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What’s up Guys, Ulisses is here I am here
today to share with you something very special my team the guys at BioTechUSA
have come up with a new ingredient called native whey. What is native whey? Native whey is a new ingredient and why is native whey special? Two reasons guys
the source and the process. Let me tell you about the source. Native way comes
directly from fresh milk. Which is from grass-fed cows compared to
original whey production the milk is filtered in a lower temperature and
after that it is powdered in a special drying chamber. It preserves the protein
in fuller format, free from any artificial hormones free from antibiotics, free from
cheese residuals, and also GMO free. You know we’re always looking for quality
products right? Even in the food we eat we want it to be quality so now in your
supplements you have it. Native whey. Okay?! Make sure you look for it and your
favorite product. Okay guys, Iso Whey Zero and Zero Bars. Check for the label
alright?! Peace!

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