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Hey everyone what’s up this is Alkesh again and I’m
back with a new video and this video is going to be a supplement
review and the supplement that i’ll be reviewing today is ultimate nutrition prostar 100% Whey Protein so let’s go ahead with the video the resaon i’ll be reviewing this particular product is that it stands
very well balanced between the quality of the product and its price for the given quality of this product, the product of this particular brand is the lowest and it’s actually a very good value for
money, starting with the USP of this product the main USP of this one is its
quality one scoop that is 30 gram of this product will give you about 25 grams of protein which will have over 6 gram of BCAA and overall the amino acid profile
of this product is quite good as well, so for the given
price point the product of this quality really great.
When I say this particular product is value for money the price of this
one has to be taken into consideration the retail MRP. of a five pound
jar is around 6749 Indian National Rupees but if you search well you can get this for around five thousand rupees or let’s say you can easily get it for
around 5200 bucks and and I must say that this
product is one of the most widely available products in India atleast and there should be
no issues finding this particular product so that equates to 1,000/pound
of this product and given the quality of this board
that price is well worth and if you’re going for a premium
imported brand of supplement and cost is a factor that is affecting
you then this is definitely this is the product you should be going for. Whenever i review any protein supplements most you asked me to review
it’s mixability as well as the taste so the mix ability of this particular product is very good and it mixes almost
instantaneously with milk as well as water. Now talking about but
the taste, this is something that can vary from person to person personally I don’t like something which is sweet and I don’t like my supplement tasting a little sweet whereas some the person who might have
a sweet tooth might want their supplement to taste sweet so this particular supplement is on the sweeter side, strawberry as well as the
chocolate flavour they both are on the sweeter side and
I don’t like sweet that much but given the price and quality of the product that won’t bother me much but for
someone who doesn’t like sweet flavouring supplement, you might want to try this first before buying this and or someone want their supplement to be tastier or sweet the and this is the supplement for you so that’s it for this video guys if you ike this video please hit the like button if you found it to be informative and useful
then please do make it a point to share it for any fitness related queries or
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10 thoughts on “Ultimate Nutrition Prostar 100% Whey Protein Review

  1. Hi bro.. i will be buying whey protein.. iam bit confused between On gold standard whey protein and Ultimate Nutrition prostar whey protein.. Plz tel me which wil be better for results?

  2. which flavour is least sweetest bcuz i also dont like sweet flavours so i'm confused in banana and raspberry which one should i take is raspberry is good?

  3. anyone here have used raspberry flavour…powders white in colour…does it stay white after adding water or milk or stay white…pls let know…

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