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Namaste (Hello) to all our viewers. Today, we are back again with another workout
video it is about Full Back Workout. In our last video, we got many requests in
the comments section to make a video about the back workout. Mrs. Sargam is with us. She will demonstrate. I’ll demonstrate as well. So let’s begin our Back Workout Video. So, the very first exercise we are including
in the back workout is ‘Chin-up’. Before starting the ‘Chin-up’ it is very important
to know what should be the distance between your hands. That has to be 28 inches. Here we have measured 28 inches. The machine we are using here is called assisted
chin up. Why is it assisted? Because this machine provides support from
the knee and helps in lifting your body up. As we know, this is a back workout and I have seen many people doing chin-ups and
noticed that they don’t perform a full range of motion. When you go up you need to use your upper
back and squeeze it here, hold it for a second, and release it slowly. Pull it back again and squeeze it here again. What I mean by the entire range of motion
is that You have to lift your body completely till
the time your upper back gets squeezed. Stay there for a second, release it slowly. And then, pull it back again. When you do chin-ups, always keep in mind that you should bend your upper body a little so that you can squeeze your upper back muscles
effectively. And Try to do 10-12-15 repetitions. With the help of your partner. With the help of this machine or if you are at an advanced level, you can
do it by yourself. Whenever you are going up, that is, against
the gravity, Always breathe out. I will demonstrate now I have been doing it for a while, That’s why there is no need for assistance. Let me show you how to do it. This is 28 inches. You need to bend your knees a little. And just pull up To the maximum and just hold it there Squeeze your upper back And Release it slowly and pull it back again. 2 and pull it back again. 3. And just squeeze your upper back. And breathe out. Up. Hold it there. Squeeze your upper back and release it slowly. So after the warm-up exercise, our next exercise
will be ‘Wide Grip Lat pulldown’ The hands spacing will be 28 inches Same as in Chin-up. It is very important to make sure that the
area supporting the leg should be well padded. Adjust it according to your height. And since you are going to pull energy
against the gravity, foot placement is very important. So that has to be Feet have to be slightly forward. That’s it This will provide help to your upper back
to remain at a perfect angle. And After that Grab the bar firmly And Before starting, Since we are using our upper back It is important that you bend the upper back
not to bend with back a little not too much And Lift your chest a bit Like this And just pull it back to the maximum. Do not release until the bar almost touches
your chest, Because What are you going to do here Upperback So It is very important to squeeze the upper
back before the release. Just Release it slowly, And pull it back again. Release it slowly, and pull it back again. the weight is against gravity, Means Breath Out So that means Whenever you pull, you’ll breathe out Then, breath in slowly while releasing And pull it down. This exercise has to be done in a very controlled
and precise way. You need to squeeze your upper back and release it slowly, This is your working muscle here. Squeeze it And Release it slowly, That’s it And I have actually noticed a mistake when
most of the people perform lat pulldown. Don’t ever do it. I’ll show you what not to do. Whenever they pull the bar down, they bend
the back way too much. and release like this. This is not the right way to perform So, that’s how you need to squeeze your upper
back and in a very controlled way. And you need to release it, and that too, while doing a full range of
motion. Breath out Breath out The next exercise we are introducing in this
back-workout is called ‘Barbell bent over row’ So, Lift the bar up. So First, we need to measure the grip distance
between both hands. For all the levels, whether you are beginner,
intermediate or at an advanced level you need to first check the grip distance. Take a closer look. That should be 21 inches. So, this is the first thing you need to check. How wide is your grip? Second Soften your knees So that To prevent your lower back so that your lower back does not get excessive pressure And Lift your chest a bit. Retract your shoulders. Do not bend below 45 degrees of angle Because bending below 45 degrees brings you
lower back muscles into the action and that may cause injury. Give it a start. up 1. huh 2 Slow and steady. Perform it in a contolled manner And as this is the back workout,
you need to involve your upper back while you lift. Just Squeeze it up Hold it here and release it slowly. Just pull it back again. Squeeze your upper back. release it slowly. Whenever you are pulling the bar up, you should breath
