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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

(upbeat music) – [Narrator] So today
something really pissed me off. I was minding my own business on YouTube researching what I should
make my next video on when I came across a video on Tribulus. This supplement does
have some crazy benefits but I’ll get to that later. Because this specific guy’s video was so full of misinformation that I realized I had to address it. This video, which ranks really high, was basically created to
sell the guy’s supplements and is claiming that
studies have shown things which they haven’t. For the Red Dead
Redemption fans out there, think 21st century Nigel West Dickens. – Friends! Hard-working souls! Cures headaches, neuralgia, earache, toothaches, backaches. – [Narrator] This guy is going on and on, saying how studies show Tribulus raises lutinizing hormone. The comment section was the worst part because people are buying this hook, line, and sinker. After seeing that, I knew I had to clear some stuff up because if there’s one thing that really upsets me is when people try to trick others to make a fast buck. So now for the truth. Testosterone, the male hormone. Without it making gains
is next to impossible. They’ve done studies
where they’ve had guys work out but given them something to suppress their testosterone and they’ve made no strength gains. Testosterone is important. Some guys have low testosterone and some guys are within the normal range. Then there’s a third group, the guys who inject testosterone and get levels significantly higher. This is because testosterone is so important in putting on muscle. So it makes sense that the idea of a supplement that could enhance testosterone gets people excited. Tribulus Terrestris is a legal herb, which grows in China, Eastern Asia, and extends into Western
Asia and Southern Europe. The plant’s chemical structure varies based off where it’s from. The protodioscin, the
claimed active ingredient which it’s famous for, is highest in Bulgarian Tribulus. Tribulus Terrestris is also referred to as Gokshura in India and is used in traditional medicine. So does it increase your testosterone? It depends. So far all the studies confirm that it doesn’t raise it if you’re at normal levels already. The only studies that have shown that it increases testosterone are in people with testosterone that was already low and who were facing problems with ED. In studies on these men, testosterone sometimes rises but not enough to be statistically significant. And here’s the thing. If you’re already at normal levels, a slight increase wouldn’t really help you get additional gains. You need to go significantly above regular levels to get that. Let’s look at this peer-reviewed study. They took Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris purchased from a company approved by the Bulgarian Ministry
of Public Health, and they confirmed that the
active saponins, the protodioscin, made up more than 60% of the dry weight, so this is the good stuff in other words. No impact on testosterone, none on lutinizing hormone, and none on any of the other hormones they were testing for. But what does it do? Is it just all hype? Well, there’s a lot of evidence that it will actually raise your and the quality of your . Scientists gave it to fertile wild boars and saw an increase in
mounting behavior by 20% and an increase in the
volume of certain fluids. In one other study, they gave normal rats and Tribulus and
found that both groups saw a nearly identical increase in certain activities. What about in humans though? In a study on men with low sperm count, supplementation of six
grams of tribulus root was associated with a
significantly greater self-reported improvement
in health. In another study, persons
with a low sperm count given six grams of tribulus root daily for two months saw
significant improvements in, well, just trust me
there were improvements, you can look it up if you want. Why does it do this though? Well, it looks like the high protodioscin tribulus from Bulgaria doesn’t increase overall testosterone levels but it does increase the sensitivity of those receptors in the brain, at least that’s the theory scientists have right now. So although it won’t increase your gains or power of them, the studies say that you might see gains in other places. Having taken it before I can confirm this, but the key is that you
could hopefully channel that energy to something more productive. Remember to always do your research. There’re a lot of people out there who are gonna try and trick you. So it’s up to us to
stay smarter than that. And as always, subscribe for more. Until next time!


  1. Man can you tell about other herbs which raise testosterone like Chlorophytum borivilianum,Mucuna pruriens , Shilajit, shatavari.. and the beat herb for boosting test thanks.

  2. Basically all Tribulus products only note Saponins percentage, there are some with 40 and some with 90. Is that an indication of quality at all?

  3. Dorian great vid brother I cycle on and off Tribulus usually take it when I'm at the back end of a cut when energy is low and yes in men over a certain age it defiantly helps in that department haha MINT

  4. @dorian wilson… sir just one comment.. why would you play a song in the back ground.. when we are watching your video to understand and learn something we dont know… which needs concentration.. and this background song is distracting… pls can you avoid this in future?

  5. Hello, would like to thank you for the educational videos. I like the simple and objective way that the information is presented.
    This video is maybe the only one from all the rest that I would disagree with on some points.
    Maybe first I should say that I am from Bulgaria ( even though I dont live there for almost 15 years now ) first time I heard about TRIBULUS was a several months ago. My first reaction was this must be some sort of a scam which is very often the case with a products from there. The only reason I decided to try this one was that it was recommended to me from a guy who looks like a pro bodybuilder in my supplements store. I asked for something that will improve my performance and recovery and is not a steroid ( actually I asked for X-endurance ). Without mentioning that I am from BG at all. And they said that this is the best that they have. I did not ask about testosterone or libido booster.
    I am 44 years old but never had any problems with my libido so far 🙂 and I can tell you that I dont think is necessarily helpful about it as I am the same as I was before in this regard. But after I started to take TRIBULUS for about two months now the very next day I felt improvement in my exercises ( in terms of strength and endurance also my recovery is faster now ). Before I had ridiculously slow recovery and it was a problem to stick with my training plans.
    I know it is suspicious that I am from Bulgaria and am speaking well about this product but trust my I was sceptical before I tried as well and I dont have any connections whatsoever with the company that manufacture the product. What I like about it is it has no side effects and it works right away literally on the first day after taken.
    All I am trying to tell you that maybe the sources that you have your information from are not reliable ( or not saying the true for some reason ) I really dont know but I encourage you to try it yourself and see if your personal experience will match the information from those studies.

