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100 thoughts on “(TURN VOLUME DOWN) Controversy Surrounding Stefi Cohen’s 525lb Deadlift – Why I Believe it Counts

  1. She’s still pretty but how does intense exercise effect boobs I don’t know why I clicked the video if I’m not gonna stay on topic

  2. Counts for what? It counts as much as any other gym lift. It's obviously not eligible for an official record, so what are we counting?

  3. Haters gone hate. She defied odds so of course people need to figure out how to discredit her. I didn’t even know there was such thing as a dL bar. Sumo should count, for me, pulling sumo is way harder than conventional.

  4. If its not verify then Could be fake.. not hating but lifting like that surely you would want it verify.

  5. It’s a cool accomplishment but I prefer to respect and give props to the female athletes that aren’t using Performance enhancing drugs. I feel like stuff like this sets a bad example for young girls who want to lift. At the end of the day training is all about health. Using steroids is not healthy.

  6. Jealousy doesn’t look good on people!
    She killed it! Her body is insane!
    So inspiring! Wish I could get this big

  7. Maybe its me but i find sumo harder. And why does any of this matter. She loaded the weight, (someone did) she lifted the weight, and then she droped it. That all that matters.

  8. Real tired of the Natty police, I've never taken PED's nor will I, but I don't care if other people do, so long as they don't claim natty.

  9. Sounds like a bunch of crybabies. Bar is inconsequential. Straps are fucking inconsequential. Sumo VS Conventional is inconsequential. Jesus, people. And steroids are rife in every damn gym in the U.S. None of these complaints means a damn thing.

  10. And """no sumo!!!111""" pussies need to aim their ire at benchers who use wide grip, who pinch their shoulders back, who arch their torsos, and have a giant-fucking pussel gut to limit needed bar travel. Futhermore, they need to also cry buckets about squatters who squat low-bar, who widen their stance, and who use knee-wraps. Bunch of fags, complaining about this.

  11. If sumos count why don't the top male competitors do that? The weight has to move less so you'd think it would be more advantageous.

  12. Like all sports I watch the womens they are always way more gifted because they are graceful 🙂

  13. "If she dont compete under the ipf she doesnt jave 2 use a straight bar take that in consideration" so if thats tje case does she use STEROIDS yes or no

  14. Big whoop, She takes steroids, and genetically has premium leverages for deadlifting. I have short arms, if I take roids I could bench 500lbs eventually, does that make it impressive?

  15. It defeats the purpose of the "competition". Anyone has the right to do or practice any sport, but to compete against other athletes who clearly follow rules, is very unfair. If you obviously want to show how much you lift, then make a video of it and show it to the world… plain and simple. And that is just my opinion. 😉

  16. The problem with Stefi is that kids are watching you and the ones that look up to you. And since definitely on drugs then she should be open about it so kids don’t hurt themselves.

  17. most people who says sumo deadlift is cheating or doesn't count is because they don't understand or knows how to do sumo correctly. one could also say conventional deadlift is cheating because you can be more or less in front or behind the bar and still grind the bar up in a ugly way, you have more back to help with the lift, they say sumo deadlift has a shorter range of motion so it's shit but most conventional lifters the round their upper back, extend their arms just to shorten the range of motion and it's very contradicting how they bash on sumo with less range of motion but then does everything they can to shorten the range of motion on conventional and they're okay with it, like wth? lols it's so stupid

  18. Natural my ass. No woman on earth is naturally capable of putting on that kind of mass without testosterone. It's not possible. She's on Peds, point blank! And no, I'm not a hater. I am far stronger than Stefi on my worst day. I want her to take a blood/hair test and prove to us that she is natural.

  19. first of your videos i have seen. LOVE it. I like your positive attitude and your bashing of internet trolls. Your remark about steroids is right on point. If they are not claiming natty, and are not cheating in a natural event, then it DOES NOT MATTER IF THEY ARE ON JUICE. Also great shoutout on the acceptance of all people in the world of weightlifting!! SUBSCRIBING NOW, SIR!!

  20. Stefi is one bad mfr. Period. Strong af, who cares why, how she got there, how she stays there, strength is strength. I don’t care how much she weighs or anything. She wants it. Sack up, dedicate 12 weeks, peak, get on the platform and see what you can do. Enjoy the sport, support each other. I give props to people in my gym who slay weights and pr, I’m not going to come on here and bash people for doing well. Demonstrations of strength should be celebrated, especially in our ever advancing pussified world. And PED’s? Personal choice. Cost/benefit. Willing to accept risk is part of every exceptional decision made in history. Maybe she uses. Maybe she is willing to risk and sacrifice some parts of life to gain benefits in others. She is also willing to deadlift with more frequency, volume, and intensity than once a week with 225 at planet fitness, and assume the risk of injury and fatigue. Ben Pakulski put it best about drugs you couldn’t do what I do (with or without them).

