relax Yeah, good, okay cool, and then the first thing you gonna. Do is your hands are gonna Come up as you take the breath in and then you’re gonna explode out the nose down Explosive, that’s it good That’s it keep going two more Good now relax keep your eyes closed Have you four hands open if you would on your lap face up like that just feel whatever you feel Just take it in you don’t have to respond to me anymore You just enjoy it and take it in and now just let your body relax deeply And I’d like you to begin to think of a moment of your life. You could feel Really grateful for if you wanted to it could be something little rich, or it could be something big It doesn’t matter it could be from your childhood or this week It doesn’t matter do your best to remember it and then? Step into it as if you were there kind of like stepping in your body and seeing what you saw then through your own eyes Hearing what you heard, then feeling what you felt? Savor it Maximize that sense of appreciation or enjoyment or gratitude Enjoy it feel it Fill up with it And now we’re going to ship to the last piece really simple all you’re gonna do is focus on three things one at a time That you want to accomplish three things you want to achieve Live it and feel it and experience it I Was not yeah, put your Yeah Yeah, there’s two worlds the master the external and the internal world they both have to be bastard But if you master the external world you know Allah you know Robin Williams will master the internal world there’s a big price This is the one the master first and so I start my day by making that so I have this base to do it I’m gonna live from gratitude today. I’m gonna live from blessing. You know I’m gonna be a blessing people’s life today I’m gonna get stronger today, and I’m gonna achieve what I’m you’re committed to do and then the whole thing You know we did that one the less than ten minutes to give you an idea Exercise number two is do the two minute meditation so do a low exercise with me look around I’m gonna test you find everything you can see in this room. That’s brown brown people brown clothing brown things anything It’s brown and when a tester you look around with behind. You don’t miss anything close your eyes Tell me everything you just saw that was red Okay open your eyes and look for red this time fine red you got to find read anywhere look for red look for red look For how many found a lot more red this time and and didn’t have it in your head before raise your hand why cuz we get what we Look for seek and ye shall find And I’ll prove it you’ll even find things that aren’t there just to feel successful I’ll prove it – you’ll find whatever you looking for how many saw beige stuff called it Brown just to feel successful in this your hands How many saw burgundy called it red just so you can succeed right? So if you think you’re messed up you’re gonna find messed-up stuff in yourself You’ll color it or someone else if you think you’re great gonna fight great things, so if you want to free yourself I’m gonna do a quick little meditation at the end you’ve got to realize that we all suffer at times and if you want to end suffering You have to make the most important decision your life, which says I’m gonna live in a beautiful state Every day no matter what even when it doesn’t go my way even when there’s injustice even when people are unfair because our people gonna Be unjust and unfair in our lives Yes, or no and are you gonna be unjust and unfair at times about meaning to be yes or no So if people have to behave a certain way for us to be happy You’re not gonna stay happy, so let’s do a two-minute meditation really fast now It’s not meditation like traditional not think of something how many of you have something in your life some unfinished business That’s stressful, and so you put it off. Don’t even try to think about it It could be in your business could be and your personal life could be a relationship How many got some at home or at work that needs to be handled and you put it off because you’re so stressed you got So much going on who’s got something like this. Can you think of one specifically? Awesome if you don’t raise your hand you lie about other things too, but that’s okay We’ll talk about later on So here’s what I want you to do on a 0 to 10 if you would try to deal with that right now Honestly, 10 is totally stressful zero is not at all. Where is it. Tell me the number say that laughs? How many got 1 7, or above of stress if you focused on it perfect cuz that’ll help you change now I’m gonna give you a quick technique for 2 minutes They got dozens and dozens of these, but it’ll work for most of you’ll you’ll see so here’s what we found Research has been done on how we get stressed and there’s something interesting they discovered when you’re born your heart starts to beat That’s birth. That’s when you’re alive. I don’t mean born outside. I mean inside the womb. There’s no brain when your heart starts to beat What makes your heart beat? It has its own intelligence and it affects your brain it affects your life. It affects everything when we get in our head We’re dead. We overanalyze we look at things we get stressed out but in our heart We know the answer so these researchers did They were nominated for Nobel Prize because they found that if you focus on your heart you put your hands on your heart Let’s go ahead and do it put your hands on your heart in fact if you would we just stand up? I think it’ll get more of your body engage You been sitting so long Jake your body out just for a second here just for a second If