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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, this is a stomach workout that I’ve been doing for the last couple years. I’m going to go over each exercise individually but basically it starts off on the floor with a couple big range of movements like leg lifts all the way up and all the way down, and full sit ups all the way up and all the way down Followed by some crunches on each side and in the middle and some leg lifts followed by a static position or a hollow hold then I’ll do some stick twists on floor followed by some stuff on the parallel bars. I usually do this circuit about 3-4 times a week and sometimes I might add some stuff on bars or other exercises and I’ll show you at the end of this video. The first 2 exercises are on the floor and I put my hands or feet under the panel mat or cheese mat and I’ll do leg lifts or full sit ups. For leg lifts I keep my legs slightly bent to keep the pressure off of my hip flexors This next series of exercises takes a little while and is a lot of crunches It starts off first with a set of leg lifts with a small range of motion (100 of those) Followed by 100 crunches on 1 side, and then 100 small leg lifts again and then 100 crunches on the other side, and then 100 small leg lifts again, and 100 crunches in the middle. And then I’m going to roll over to my side and do 100 side leg lifts on each side. Followed by a 1 minute hollow hold. So far we’ve done some big range of movement for lower stomach and some big range of movement for upper stomach and also some smaller range of movement for upper and lower stomach and obliques and serratus. Now we are going to do some twisting movements with a stick. I’m going to start off a little bit high and then get lower and lower and try and do 50 reps on each side. The next exercise is something that I came up with when I was trying to do something similar like the stick twists for your upper abs, but for the lower abs. On the parallel bars, I am going to hold myself up and bring my legs up just a little bit (hollow) and then do 50 twists on each side. And I really feel it on those little muscles between the ribs. So that routine so far is what I usually do about 3-4 times a week and now I’m going to show you some other exercises you can do instead or as additional ones. So 1 exercise that I sometimes do is V-ups and I might do about 3 sets of 20 I’m going to start off with my legs out straight and my arms over my head and I’m going to sit up and come almost all the way down A variation of this is you can do a tuck-straddle-pike up Another thing is called penguins You are going to start sitting up a little and you are going to twist side to side and I usually try and do about 50 on each side. You can also do cherry pickers where your feet are up off the ground and have your hands here and go side to side. And once again I’ll try and do about 50 on each side. Earlier we did some hollow holds for a minute but you can also do a side hold on each side and an arch hold followed by another hollow hold. And if I do this, I usually start off with holding a hollow hold for a minute then do side for a minute, arch for a minute, the other side for a minute and then another hollow for a minute. There is a windshield wiper that I sometimes do on the floor where you lay down like this and bring your legs side to side. I usually do about 30 on each side. There is an exercise called seat scoots and usually you are going to go about the length of the floor You are going to keep your feet off the floor and pull yourself down the floor without your feet touching. The next series of exercises is done on the bar and I’m going to start off with a straight arm straight body lever pull staying hollow and going all the way up and all the way down. The 2nd exercise I’m going to start in a hanging L and bring my legs up and then down and stop here which is good for doing kip to an L on rings. The next exercise is doing a full leg lift all the way up and all the way down. And then I’m going to follow that with some windshield wipers and I usually do about 10 on each side. And a variation is keeping your body straight like a lever and going all the way around this way and then this way. So a number of years ago I put together this ab manual called Ultimate Abs Through Gymnastics Conditioning that I sold a few copies through the back of fitness magazines. I also made it into a video format by scanning the pages and putting them together on my ringsking YouTube channel.

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