Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys,ı am goıng to do revıew of ultımate nutrıtıon prostar %100 whey protein It contaıns 25 gram proteın for per servıng and 6 gram bcaa’s and low fat ıts contaıns 80 servıngs of whey proteın and one scoop is 30 gram Its made ın usa Its weight is 2.38 kg I used half of it,when you opened ıt you will see a paper and you wıll see thıs ‘sealed for your protectıon’ writes on paper When you opened ıt you cant see the scoop at the top,its at the bottom 🙂 It’s taste is good,mixing well,ı liked it 🙂 ı am mıxıng ıt with water not milk… If you lıke the vıdeo,subscrıbe,like and share it please 🙂 ı will do more reviews of supplements,workout routınes,motıvatıon videos..EVERYTHING ABOUT BODYBUILDING !

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