Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi friends I have to go down to the basement and
work out right my wife and daughter cozy in the next room and I want to hang out
with them I want to spend the evening with them but I’m instead I’m gonna go
down to the basement and put myself through something that most people
wouldn’t dream of putting themselves through on their worst day and so this
is a commitment that I’ve made to myself that if I want to maintain excellence I
have to strive for it all the time with a an objective and a goal as you
know the rent is due every day you have to train all the time I can’t say that
my chest is big enough for my back is big enough for my abs are good enough
and not go down there otherwise I won’t have any of this if you have that
attitude that it’s already good enough you can’t even maintain you can’t even
maintain something that you’ve built right even if it’s a business or a
relationship you can’t say oh we’ve had a great stretch of a relationship I’m
just gonna not pay attention to my relationship for the next six months and
see where it goes see where that gets you how about your job and if you want
to be parents of the year you have to put the time in if you want to be
employee of the month you’re gonna have to put the time in and so working hard
these days is just a platitude everyone works hard and these steroid guys will
say well you have to work hard anyway we’re all working hard I I want to serve
as a testament to let you know what you can do naturally and hopefully you’ll be
able to even go way beyond what I’ve achieved

18 thoughts on “Ultimate bodybuilding and fitness motivation. Pump up, flexing Vicsnatural

  1. Discipline, Hard Work,
    +++++PLUS++++ ALPHA Genetics. I know you were skinny as a kid, that's what they all say, but it doesn't matter if and when one decides to trigger that dormant genetic code. Many have it, but most don't.

  2. It would be cooler to see you film yourself doing a set of an exercise in the gym. More motivating than just watching you flex. Just flexing brings out the muscle worshippers, aka muscle pervs.

  3. Iv'e gotten to the point where i'm literally addicted to working out and for me it's not even entirely about making more gains, it's just about having a nice healthy workout that makes me feel good during and after. I see this as a good addiction and it's generally the highlight of my day.

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