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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Arnold Schwarzenegger has never seen in front of you
Whey Protein throughout your career. And today many people put Whey as
required. After all Whey is mandatory or not? Did you know that? Only in some specific cases. Stay with me until the end of the video that you
will understand what these cases are for you do not waste your money for nothing. First of all: what is Whey Protein? Whey Protein is Whey Protein
extracted from dairy products in general. But we have to remember that when you extract
the whey, we have some fat, of carbohydrate in its composition. And Whey is free of a little carbohydrate
and a little fat getting only traces. When it comes to Whey Isolate, everything is removed. And Whey hydrolyzate, which usually also
is isolated, it is a pre-digested whey. Calm down, I’ll get there! What’s the whey’s bid? The whey’s bid is that it has high biological value. We know that the chicken will have almost 80
on the scale of biological value. It is known that milk has a little more. Egg gets to 98 and from 100 up is Whey. But this biological value means that the
protein is very good? Exactly. Only if I consume Chicken or Whey Protein
I will not get results? Not exactly. I’ve already made a video about
that. And I instruct all my students. Leandro, How do I become your student? Just go to I set up your workouts, I calculate your macros
and I do not let you lose money. But back to Whey Protein, the result
Chicken and Whey Protein is the same, Even with this relevance in biological value, Nitrogen retention. Only in one case do you drink protein and
in the other you eat protein. Leandro, but you have the
Growth Suplements, You are sponsored by Growth supplements
and you’re telling me that if I eat chicken will do exactly the same in the result that
I take Whey Protein, Is that right? Exactly, understood perfectly. Of course, Growth is a reputable company that
Let me come here and tell you the truth. You Do not Need Whey Protein to Have
results. Is not that wonderful? You have one person who is sponsored, one
company you want to sell. But that the two together come and talk to you
do not need Whey. You can leave out that it has no loss. But we know of the function of protein in the diet
and both chicken and whey protein will improve your muscle recovery. And with this you will pay more in training,
build fibers more efficiently, rebuild, to be more exact. And having hypertrophy, gaining strength, benefits
of the protein in general. Whey, chicken, egg, milk protein. No matter, this is a benefit of protein. Yes you will see searching the internet
Whey Protein Helps Diminish Infection bacterial growth, helps to improve HDL, it
a powerful antioxidant. No, unfortunately this was the Whey industry
Protein sponsoring studies. This is a tip I give to you. When you come to a survey ask yourself: Who is behind this research? Who is the biggest beneficiary of this research? And who funded this research? If you get the three answers and get
to the conclusion that it was the Whey industry to which it has financed, and is the largest stakeholder,
you will notice that these scientific studies has a tendency. Poxa Leandro I thought the searches were
true, who could not be mocked. Yeah, unfortunately it was wrong. We have studies that are bought. Of course if they are going to try to sell you the
whey Protein will tell you that it increases your muscle mass. This is not true, no protein increases
your muscle mass. But it can contribute to the process of hypertrophy,
with other variables. Oh yes! They did not fool you. Does she regain your Muscle? Yes, but not alone. But it participates in a process of recovery
of muscle mass. Yes. Does bone health improve? Truth. Participating but not as a definitive value. Some will tell you, however, that it generates
satiety and helps you lose weight. Does it generate satiety in relation to what? That’s what you need to ask yourself. If you ask yourself about nothing
of course, satiety. Do not consume anything or consume Whey Protein,
Who is more satisfied? Who Consumes Whey Protein. clear. Now, who is the satiated one who ate
100 grams of chicken or who took 200 ml Whey protein? Surely who ate chicken. So beware! Because affirmations depend on comparisons. Then the person tells you that he is not
talking lies: stay without whey or drink the whey. But that does not have to be too smart.
to know that you will be satiated because you are comparing with nothing. Who arrives faster: the person by car
or the person standing? The person by car. now let’s compare two
cars. Yes, now you can compare. On the improvement in the immune system, This is referring to glutamine, for example. Glutamine found in other sources of
proteins. Leandro, you’re discouraging me from buying
Whey protein. Yes, I’m doing my best, it’s my last
chance. But by no means do I want to put whey like
a bad thing. Is that when you look for Whey around the world
you will notice a trend of that matter. So you will see that the person wants to move
a market. And I’m going the other way. Since they are being dishonest on one side,
I’ll be more incisive on the other. I will put several things to show the
You who do not need whey and yes you need. You can use technology. yes, because Whey
Protein is a pro-life technology and practicality. Now, conditioning a result and a life
incredible with Whey Protein. No, this you will not find here because
is not true. Let’s go to the Whey Protein types now. we
we have Whey Protein concentrate, which is the whey protein. Which is purely marketed. Which has presence of fat and carbohydrate. Who is he to? For everybody. With the exception of people intolerant to lactose,
who will use Whey Isolate. Who has lactose intolerance is not for
you. Since it gives gas, bloating, diarrhea.