you’re at home do the same right all right now put both your hands on your heart breathe deep inside your heart meaning close your eyes if you would and Feel your hands touching your heart feel the power of your heart, and what we’re going to do is for two minutes We’re just gonna get grateful remember earlier, I said You can’t the two emotions that mess this up or anger and fear. They mess up your relationships They mess up your financial decisions. They mess up career stuff. They make some things with our kids But when you’re grateful you can’t be angry when you’re grateful you can’t be fearful so we’re gonna spend two minutes of gratitude But we’re gonna focus on our heart because research shows Wherever focus goes energy flows and when you focus on the heart it Changez literally. How your brain functions I could show you an image of when you’re frustrated and you’ll see EEG ZK geez That’s the electrical power in your brain in your heart, and they’re jagged and they’re all over We’ll probably put it on the screen when they cut this But if you breathe in your heart for two minutes focusing on three things you’re grateful for They literally become in sync They round and they’re won and when they’re won your heart has the answer so breathe deep in your heart And let’s begin as you breathe deep in your heart feel the power of your heart Feel the strength of your heart Feel the beauty of your heart, what are you proud your heart has guided you to do with this in this life or to give or to enjoy or to love Feel the power of your heart it beats a hundred thousand times a day And you don’t have to do it you have to do anything In fact something loved you enough to give you this heart At the very beginning you didn’t have to earn it. Did you you didn’t have to prove yourself? you don’t have to prove your worth something knows your Worth and Gave you this gift and call God the universe whatever you call it But feel that powerful heart that beats and is always there for you and has been for decades And give thanks for it And as you’re breathing in this sense of appreciation and gratitude We’re gonna take about a minute and a half and focus on three moments in your life You could feel deeply grateful for they could be any three moments it could be from your childhood It could be from today. It could have been from 10 months ago Any moment that you could step back on that memory as if you were there and fill up with a sense of gratitude So right now. I’d like you to think of one of those moments a Magic moment a beautiful moment from any stage of your life. What’s been one of the most beautiful moments of your life yes, so breathe deep breathe in your heart and step into that moment that you cherish and Fill up with appreciation with gratitude With joy and feel yourself going into a beautiful state as you breathe in your heart and feel like you’re there Think of a second moment now that you could feed deeply grateful for Again, it could’ve been at any stage. It could be something little or big Step into that moment breathe like you were breathing then See what you were seeing then hear and feel what you were hearing and feeling then And fill up with that feeling of gratitude of a join them And then finally one more moment that you could feel grateful for well be a really beautiful moment of your life. You could relive Step into that moment now Breathe deep into it see what you saw hear what you heard feel. What you felt Fill up Fill up with love or gratitude or joy And if you can feel it It feels good make a sound don’t hesitate like a little kid make a sound that feels good to you. Just go make the sound Do it again And one more time and make it even louder That’s awesome now continue to feel your heart in this gratitude I bet there have been times in your life where Things happen for you that you didn’t make happen or like a coincidence You went to go do something you met somebody you love or do something. I let to a career or friendship. What’s a coincidence? you’re grateful for that led to something beautiful and What if life was always happening for you not to you? What if you really believe that even the pain was a gift because it got you to grow or change or expand what if everything? Was happening for you, and now you’re in a really beautiful state keep breathing in your heart And then to finish this all you’ve got to do is rip end a sentence for me keep breathing in your heart Not your head your heart fill up with that gratitude And then ask yourself about that thing that used to stress you a few minutes ago Say all I need to remember all You focus on all need to do in that situation is what and trust your heart and knows the answer that fast Feel your heart all you need to focus on in that situation all I really need to do all I need to really appreciate or feel or experience all I need to focus on all I need to believe all I need to do is what and Your heart knows the answer raise your right hand with your eyes closed if you know the answer if you know exactly what to do To resolve the situation raise your right hand ice and high if you would right now And keep your hand up as soon as you got it raise your hand Perfect keep your hand up And then open your eyes and look at the percentage of people Who just in two minutes have figured out how to solve? What was so stressful if you look around it’s about 90 percent for those of you that are still there? You kind of hang it on a little bit and for those that are doing that there are other techniques But did it reduce it yes even fill out so for you ma’am You didn’t which one didn’t raise your