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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

And obviously, on our show, we promote being healthy. You guys, I’m assuming, would never do this again, right? No.
No, never again. The weight cycling is not, I mean from a medical perspective, it can be very dangerous, and so this is a one and done. One and done. You now have your perspective. Yeah, Yeah.
Yeah. I will say on that too, my blood pressure reached 199 over 99, and it was critical. And I was halfway through the process of gaining my weight, and the doctor said to me, “you either need to go on medication, or you need to quit eating the way you’re eating.” And you know I was 100% into the experience and this whole project and I said, you know what I’m going to do, I’m going to eat a little less bad, some bad. And so I got my blood pressure to a level of non-critical, but still very high. But it just tells you how quickly you can change your health in a negative way by eating bad and not working out. So, in our season one here on The Doctors, I did something called Project Unhealthy, which was for one week, I ate all the wrong foods, they took my bike away, and in six days, I gained eight pounds, got high blood pressure and I had to quit, because I was hosting the show, and I was lethargic, and I threw my back out. And, in your cases, clearly, you’ve been working with a lot of clients, one in particular is Parnielle. Here’s a picture of Parnielle before, at 213 pounds. Now 34 pounds lighter, please welcome Parnielle to the show. (audience applauding) (upbeat music) Thank you. I love the fashion choices, you look fabulous. Thank you.
Putting it all together. So, you look beautiful. Thank you. Let me ask you, what’s the biggest change for you? The biggest change, honestly, which really surprised me was, my skin started to brighten up. As soon as I started working out, and I was sweating, and started the weight coming off, I had this weird skin acne, like body acne, and it just started to clear up like right away, almost in the first couple of weeks. My brain got less cloudy. I started instantly feeling more confident, even before I started losing weight, I started feeling super confident. I was like, “I look good.” You know, the whole thing you said in the gym, where you’re like, “I don’t think I know what I’m doing.” I was like, “oh, no, I’m looking good on this treadmill.” (audience applauding) What is your driving motivation? Because at the end of the day to transform, it’s not about size, it’s not about weight. It really is about health and vitality. What’s your driving force? Yeah, definitely, I mean, obviously, the first thing was my health. And my dad, also, was my biggest motivation. My dad got diagnosed with stage four cancer, and he was losing a lot of weight. He was on chemo, he couldn’t eat anything, and he’s always been concerned about my weight. And so I said, you know what dad if you would just gain weight, I’ll lose weight, I promise you. So we made that deal and so he was basically my driving force. And of course, my friend Cary, who gained all that weight for me I was like, I have too many people counting on me, so I have to do this. And I know that she’ll always be there for me, so yeah. (audience applauding) I love it, and before we go, we only have a few seconds, but best tips, do you all have one? I’ve got one really good one. You go first. Work out partner, great to have a work out partner. But if they are not on track, and they’re going to chat your ear off, get rid of them, work out alone. Get rid of bad work out partners. For me, it’s on the mental and emotional side, like I sad, and so using technology, apps, these days for accountability and a support system, where you can have an online coach, or a community that helps you along your journey, for me that’s really important these days, to have accountability, and a support system on your journey. (audience applauding) And Parnielle, last but not least, you got one for us? I do, just stay consistent, don’t beat yourself up if you go back into that drive-through, just get right back on it, like instantly, like the next meal, just get it right, and just keep pushing. Every single day, do something little to change your health for the better. (audience applauding) Really good tips, and if you want to check out an episode of Fit to Fat to Fit, visit Thank you all so very much.

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  1. We also have that show where I live. And there was a guy that should gain weight, and he ate and ate and ate, but he couldnt gain more than 4 kg. He did nothing but drink and eat all day. If it was me, I would weigh 500 pounds!

  2. Now I want to find that show where Travis eats shitty for a week. Their first season I was like twelve or something

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