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Anyone who’s transformed their body through diet and exercise knows that it takes discipline and it takes dedication. And the trainers of Lifetime’s show Fit to Fat to Fit learned this lesson the hard way. Millions of us are overweight. I’m Drew Manning. I successfully trained hundreds of clients to lose weight and get in shape. My biggest failure was training my brother-in-law. He simply could not lose weight. No matter how hard I tried, I failed to help. That’s when I realized I was the problem. I needed to walk in his footsteps. So, I gained 75 pounds. I developed a fatty liver and the kidneys of an alcoholic. Together, we were able to lose the weight. Now, four trainers are going on the same journey from fit to fat to fit to help someone they love. It’s a journey that will change their lives forever. (audience applauding) Please welcome the stars of Lifetime’s Fit to Fat to Fit, trainers Drew Manning and Cary Williams. (audience applauding) I thought that the show ended with you all getting back to fit? What are you saying? I’m kidding. The two of you obviously are in great shape. One of the things that we really wanted to ask you was when you went through these transitions, there was the weight gain, the weight loss, but what did you all gain most in terms of your perspective? So, I thought it was just gonna be a physical transformation, but the biggest thing about this was how humbling it was and it was way harder than I ever imagined it would be and I realized how much of transformation is mental and emotional. Before, as a trainer, I used to focus on the physical. Eat less, workout, macros, calories, workouts. People know that, but the problem that people suffer with is on the mental and emotional side. The other surprise was how this affected me so quickly. So, 30 years of my life I was healthy, I was fit. In just six months time, completely gone. My testosterone dropped to the low 200s, blood pressure of 167 over 113. In just six months, I developed a fatty liver, which was really scary in just that short amount of time of letting myself go. So, it was an eye opening experience for me and it was very humbling and it made me realize how wrong I was as a trainer and now it helped me realize more of the mental and emotional side. Empathy, respect and a better understanding for those that struggle with the transformation. Let me ask you this. (audience applauding) So, you said that you gained 65 pounds. 75. 75 pounds in six months? In six months time.
In six months. Was that enough time for you to be that weight to understand everything that someone who’s on that heavier side, me being 420 pounds for most of my life, to be able to completely connect and understand the inner voice, the psychological, really understand where we’re coming from? Honestly, I tell people that I don’t have a complete understanding. Even if I gained 100 pounds or 200 pounds and kept it on for a few years, it’s not the same experience for somebody that grew up their entire life overweight, right? But, for me and for the trainers on the show, I can honestly say that we have a better understanding versus who we were before. So, if we come out of the experience with more respect and more empathy, in my opinion, that’s a positive for the trainers, so they get a glimpse of kind of how hard it is for the clients. Well, and the physiology, too, of weight gain and weight loss, Cary you said, you say you learned something surprising about women and, in particular, weight loss. What was that? Yeah, so basically, I was eating a lot of fast food and I would go in through the drive through and I always felt very embarrassed to go into the lobby to eat. And one day I decided I’m gonna go in the lobby, I’m gonna eat inside and I noticed there were a lot of men around and I thought, “Well, where are all the women at?” And I looked out the window through the drive through and they were all driving through the drive through. And it dawned on me that everybody looks at women in a different light and we are expected to look a certain way and I just said, I said, “Wow, “that’s why I’m embarrassed because I’m expected “to look a certain way” and I’m not saying that men don’t necessarily, but it’s definitely different for women than it and it is for men to watch their weight and to appear a certain way and it was definitely eye opening. Well, I think not only that, when you are on the heavier side, you are dealing with the weight, but you’re also dealing with the emotion and the psychological. Just to get to the gym, it’s not so much doing the workout, it’s getting to the gym and dealing with everybody staring at you that you are walking, I remember walking on the treadmill and the noise of the treadmill and everybody just looking at me and I’m like, “I’m here to lose weight” and I could feel the judgments. That, itself, is hard. How do you turn that around and inspire? Yes, and that was a big thing, going back to the gym because I used to be the one in the gym and I’m lifting the weights and I’m doing all of my cardio, I’m doing my boxing and I’m like oh, everybody looks at me and goes, “Oh, how is she doing it, what’s going on?” and then I walk in and I’m 40 pounds heavier and then I’m like, “Oh gosh, I don’t think people even “think I know what I’m doing” and that’s exactly what you’re saying. But, what you do to turn it around is you just, you talk to yourself inside and, like you just did, you’re just, you’re there, you have a goal, you have a purpose and that’s what you need to do and you need to not think about or look around to see what everybody else is doing. Just focus on yourself.

