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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

JEFF: What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Look who’s back! It’s Jessie again. We have another hard gainer workout edition. This time we’re hitting the triceps and as
you can see, our boy Jessie is actually starting to get some triceps. Go ahead, flex the tricep there. So he’s starting to get some triceps, but
more importantly you can probably see a bigger difference in Jessie in that he’s actually
starting to fill out. On top of that, he’s actually starting to
get some better posture. He’s not looking like this anymore. Our goal si to make sure, as a hard gainer,
that Jessie doesn’t look like this anymore. So he’s starting to get away from wrapping
some tissue around these bones of his. JESSIE: I’m starting to look like this. JEFF: Not yet, but we’re trying to get him
there. So what I want to do is show you – we’re
going to do something different here today. I’m going to actually walk on that side of
the camera. I’m going to take Jessie’s job, and I’m going
to do my job as well. I’m going to actually do a trainer eye-view
of what I see when I’m training Jessie, but more importantly, I’m going to be able to
point some things out as I go through what I want Jessie to do. So for triceps what I’m going to do is go
ahead and grab the camera. Jessie’s going to grab his dumbbells for the
first exercise, which is going to probably shock some of you because the first exercise
that J-bird is going to do over here tricep kickbacks. You’re probably thinking “Holy shit! Why tricep kickbacks? That’s like the epitome of specialization
exercise. But for hard gainers they don’t – go ahead,
Jessie and get down – they don’t really have a good mind-muscle connection. So by doing this exercise here we’re actually
putting the tricep – as you can see – in this maximally short position. With the arm and extension back behind his
body we can get the most shortening of the tricep. So he’s going to feel this the most. It’s going to give him an opportunity to feel
what the mass contraction feels like in a tricep. A lot of people don’t know what it even
feels like. Think about when you started training and
you heard someone say “Contract your tricep.” You didn’t even know what to do. So here I can actually do that, and I can
get that mind-muscle connection before we start going into some of the heavier training. Good job, Jessie. So now we would basically do that. Now one thing I want to point out – go back
in the range of motion right here. Go ahead. So he’s doing a pretty decent job. I see people all the time, they lift it over
here – go ahead and lift up – but they lift to there. This becomes a bicep curl at that point. There’s no benefit of doing a bicep curl when
we’re trying to do a tricep. So the full range of motion on this exercise
actually starts down low. The bigger key is “Where is the position of
the arm in relation to his back?” It’s got to be behind his body where it is. A lot of time people will try a tricep kick
back from there, but in order to get the long head we need to get it up, behind his body,
and then go from there. So really, his range of motion is about from
there, to there. So good. Now Jessie, come on out of that. We do about three sets there, keeping the
rest time pretty short for activation. Then we’ll move onto some of the heavier sets. What we have here is a really jerry-rigged
version of my leaning, rocking tricep push down. The idea here is, I’m going to have Jessie
go through it kind of slow to illustrate the point. On a regular push down – go ahead and start
coming down, Jessie, to the starting position. So from here, this line here from the cable
machine represents the direction of the force, okay? So right now we know that the forearms are
going to be moving here to work the tricep. If the cable can stay perpendicular to the
forearms instead of parallel to it, we can keep the resistance on. But as we go down to the bottom here, you
can see that now the cable is almost parallel to the forearm. So he’s going to lose some of the resistance
and tension he could have on the triceps. For a hard gainer, again, they have to make
sure that they are keeping the tension on the triceps. So what we can do is, we can start close. Go ahead and be in that 90 degree position. We can start here, and now as he goes down
he can rock back like that, and you can see the tensions stays on the triceps, and the
angle is now more perpendicular to his forearms. Go ahead, Jessie. Now do some reps. So from here, rocking back, good. All the way in, all the way in, and rock back. Lean in even more. Even more, even more. Right there. Stay there. Now back. No go a little bit slower so I can show one
more time. Go real slow motion here. So from here, perpendicular, rocking back,
rocking back, lean, pull down, pull down, pull down. There you go. You can see in the back through his triceps
there. So I’ll go heavy here, but now – Jessie,
step down. After he reaches failure what I want to do
is, I understand that volume can be an issue when we go heavy for hard gainers. Go ahead and get down. So while we want to go heavy, we don’t want
to lose out on volume. So I’ll have him immediately drop from that
exercise down to the ground here to do our cobra pushups. Now get down and swoop under, and push up. Okay, that’s an exercise I covered before,
and it’s one that I love because you can get a good contraction of the tricep. What I want him to feel like is that there’s
a fence right here. Go ahead. Sneak down, and under Jessie. There you go. Slide back. There you go. Now slide under. Contract right there. Slide down, down, down. Push back, just to there. Good. Come forward. So I’m trying to keep the tension there. He’s actually doing this one from his knees,
which is fine because, again, it’s a burnout set here. We’re just trying to extend the set beyond