  21. It is a lot of weight, she can get really close to the ground given her height and stance, so it does give her a mechanical advantage over taller individuals. She only has to lift it less than 12 inches it seems…

  22. As a smart human & a powerlifter, I'm impressed! she's stronger than me & most humans regardless of straps/drugs ESPECIALLY AT 125LBS. I want 2 take a pic with her & dead lift w her. She looks mostly feminine not a bad looking girl. Strongest girl alive

  23. People hate because they are nowhere close to the athlete she is. She can squat, deadlift and bench more than most men and she's only 120 lbs. She is amazing!

  24. Straps really don't help as much as people think Dr. Deadlift even said he can pull more with hook grip then with straps

  25. I'd like to see it done at a USAPL sanctioned meet, maybe that would get rid of all the doubt.
    But that being said She is strong as fuck

  26. I think at some point we are going to have to be honest with ourselves what 'impressive means', why we are impressed by certain human achievements moreso than others. What is it? The effort? The dedication, persistence? Genetics? Luck? That's one of the problems with non-natural athletes. I'd like to see what she can lift without drugs. Let's see what she can lift without drugs, without sumo, without straps, with a stiff bar, and….. 1 ft taller lol. Seriously, 5ft tall and doing sumo. Don't we at some point ask what exactly is so impressive about a 4 inch ROM? Aren't we imagining ourselves in nature, using this strength to survive, to be the fittest? Here she is, lifting something 2 inches off the ground when a bigger person can hoist it up and put it on something else. Some people say, well that's just convenient that short people have less ROM, good for them. But doesn't it make you think, it's actually not that impressive? They aren't moving it as far but we still judge them the same because it technically was x to y. If we judged by 'work' it would be different. Being tall wouldn't be a disadvantage in weightlifting, which it's crazy that it is, isn't it!?

  27. I am bothered by the fact many idiots and morons still sucking on her giant roided clit defending her "just maybe not natty" status.
    She has come to the point where aestetichally and hormonally she can't be classified as a woman anymore; sure she does have a couple of XX chromosomes, but also transexual men who get into female fighting divisions after gender reassignement surgical operations and beat the crap outta them sticking to 1st ranks are classified as "women".
    It's not them who are doing most of the works, it's the steroids, (the natural ones their bodies produce in their case, the ones Stephanie injects in hers) and without them Stephanie Cohen would pull probably 315 max or so.
    Truth plain, simple and raw,
    Please, refrain from stupid comments about her lifting 4x bodyweight; by this idiotic logic, she is supposed to be stronger even than Eddie Hall; RELATIVE strenght =/= ABSOLUTE strenght.

    Also, let' assume she doesn't do roids (whatever); so, wouldn't this mean she could lift AT LEAST 700 lbs if she started to?

  28. She’s on something look at her nose all she needs is thick eyebrows and glasses 😂 who gives a shit what she lifts I seen guys that would warm up with 545 in the gym seen a guy do 585 for 10 reps clean

  29. It’s disgusting to see such insecurity that people have to hate on her achievements. She’s definitely out working 99% of the human population and is in the top 1% of badass athletes who live and breathe for these things. Her hard work, persistence and self belief paid off and it shows. I’m proud of her and see her as another inspiration that hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard. There are no limits.

    Stefi Cohen earns the most badass female on earth award in my book.

  30. Doesnt matter if its a "gymlift" or "competition lift" "sumo" or "conventional" a 5 ft tall 123lbs person lifted over 500lbs off the floor… size wise shes stronger then most powerlifters male and females… She's a FUCKING BEAST

  31. Stefi Cohen is legendary, has never cheated in any form, an I will take this too the grave an testify to Jesus Christ. I truly, solemnly believe in my mind,heart Stefi has never cheated in any form to my knowledge. Her bar is standard, she is natural, straps do not matter…and if she wanted an edge why didn't she wears a suit to assist her lifts, Louie Simmons wants her to wear one an I'm sure Stefi knew about this as smart as she is in attentuating her lifts an has not used one so far, if she really wanted an edge. My point she is natural in every form, an just strong as he#!, being short may help her lifts, but who can help that, like skin color or what you are born with, your gender male or female. Oh yeah, she is natural, and I'm done here. Next ATHLETE please.

  32. The steroid point is ridiculous. The record holders I think we tell tell u "yes I dope". Example. Eddie Hall. What these people do is incredibly with or without drugs. I'm a 220 buff dude and I wont even attempt that deadlift. Lol

  33. its good weight for her size i am little over 67kg i am 66kg class doing comp in june i got pb today 160kg sumo deadlift did 145 kg last december impoved bit small men or woman can lift heavy .

  34. You're a dumb piece of shit. In a race let's give one car a 300 hp engine. Another a 300 hp engine and then add a turbo and call it even. It's not as impressive period

  35. sumo or no sumo , drugs or no drugs , belt or no belt there's no way i can pick up that 525 lb deadlift .there done .

  36. i dont mind the bar or the weight its clear by the changes in her apearence that she is clearly on gear does that matter … nope

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