hand one of you didn’t raise your head Yeah, so did it reduce it for you, so where was it and where is it now I? Went from a nine to a six so we could do a second one it would stack it So what we do is This is a way in two minutes. You starting to feel stress You breathe in your heart you focus on what you’re grateful three things And then you look at the problem and from your heart. You solve it how many got it? Let me see Cheyenne somebody got it like this give ourselves a big has beautiful spirit exercise number. Three is unleash energy To get a dream feeling this gratitude Fill the joy feeling the blessings your mind body heart and soul the blessings to those you love and meet And start to feel the achievement the joy the excitement and start to build that energy a little bit inside But the energy is building up inside you and it’s gonna build to a peak Where you’re gonna expand and make a sound in a few minutes not just yet Feel so grateful so happy so blessed When you’re ready you can open your eyes When you’re ready slowly when you’re ready you can rise up And begin to stretch your body and just feel that energy inside you building strengthening feeling grateful And then let the energy rise up stand up and rise up Stand your body In a few moments we’re gonna make a sound the loudest and you’ve ever made that you could enjoy making a sound of joy of excitement a playfulness of grace of guidance And of sanity make if you’re thinking The universe or God for all its inside you all that you’ve lived all that you’re going to live all that’s coming Get ready build it up faith joy excitement energy passion More excitement more energy more joy than ever get ready one No We shoulda saw it in total the intensity Bring it into your hearts take the feelings inside Feel it in you as you it is you Tony Robbins didn’t do any of this this is you? Your spirits all awakened. It’s you that awakens you You’re waking yourself with gratitude. You’re waking yourself with grace Waking yourself with appreciation you’re waking yourself I see and commanding and celebrating what you want not begging for it like you’re weak Knowing, it’s in you as you this is you We’re not made to be small or less. We’re made to feel fully one Breathe it inside you It’s in you As you this is the real you if you strip away the conditioning, and you strip away the fear and you? Crime yourself for your true nature Gratitude love strength caring passion aliveness This is what we’re made for this is who we are Everything else is just fear in conditioner And we are more than anything that could ever happen to us more than anything we could ever face. You’re a more than any problem No problem is permanent only our souls are permanent Problems are the gifts we grow from exercise number four is do Incantations, here’s what I’ve created for my life and anyone who knows succeeded. I’m a seventeen year old kid from Azusa, California With no real education other than self education with no background with parents that did their best all of them With no money But I did one thing I love people and I had an enormous demand I made upon myself And I sculpted my mind and my emotions to get me to do whatever it would take to achieve and to contribute but to do that I did it by using my body and changing my focus I Did it by putting myself in a peak physiology and using what I call? Incantations, can you train yourself to believe something yes or no? absolutely how many have ever made the fatal mistake of going to Disneyland or Disney World and while you’re there made the fatal mistake of Going to a ride called. It’s a small world after all What happens for about a week after you’re out of that damn place you’re still singing this thing in your head in 24 languages, right? Let me tell you something how many of you have things when you want to achieve them in this part of your voice goes on It’s not gonna happen or forget it. I’m gonna go to voices sometimes interrupts that good pattern say I And what you want to do is train a new one so starting when I was 17. I started doing incantations not affirmations Affirmation you go unhappy unhappy event um having you what’s the problem? You haven’t changed your what? Your what? Physiology if you don’t change your physiology you won’t get anything so in incantations you only you speak it But you embody what you’re saying with all the intensity you can and you do it with enough repetitions that it sticks in your head like it’s a small world now the Conversation your head is always the same it gives you what you want, so use your body and your voice So 17 years ago. I started doing things I was working for Jim Rohn this speaker, and I was 17 years old. I had long hair minestrone soup acne on my face I Was trying to call on Bear Stearns type of people and convince them why they should go to this man seminar be more successful I was driving a 1968 Volkswagen I had earned at $40 a week as a janitor the only way I did it was parked far from the building and Then go in and I love people I believe what I put myself in state and I was able to influence people that were far More successful I was at the time. I will do something that I still do backstage and have done for 23 years Because I don’t hope I’m gonna be in a good state. I demand it so I do an incantation using my whole body It’s a command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping as many people’s possible life today to better their lives By give me the strength the emotion the persuasion the humor the brevity whatever it takes to show these people and get these people to Change their lives