out. So, breath out. Breath in. Breath out. Breath in. While doing bent over row I have noticed many beginners in the gym they do make a hump Do not make a hump. Just do it. Just lift your chest. Squeeze your upper back. Release it slowly. Pull it back. Breath out The angle should be 45 degrees Involve your upper back. It is very important to keep your lower back safe from getting injured. The next exercise we are including in our back workout is called ‘Mid row’ Our back is a very large muscle. So, it is necessary to train it up from many angles. The handle I have chosen here is V-handle. The second important thing to consider is
your feet placement. Because you will get all the support from here You need to keep your knees soft while doing
any back exercise. So that it doesn’t cause strain in your lower back. Before starting this exercise, retract your upper back and maintain the position. and just stay here Pull the handle back. whenever you are pulling the handle, pull it towards your abs Do not release until it almost touches your
abs. And, when it is closest to your abs, you need to squeeze your mid back. and release it slowly. in a very controlled way. Pull it back again. Squeeze your mid back. Squeeze it. Release it slowly. and Breath out. Here, mid-row demonstrates that you have to
bring your mid back into action. You need to pull with the help of elbows. in order to involve the mid back. Just pulls it. and hold it here. Release it slowly. Pull it back again. and breath out. Breath out while pulling the weight against
gravity A lot of people perform this exercise in a
wrong manner like this It doesn’t do anything other than causing
an injury in the lower back. I’ll show you the right way. Lift your chest. Hold it here. Just pull it towards your abs and
Just squeeze. Huh The next exercise we are including in our back workout is called ‘one arm dumbbell row’ in which we will use this bench for the support. Here you go Just take support and place your foot slightly back. and just soften your knee so that your lower back doesn’t get strain. Bend. Yes. Take the support of this arm for the balance. Lift the dumbbell Hmm Just lift it yes So, you should perform a full range of motion. Do not use such a heavy dumbbell that restricts the full range of motion. you should extend the range of motion until here to the maximum While lifting the weight, You will breathe out. Do not bend or twist your back while
lifting the dumbbell You need to keep it straight. Just release. You need to hold it here for a second. just Breath out. Release it slowly, and breath out. Very good Excellent. Yes. Use your elbow while lifting the dumbbell Yes Stay here for a second and release it. You have to perform the exercise using both
arms individually If there are 3 sets and you are doing 12 reps. You have to perform 36 with right hand and 36 with your left hand The next exercise we are including in our
back workout is called ‘Both arm dumbbells rear lateral’. I know this is a shoulder workout. But that’s how I have learned. Since it is a very small muscle, you can perform
it on shoulder day as well as back day. This is the rear delt muscle
and the following exercise develops this muscle. Lift the dumbbell. You can grab the dumbbell either this way
or that way. The choice is yours. I prefer it this way. Bend your knees a bit Bend your upper body at an angle of 45 degrees. That’s it Put the weight of dumbbells on this muscle
by hanging them straight down, So that the rear delt muscle can become active
before starting the action. Yes. Breath out. When you lift, you must breathe out. This is the working muscle. Do not lift your arms much higher. This much is appropriate because the only
muscle you need to involve is the rear delt Keep your elbows slightly bent. So that your joints don’t get strain. Hmm Breath out. So, this is the working muscle. I can already feel it here. Hmm Breath out. And, let me show you how most of the people perform it wrong in the gyms. This can cause injury and actual working muscle
is not getting into action at all. In Fact, many of the joints get involved I’ll show you the correct way of doing it. Control. Breath out. This exercise is an alternative to
‘Both arm dumbbells rear lateral’. For all the beginners, it is better to use
this machine instead of a dumbbell Because here, you don’t have to control the
weight as the machine will assist you. So please, use this machine to let the rear
delt muscle work. Before starting, make sure that your chest
is in contact with the bench. Keep your elbows soft. Take the handles as away as you can. Work on your rear delt. Just release it slowly. and then take it back again. Hold it here. Breath out. Huh Sir, move behind. Huh Very good. This is the rear delt. This … This… Breath Out Thank You. So, this is the end of our back workout video. Thank you so much for watching. these videos are being made for you these are informational videos and it’s my responsibility to share my knowledge about fitness with you all. Let us know in the comment section and suggest
the topic for our upcoming videos. So that we can bring the best content for
you. For that, do subscribe to my YouTube channel, press the bell icon, So that you can get notifications about our
upcoming videos. Thanks to Sargam for supporting us. You can follow Sargam on Instagram through
her handle ‘sargam.gera’ You can get workout tips from her. Thank you so much. I’ll see you soon with a new video See You. Bye Thank you

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