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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What is the best training routine to
lose body fat? You say, “Wow, Skip! You’re getting ripped! Getting lean! Being
vascular! What is your weight training routine? I want to lose that body fat.” Hello. Hello. Hello, guys. Welcome to this
live broadcast. Welcome to Workouts For Older Men LIVE. I am Skip La Cour. I’m so
glad you’re here today. Hey. I just want to answer a couple of questions that you
may have. You know I specialize in helping men who are just a little bit
older. Here I am at 57 years old. Living with passion and energy. Making it a game.
Loving the whole training process. Right, and I’m doing in the context of my busy,
productive life. There’s a lot of older men who want the same things. I want to
help you with the most effective and efficient strategies. A couple questions
that I get asked often are, “What is the best training routine to lose body fat?”
They say “Wow, Skip, you’re getting ripped! Getting lean! Being vascular. What is your
weight training routine? I want to lose that body fat.” All right, let
me just tell you that weight training is primarily used for overloading the
muscle. Progressive overload, building muscle. Certainly fighting hard to
maintain the muscle you have. Every time you pick up a weight it’s to tax yourself
to do a little bit more. That’s what weight training is for. Now,
you can move from set to set to set, burn up I guess a few more calories. All right, but
that’s not going to help you lose the body fat. The weight training routine is
not going to help you lose the body fat. Even if you were to do a lot of reps. All
right, you hear that reps get your ripped. Now, I know a lot of guys do a lot
of reps and they look great and they get ripped. All right, but it’s not because
of the reps that they’re doing, more reps during the workout. There’s no such thing a
spot reduction when it comes to losing that body fat. All right, so it’s not the
amount of reps. All right, and it’s not the weight training, and it’s also not,
you know moving from set to set to set with shorter breaks. All right, all those
things make a more demanding workout, a more athletic workout, but if you’re
trying to use a weight training routine to lose that body fat, right it’s going
to be primarily done with your diet. A lot of guys don’t want to hear that. They
know that they should put more attention to their diet, but that’s how you get lean.
All right, more attention to your diet. And I’ve got lot of resources on my
website that can talk about that a lot more. Videos, my current diet you can
see that, I’ll post those links down below.
Another question that I get asked a lot is “What is your body fat percentage?” And
more importantly than MY body fat percentage,
what body fat percentage should they be shooting for? All right, now again, you
know, percentages they vary. A lot of people say “I’m I don’t know, 15%
body fat, 9% body fat, 20% and 22% body fat.” All
right, there’s a lot of different ways to measure body fat. They vary. Just use the
body fat measurement, that number, that’s just a guide.
Don’t let it override what you look like in the mirror. If you like what you
look like in the mirror, then that is a good body fat percentage. Regardless of
what it may say with calipers or underwater immersion or your scale
at home that’s supposed to be able to tell you what your body fat is too. Or
whatever the method electrical impedance, whatever the method, it’s just a measure.
If you love what you look like in the mirror, then that’s the right body fat
percentage. If it’s not, then we need to work a little bit harder on our diet.
Learning about that, following through, maybe raising our standards. A little bit
of cardio may help. All right, so you don’t want to worry about that number too much.
It’s never going to override what you look like in the mirror. If you don’t
like what you look like in the mirror, then that body fat percentage is too high. And
for the older men who follow me, they’re looking better than most men their age.
All right, they’re leaner. They’ve got this stubborn body fat. And the way they see
it is that they just have it around the midsection. That’s stubborn 10-15 pounds
of body fat. And they look at their arms and their legs and they feel like “Well
those are fine. I’m just having it in the stubborn spots.” Well, you know you may not
see it in your arms, but you’re really distributing that body fat, that higher
body fat percentage, it’s all over. Not just not in your midsection. All right, so just
keep that in mind when you try to lower that body fat. Again it’s primarily done through your diet. I’ve got a lot of resources on Videos, podcasts, articles
on all of this, how to put it all together. Right, so if you’re a little bit
older and you have a busy, productive life, you’re getting all this information
all over the internet, I want you to join my brand-new 12-week Fitness
Transformation Journey. It’s starting just here in four weeks. All right, I have
the link down below. I’ve done a couple of these. I’ve taken groups of men, to get
the individual attention. Three 1-hour phone coaching sessions with me privately
over the phone. Over three weeks. All right, I talk to you privately about, you know
your questions when it comes to training. How that all works. The perfect training
program for you. Do the same thing with nutrition. How the
nutrition, how this all works for you. And then get you on a diet plan that works
with your lifestyle. Putting it all together with your goals, the mindset, the
system so you actually follow through. Not trying to do too many things. Right,
so it’s that one-on-one individual attention. Then afterwards, we go into the group
setting for 12 weeks. We have group coaching calls where this is what I
promised my guys when they go through this journey. When we are done, when you
look in the mirror, all right, you’ll be absolutely certain of what you need to
do. All the indecision, all the frustration, overwhelm, you’ll know what
to do when it comes to your training and your eating, it’s just a matter of
following through. That’s a great place to be. That’s a great sense of control. Then wondering “Is it my training routine? Is it
my diet? Is it a combination? Am I resting too long? Am I overtraining? Am I not
switching my routine enough?” So many questions will be answered. Immerse
yourself in the process and then we get to hang out. You and me! You have access
to my cell phone number. We stay in contact for the whole 15 week journey.
You’ll come out the other side having this for the rest of your life. All right, so
click that link below. Fill out the questionnaire, play all out. I’ll reach
out to you. We’ll see if it’s a good fit. You don’t have to make your decision.
Fill out that questionnaire, submit it to me. I’ll call you. I’ll text you. I’ll
set up some time and we’ll talk about it. You and me, we’ll talk about it and see if
going on this journey that starts here in just four weeks is a good fit for you.
I want you to join us. All right, it’s all geared toward men who are a little bit
older, busy, productive lives who want to make it a game, have fun with their
fitness, but at the same time keep it in context of keeping their family life and
their business life all together. All right, so that’s going to do it for today’s
Workouts For Older Men Live. I’m so glad you have joined me. Again, click that
link. Fill out the questionnaire. Go on this journey with me.
You think this is good, just think when we go on this journey
together. 12-15 weeks and more. All right, I stay in touch with my guys forever
once they go on this journey with me. Right, get close, and personal. Right make even
a more connected experience with this whole fitness thing. Far beyond these
live videos that you’re enjoying so much. All right, so hey, remember we got more time
behind us than in front of us when we’re a little bit older, so let’s take on the
day with a sense of urgency. All right, have a great day, have an outstanding day,
have an awesome day. Think BIG! And think BIGGER than getting bigger!

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  1. Holy shit that’s me Skip.I gotta lose 20lb to be in that decent range for me.
    Although I gotta say I love the journey a lot more now than when I was younger

  2. You cannot be 50 year old!! Wow how come the talk show don't interview you?? They need someone like you to give them hope and inspiration.

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