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  1. I do Have a lot of respect for these trainers willing to do that for there clients but.. Idk why they do that what does the client see in it if I had a sexy fit trainer I would want to look like him

  2. Liberal tv shows lmao

    “So yah I gained all the weight to understand where they come from”

    “Yah well women have it harder and you’ll never really understand “

    “Ok then fuck you too and lose the weight yourself Ms. Congeniality “

  3. The Idea behind FIT TO FAT TO FIT is great but the issue they are not mentioning is the fact that the guy who got fat was in shape fat and thats not the same thing as just fat.

  4. Love this!! I went from a dancer and baseball player to 275/280 to 160 and a bodybuilder you never know what someone is going through tell you walk in their shoes

  5. Trying to lose weight when you've been big your entire life is so weird. The concept of being smaller seems foreign to me, because I've always been bigger than my friends. I hate when my naturally smaller friends tell me that it won't kill me to cheat on my diet. It may not kill them, but it will eventually kill me if every day is a cheat day.

  6. I’m “slightly obese” even though I’m 5,8 and 209 pounds and a male, but I’m very self-conscience about my weight and I am trying to lose because I don’t want to end up like my aunts and have diabetes and to have it control their lives, I’m not gonna go down that road.

  7. i think these are the best trainers liek dont tell me i can do it u already fit that doesnt help they actually literally walking with them in their shoes

  8. 4:39 Ahh I can totally relate to the first time my brother got on treadmill with his freaking 5 pound airmax just stomping on it

  9. 4:33 earphones! Like a race horse with blinkers shut out everyone else and know you are doing the most important thing which is getting healthy (f*ck anyone else). Also dress comfy! You don't want to constantly be pulling on your clothes. Invest in one or two sets of gym clothes that you feel confident in and rock you!! (I'm down from 90kg to 70kg in the last 3 months and this helped me… only my opinion)

  10. I can actually relate to what Dr said. "Everyone looks at you". Ive been a kid that loves sport (still am), ive been going to footbal and gym at the same time, i was totally fit. Then one day i started to feel pain in my heart area and when we went to doctor i had, dont know how is it in english but basically something like hole in the heart, and i got depressed, couldnt be as active, and started sitting more at home and playing video games. Since then i gained a lot of weight. I have motivation to go to the gym, go outside but everytime i feel motivated and want to go out and do stuff i get instantly demotivated before that or during stuff. Once i see myself in the mirror or window, i hate myself, and i hate how i look outside for other people. I always feel like i look disgusting and cant go out in public just because of how i feel of my looks. I also think that i have gyno, but im not seeing docs about it until i manage to lose weight and see if it was gyno or just fatty tissue. Thats another problem holding me back, because clothes that i like to wear shows my "gyno" very clearly and that makes me feel embarrassed. What wouldnt stop my confidence is if i only had smaller but (ikr its funny) and no looks of gyno just normal chest. These 2 things are holding me back. But now my stepdads coworker is fit guy thats training daily. He will help me with my weight loss and i hope that i will lose my weight soon enough ^^.

    P.S. Here in EU a lot of people are fit and people love making fun of fat people, that sucks too :/. But kind of motivates to lose weight.

  11. Blah blah blah! Nonsense!! All of this is nonsense!!! Losing much weight fast is just as unhealthy, if not worse, as gaining weight. We need stop talking about calories, and start talking about nutritional values. We need to stop exercising to lose weight and stay in shape and start exercising to feel energized and healthy. We're approaching this very wrongly.

  12. I remember weighing 174 then i let myself for 2 months and now weight 220 well now im trying my hardest to get fit again

  13. This reminds me of an episode that I watched of The Biggest Loser several years ago where the fitness trainer and the person who was trying to lose wait swapped meals for a day. The fitness trainer ate a bunch of stuff he wasn't used to like 20 chicken nuggets from McDonald's and he got sick and felt sick for a few days after he did that because his body was so used to healthy food.


  15. I went from thin as a child to fat at the end of elementary school to thin in middle school to physically fit in high school.

  16. that trainer has pretty good genetics,he lost that fat 10 times faster than a bad genetic guy would, dont get fooled

  17. I think its kind of stupid to do this, we now have two fat people in stead of one with the hope they both loss the weight. Of course when love is involved logic isnt…

  18. Growing up fat and getting bullied for my weight made me want to lose the weight. You can only lose the weight if deep down that's what you really want.