    Thanks for the nice videos once again 🙂

  6. I never would've bought T boosting supplements if this was the case. I had a friend tell me get Resveratrol instead. Any thoughts?

  7. I haven’t had a weight gain in years even while working out, in the months it’s taken me to build the proper enzyme levels to actually use the supplement (something I noticed you didn’t even hint on at all for why some things don’t directly effect the body right away). You can take most vitamins and it’ll take up to 60 days to receive the benefits of your body can’t process them from lack of enzymes… since taking at least 2,000mg of 90% daily I have been gain weight as well as strength while reducing my body fat and yes it increases your sex drive too but I know all this because I had to journal and log progress… I like how the beginning of the video was 2-3 seconds of “I’m not an expert” warning tho. I also noticed that you quote studies that were based on adrenaline production not how this is a Precursor for a testosterone production not something that’s advertised to Dr precursor for a testosterone production not something that’s advertised to directly effect Adrenaline glands

  8. Mostly enjoyed and appreciated your video, but avoiding words and terms like sexual activity or sperm production lessen the impact of your message. I suggest you use the scientific terms next time if you're uncomfortable saying them.

  9. Works for me and is noticeable… It improves testosterone expression, which is basically improving the testosterone which you already have. It gives me greater strength and length at the gym.

  10. Could it be it increases the sensitivity in testosterone around the whole body and not brain? Since it's been proven that some men work better on certain amounts of testosterone than others

  11. How many grams is a good dosage? I bought optimum nutrition and its a prop blend of 625mg per serving. The case study you mentioned was significantly more than that right

  12. 3:53 "… significant improvements in … … … well, just trust me, there were improvements. You can look it up!" LOL

  13. In India, most of the people use it for the muscles. But actually, it is for enhancing an individual's libido

  14. Tribulis is yet another over hyped, grossly overpriced herbal supplement being sold to young bodybuilders that think it is a safe substitute for anabolic steroids so they can look just like the guys in the bodybuilding mags who actually attain their "peak" conditions by having 10 to 15 drugs in their blood while training, to middle age guys starting to "slow down" and experience loss of libido along with orgasm frequency due to the normal 1 to 2% yearly decline in total serum testosterone concentration after the age of 30, and to older guys trying to use it to "cure" ED. It's effectiveness for all of these is next to zero and if any guy actually got some effect from it, then it would probably be mostly a placebo effect.

    The young bodybuilders should stay miles away from anyone pushing drugs on them in the locker rooms of America, the middle age guys probably just need to get off their couches, cut way back on their beer consumption, and start doing some regular exercise which is proven to boost total T levels, and the older guys need to stop wasting their social security / retirement checks on useless herbal "cures" and see a competent medical doctor so they can begin TRT or "testosterone replacement therapy" if blood tests show they are below about 300 ng/dL of blood. If they haven't had a high quality erection in more than 30 days, then they also need to consider, after consulting with their doctors, to begin "erectile rehabiliation therapy" which means the daily use of a penis pump to begin drawing blood back into their penises so that the inelastic collagen fibers that have build up in the walls of their oxygen starved cavernosal blood vessels will get broken up and then flushed away by their penile blood flows.

    Unless that collagen, which creates a condition called "penile fibrosis", is removed from their penises, all of the viagra-like drugs and testosterone in the world will not get rid of their ED and restore their erections again. Mainly, one needs to do some research, make some phone calls, and not just sit back, continue to suffer in silence, and assume that nothing can be done to correct his medical problem. Do those things and a guy could be "back in the saddle" in a matter of a month or so instead of spending years buying one ineffective "natural" supplement after another hoping the next one will finally work. The guys selling this cr*p to you will happily do so for the rest of your life. Meanwhile, when their d*cks start to malfunction, don't be too surprised if they skip all of the herbals they've been selling you, take some of their fat profits, and then head straight to their own medical doctors to get treatments that actually work!

  15. Sorry, but you are wrong. Since I'm taking tribulus I can walk on water and fly by simply flapping my arms. D-Man DESTROYED.

  16. you are talking only about gaining muscles? my coworker was talking about losing fat with the help of testosteron.. not that interested in muscles..

  17. I'm a nurse and a retired competitive bodybuilder,and I thank you for the vid very very informative,a suggestion
    If you could review
    -beta estysterone

  18. What is this guy like 5 years old "in certain ummm uh fluids" like what the fuck. Certain uh umm activities." What the fuck, you can't say sex or cum. Would have had more respect for this duch if he would keep real. I don't know maybe it's just me I'm from NYC good video good information I take Tribulus with ginseng and zinc I'm pretty sure that a boost your testosterone even if it's at normal levels already I could totally feel the difference when I get off or DMXget back on it I like the video though like I said it was good info

  19. Chinese viewer here~~~ you got use that tribulus with horny goat weed to get the full benefit of libido increase. Hey, how many guys work out in the gym just trying to improve their sex anyway?

  20. Tip: Try not to use background music with words, especially fast words/rapping/talking; makes it EXTREMELY HARD TO CONCENTRATE ON WHAT YOU'RE SAYING! Why would you do that? Just use music, no words. Words over words = chaos.

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