the failure he reached on this exercise to get a little additional volume. Okay, great. Cool. Now pump out. So I’d have him do his sets over here. Maybe four sets, or so. So we’re over here, now we’ve come to the
last exercise. So we’re going to do a bench press variation
where what we want is, we want to be able to have, obviously, a close grip variation
for Jessie to do. Jessie, go ahead and flatten that bench out
first. He basically – it’s the way he does this
exercise that’s going to make all the difference for him. So come on down. Again, elbow position means everything. If his elbows start to drift over here he’s
basically now recruiting his chest. Lift the dumbbell a little bit. He’s recruiting the chest and front delt as
you can see that pop out there. So if we get it in here we can see all that
quiet down. Now we’re going to use his triceps as he presses
up. So go ahead and press up. Boom, like that. And then come down. Elbows stay nice and tight to his side. The key here is, we’re trying to go heavier,
again, on this. We’re demonstrating so he would generally
go a little heavier on this, but the angle of the arm is important. If anything, I don’t want him to come this
way. I want him to go back that way. So Jessie, now bring them back behind your
body. So now up, and back right there at least. He’s breaking the vertical, which is going
to put more stress on the tricep in a good way. Good. Come down. I know you guys are going to say “Jeff, you
suck at the camera! Put Jessie back! You’re too close!” I’m just trying to show you the part that’s
working here. Obviously, everybody knows how to do a tricep
bench-press. All right, Jessie. Go ahead and put that down. Like we did on the last one, the same thing
we’re going to want to do is have a drop option. The drop option – go ahead and sit down,
Jessie – the drop option here is one that we want to basically be able to transition
to quickly without much rest time in between. Here, what we can do is a bench dip. Now, Jessie is notorious for having those
incredibly rounded shoulders, but as you’ll see, much, much better. We’ve been working a lot on this. So the shearing he could get in his shoulders
from this exercise is not there anymore and I want to try to challenge him, but I’m going
to shorten the range of motion. Go ahead. So one first tip – let’s show them the first
tip we do – is the hand positioning. So the hand positioning is, start by just
opening your hands up on the bench. What that does is, that makes it nice and
easy for him to get into that position. Now slide out. He’s going to stand on his feet here because
I’m just trying to rep out. Then he’s going to go and drop down – he
can turn his hands back now to get into the – right. So he’s just doing that to position his shoulders
as he opens his hands just slightly, now he’s going to go down, shorten the range of motion,
and really work on keeping this open. There you go. Nice. So we’re trying to challenge him in this posture
that’s difficult by shortening the range of motion. Still allowing him to do it, but doing it
under a little bit of fatigue, too. You don’t want to completely abandon the
things that challenge you. You want to figure out ways to actually alter
them so they’re still challenging, but you’re doing it in a more favorable position. So he’d rep out there. Now go back and squeeze, right, the triceps. Now, how I like to finish it – Jessie, go
ahead and grab those light dumbbells one more time. After we do those sets you go up and put it
up on an incline. We just go back and we do that tricep kickback
one more time to reestablish – this is the old Jessie, this is the new Jessie. So we reestablish – go ahead – that mind-muscle
connection. Go ahead. Even some upper back gains for Jessie here. Squeeze and hold. Squeeze and hold. Hold, hold, hold, hold. Hold. Hold. Get them up. Now Jessie also has bone chips in his elbows,
for those that are wondering. He can’t straighten his elbows anymore, but
that’s okay. A lot of people that are watching have the
same thing. You’ve just got to extend as much as you can. Fight it, fight it, fight it. Get them in! Get them in! Get them in! That’s the look of intensity right there. All right, go ahead and drop. So we’d end up with that. So let me put this back on the sticks here
and give you guys the wrap up. So as you can see, a work in progress. The take home message here is that there are
some things you want to focus on within the exercises you do to make them better, to get
more out of them, and it’s not always about weight. A lot of times it’s about how you do the exercises. Like I said, even the exercise we use to kick
off the workout would be contradictory to what many people would think you’d start with,
but when it’s a hard gainer issue I can tell you 99 times out of 100 there is no good mind-muscle
connection. Reinforcing that is key to having a productive
workout. So we try to initiate that right away. Beyond that, it’s how we structure the workout,
the exercises that we choose, and putting it all together, adjusting posture and everything
else. In the end the idea is – look at how you
stand still. Like the – like you’re on top of a mountain. That’s good. He’s getting more confidence in his physique,
and he’s getting better on top of it. It’s all one big picture, and it all matters
when you train. So if you’re looking for – if you like the
hard gainer series and you like Jessie, of course – he didn’t even say a word in the
whole thing. JESSIE: Well, what do you want me to say? JEFF: I don’t know. Something. JESSIE: It’s your series. I don’t know. JEFF: All right. So anyway, if you like Jessie leave a comment
and a thumbs up below. If you like the hard gainer series leave your
comments. We’ll continue to do it. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a program
that puts the science back in strength where everything matters; then head to
and get our ATHLEANX training program. In the meantime guys, we’ll be back here again
in just a few days. See ya.

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