  19. This is a good idea but i feel like is how you transform from (i know it's a bad example but nothing commed to my mind) starving skinny to fat binge eater to starving skinny (i know, the example is way to bad) is pretty unhealthy

  20. This is bullshit. Lead by example. Dont change your strategy because overweight people are weak and too lazy to put forth effort.

  21. Help his ass if wnted to lose it he wud fuck him.i wudnt give up my sexy body for a man r woman dat lazy.i dnt need anyone to motivate me.i wrk out at my home.i have my home make gym.

  22. this excersise is utter bs, b/c he comes from a super lean super fit body… losing the weight for someone that was already lean and fit is so much easier than it is for someone starting at point 0 – actually, it is a method bodybuilders use all the time: it‘s calles bulking and ripping: fisrt you bulk (putting on weight so muscles can grow) and then they „rip“ (lose weight) over a good few months – especially before a competition.. so if I didn‘t know any better – it was a bulking phase for him – only to come out on the other end even better…

  23. this excersise is utter bs, b/c he comes from a super lean super fit body… losing the weight for someone that was already lean and fit is so much easier than it is for someone starting at point 0 – actually, it is a method bodybuilders use all the time: it‘s calles bulking and ripping: fisrt you bulk (putting on weight so muscles can grow) and then they „rip“ (lose weight) over a good few months – especially before a competition.. so if I didn‘t know any better – it was a bulking phase for him – only to come out on the other end even better…

  24. These trainers are stupid. Why harm your health and body when you can find different ways to gain an insight besides putting yourself in the exact same dilemma?

  25. Amen this guy gets it. I lost 110lbs by myself and thought I had it all figured out. To keep he weight off for good. U know I felt confident when I’m in the gym, a feeling of accomplishment in sense. BUT after going through big changes in my life, dealing with stress and just a complete change to my daily routine and trying to keep up with everything else….I lost focus in my training and diet…..and gained alot of the weight back, 85lbs to be exact. Lost confidence, strength and will power to eat healthy…and dealing w/ everything else a fat person deals with on a daily basis. I’ve started training again and hopefully I can really get my ON button back and become the beast I once was in the gym and kitchen.

  26. honestly who fuck cares in the gym if u are fit or fat
    i mean some people are rly strange like im here to work out not to judge one wtf xDDDDDDD

  27. the idea these trainers are doing is very great I never watched this show but I'm pretty sure the same trainers do this over and over again until they quit every season I may be wrong? the consequences of gaining weight very quickly and losing weight very quickly like these trainers are doing are very bad when you do it again and again and again it's because that puts them at risk for type 2 diabetes when they are trying to gain weight quickly actors like Tom Hank said this is the reason why he has diabetes now and for women if women try to lose weight too quickly (this happened to me before) they can go almost a whole year or even worse like 3 years without their period (no they're not pregnant)

  28. It's also a chemical difference. The physiology and chemical makeup of those who are obese is much different. It makes the mental capacity to lose weight different! Don't forget the chemical changes doctors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Depression stops progress! Even close proximity to depression stops progress! Everything about obesity propagates depression.

  29. This Effing female doctor doesn't know what the Eff she is talking about, not even after her meager experience!

  30. I need to do this but at a non stop cycle, this is my healthy 6 months and this is my unhealthy 6 months.

  31. I can appreciate the dedication to their clients for doing this, but it seems extreme. He said he got the kidneys of an alcoholic after gaining 75 lbs! To intentionally put your body through that is nuts.

  32. For a show called, "The Doctors", they sure aren't emphasizing how important being fit and a healthy weight really is. They keep talking about "what it's like to be fat" and "the pressure to look a certain size." It's not about feelings or pressure, it's literally life and death, or even quality of life. No one should be put down or degraded for their size, but it's important to be a healthy size, not for aesthetic reasons. I used to be overweight and I got up one day and said "No more!". I lost over 50 lbs. after my aunt died at the young age of only 43 due to obesity-related complications. Everyone in our family kept enabling her, because no one wanted to "hurt her feelings". She suffered a series of miscarriages, her marriage ended, and she literally ate herself to death. She was completely bedridden, yet family members continued to bring her crap foods because it "made her happy". The hosts keep asking these 2 guests, "Were you fat long enough to understand what fat people have to go through???" That doesn't matter; what matters is that when they were overweight, they were in danger of a whole host of complications and illnesses. I wish people would stop acting like this is a 'feelings' issue. Being unhealthy is dangerous and affects people's lives in a negative way. I now have a beautiful daughter and I'm sad my aunt never got to experience that feeling. "The Doctors" need to emphasize how important weight loss is.

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