now And I would do that literally driving in my Volkswagen to a meeting in LA on the freeway for 40 minutes people love them I’m screaming to top my lungs. They’re going I know he’s a serial killer. I know he is But by the time I entered that room when two people meet If there’s rapport the person who’s most certain will always influence the other person And I was totally certain and they were trying to get revved up to certainty do you agree with this yes or no I? Do another one because I was poor I changed my mindset I kept doing things But I never got beyond it I’d say gods Wealth is circulating in my life as wealth flows to me an avalanche is of abundance all my needs desires and goals are met instantaneously By infinite intelligence for I’m one with God and God is everything And I would imagine the abundance of my life, and I would feel so grateful And a year later I went for making there $8,000 two million dollar in one year exercise number five don’t do this at home walk on fire It is the first place, No I Want you I stand Stars you can This was an experience let me just tell you this is the next chapter This is the next chapter people because I didn’t come here planning to do this. I was thinking First of all when I saw flames moment that is crazy, that’s unreasonable All mammals know to write from fire what what in the world and so I? See too long at the fair because at some point I could have gotten out and then after I saw turning and everybody was talking Now am I gonna walk in what I’m walking for and what’s the metaphor mean and what does that mean? I didn’t think I could do it and I did it I really I was petrified standing there for a minute And then I thought well you have to believe you can do it and then Tony just whispered in my ear yes Yes, yes, I don’t know An exercise number six is exercise my whole focus is how do you get the greatest result with the least amount of time or energy? Intensity times duration all day long we’re gonna do a the briefest workout. That’ll max you out Let’s do it next thing we do is have my trainer here. Is name is Billy. We’re gonna do this one first Let’s pop it over here It’s designed to make Every muscle in your body get the maximum demand in the shortest time with the least trouble We’re gonna do basically a chest press on here your job Is you’re gonna push as hard as you can continuously and a time roll gone You’re gonna hold and keep pushing as hard as you can until the timer’s done. It goes for five seconds go for it hotel That’s it go. Go. Go. Go. Go. Go go good good Good harder harder harder come on baby come on come on come on come on Come on come on come on come on come on. Okay? Let go Good now. We’re gonna leg press Full Tilt as hard as you can Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go this monster Nice job you’re done, okay? It’s good core pool Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go Go done that was not quite as good You know you’ve done what 15 seconds of exercise so far total If you want We’ll put you on the little torture machine this. This is not we only do once or twice a week You don’t do this every day It’s gonna push you aerobic Li and anaerobic aerobic And so we’re Well done well done well done You’re gonna feel it for the next couple of days brother so all we’re gonna Do is cleanse your body a little bit more gonna put you to eat and then put you in the cold and you’re done So what you’re gonna, do is you’re gonna pop in here for as long as you can take it put yourself to the edge Which for most people is about four to five minutes, and then when you’re done Without delay once you’re there you’re gonna drop right down into the coal punch it already come on in Take a bite of one one last time good knowing you know stretch What’s the water on there I Feel ok it’s pretty extreme That’s what I do all the time so you got a better feel on the four-minute machine two minutes in I I Didn’t think I was actually going to be able to do it the voice in my head kept saying just just give up It’s fine. Just give up. It’s fine, but thank God we had a camera they can’t scream again. Yeah, exactly I Didn’t want to be humiliated I wanted you, but Billy what about you? Thank you guys so much for watching. I’m gonna say exercise number One is my personal favorite because I’m always curious about people’s morning routines, and how to hack my own to make them better I love to hear from you though was exercise number one year favorite Or was there something else that is more meaningful more impactful more applicable to you leaving the comments below I’m really curious to hear from you. I also want to give a quick trailer to surge wisdom thank you so much for picking up a copy of my book your one word and Making those series of YouTube videos doing book reviews of them. I really appreciate the support man, and I’m so glad you enjoyed the book So thank you guys again for watching I believe in you I hope we continue to believe in yourself and whatever your one word is much Love I’ll see you soon raise your standard Apple at the core its core value Is that? mm-hmm that people need passion and Not one drop of most self-worth depends on your it’s supposed to mean I don’t ever give up. I’d have to be dead Or completely incapacitated hey believe nation if you want to see my all-time Favorite top ten rows of success. I have a very special secret video for you These are the individual clips that I have personally learned the most from and applied to my life and my business Check the link in description for details

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