Whey Protein is used for this type of person Isolated. This person can not consume the concentrate. You who can consume the concentrate because
not have lactose intolerance, you always have will consume the concentrate. Leandro, but the isolate gives more result? Do not. So why is it more expensive? Because it demands a technological process
that you need to get the carbohydrate and fat. But if I want to lose weight with this Whey
Protein concentrate that has carbohydrate and Fat, will not you bother me? No, because traces are 1 or 2 grams of
carbohydrate. That one spoonful of rice dessert goes
have more. Are you going to have a gram of fat? This is nothing, if you take a little bit
of the chicken fat is gone 1 gram. So this is totally irrelevant. So you always buy the concentrate. Already the lactose intolerant buy Whey
Isolated and do not expect any results. It means that I, who are intolerant of
lactose, am I harmed? Since I will have to pay more to have more
benefits, like the others? Yes unfortunately this is it. Is whey hydrolyzed in turn? Hydrolyzed Whey is a pre-digested whey. So we have an aminogram chain, And they’re all connected, when you
consumes, the body can not absorb everything This is too big to switch to current.
blood. What he does? It starts to cut. Then we have glycine, lanin, glutamine
etc. Everyone is going to cut it all and absorb these
small parcels. But, this is a process that demands
cost to our body. A healthy individual gives it all
good. Already a person who had bariatric surgery
you can not do this. Since a piece of bowel was cut off
her. It does not have as much efficiency in the digestive process. And for this person the hydrolyzate is very
good. So is Whey necessary? As I said at the beginning of the video, no. However in some cases or hydrolysis is mandatory
if Supplementation with Whey Protein is included. Leandro, and the female whey? I went searching the internet and it appeared. This is not a way to make fun of
your face. It’s the last stage of tartar
of your face. Because? Why the female whey is the same as me
arrive at the butcher’s shop and say, “I want a picanha femenina. The guy will look and say: stab in the neck
from the face! So, what changes in the feminine? They put a little collagen, a little
of a vitamin and there it is sold to women. No, it does not exist. It’s the same as you say: Rice for women. Is there a female picanha? Does not exist. There is by chance the oil produced for people
female? Does not exist. So Whey Protein for Female
does not exist. It is more a market intervention in favor of
of its own profit. Leandro, how do I take Whey Protein? Is it mandatory for me not in post-workout? Remember what I said about Arnold Schwarzenegger.
that he did not use Whey Protein in the post-workout? You have Ronnie Coleman, he eats after
training, or ate post-workout while competing. Jay Cutler is another guy who ate in the post-workout
and did not take Whey Protein. I’m using this as an example of what you want
say it’s not because the person is big do not take Whey. But it’s to show you that a top athlete
I did not use Whey Protein. That is, if it were something determinant for your
performance he would be using. But we already had other bodybuilders who
took Whey Protein in the post-workout. Such as Dorian Yates. Dorian Yates trained so hard that he did not
I could eat after training. So he drank protein instead of eating. And that’s where I wanted to go. If you can eat instead of taking protein
you do not need to supplement with Whey Protein or with any other supplement. Even if you can. So what is the ideal dose of Whey? How much protein is missing in your diet. What is the best time? The time that you do not have the capacity
to eat. Can it be taken during the day? Can it be used after the workout I did? A heavy workout of the lower limbs, I used
a thermogenic before and lost my appetite? Can Use, but there is no obligation. Are you enjoying my sincerity so far? If so, know that you can have more. Just sign up for the channel. And of course leave your like to one of the videos
more honest about the Whey Protein you will find on YouTube. Although we are approaching 2020
there are many people who think that supplements are bad for your health. Whey Protein is not an anabolic steroid,
even though he participates in the anabolism process. Just like rice, beans and meat is anabolic. Because it produces the anabolic state in the body. So the Whey Protein is already the same way
because it is a food. There are people who can not consume Whey
Protein? Yes. So if you take Whey Protein Concentrate
the lactose intolerant can not consume. If you take a person with extreme
weight and an extreme appetite, it can consume, but for him it is a worse option. Because? Because if he ate chicken that would lower
the level of his appetite for satiety, for having eaten. Then in this particular individual gives a
The worst result is the fact of consuming Whey Protein, In general, why does sustainability
of the diet. Leandro, and who has kidney or liver problems? In this particular case, the restriction
It’s with Whey and yes with protein. Because whey is a source of protein, it
you can consume, but at the quota your doctor to allow. However, if it is a very low
for becoming uninteresting. Since you can eat a piece of chicken, for
example. Who can benefit greatly from Whey
Protein? Who has difficulty to beat their quota
proteins with feed. For example, an ectomorphic individual, who
has a difficulty in gaining weight and is thin, and he has to consume too much calorie. Is the protein has a slower digestion. In this particular case he can switch
Whey for him to put protein so that do not go to whet his appetite. For him to eat the rest and have a comfort
bigger. So this guy is very gracious
for the benefits of Whey Protein. Leandro, What brand of Whey Protein do you
indicates I will not give you any. look that
good. I will not tell you anything, do not buy if you do not
do not ask me anything. Buy from whomever you want, do your research. See the whey that is approved in the awards and
see the price of it. Compare with others who are approved in awards,
and the equivalent price. Where you will find better condition,
you buy. Now I want to ask a question. And I want you to write here in the comments: You know all that I said as
Whey Protein or whey protein? You can talk: no Leandro protein
whey I’ve never heard of; or not, What I never saw was Whey Protein. So write here, Leandro I knew the
Whey Protein or I knew by protein of whey. Let’s see how is the popular nomenclature
of this Substance. I believe it’s Whey Protein, but I’m waiting for a confirmation. Look how cool, how good it is to own the
channel itself. I myself titled this video How more honest
that exists on Whey Protein. Since I am on my own channel, I speak
whatever I want. You may disagree, but at that point I
I am the spokesman. But it’s just a joke. It’s just because the video is really honest
so if you have any friends. If you have someone who is afraid to take
Whey protein. Or that Whey is too much, share this
video, send him to this friend. If you liked and added knowledge
somehow leave your like. It costs nothing. And you do not know how much the people who
here you are happy and motivated to do new candid videos like this. If you have positive feedback, this
people to continue on this path So give it a go and share it with your
friends. If you want more, sign up for this channel and stay
with the next video. It is worth remembering the question of thermogenic
complicated because a thermogenic which is very strong indeed it will produce
a greater fat burning. But in certain people can happen
rebound effects, side effects. Then the person becomes very anxious, has tachycardia,
some undesirable effects …

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