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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Strength and physique athletes, in particular,
bodybuilders, tend to think that it’s impossible to build serious mass while eating vegan.
Well today my massive guest shares his epic whole-food vegan protein mass-building smoothie
recipe and what he eats to bulk up even with a raging metabolism. Hi it’s Emily from Bite Size Vegan and welcome
to another vegan nugget. Today is the second video with the incredibly built natural vegan
bodybuilder and aptly names Derek Tresize who with his stunning wife Marcella Torres
run and own Virginia’s only plant-based personal training studio,
Root Force Personal Training, the name of which I so enjoy. If you missed my first interview with Derek
be sure to check it out to hear how this former meat head who’d make fun of vegans became
a literal force within the vegan fitness community. Today, Derek’s going to share what he eats
to maintain his physique, including his rather unique epic vegan protein mass-building smoothie. So Derek, I want to thank you so much
for taking time out of your really busy schedule to be on the channel and help share your experience. Happy to be here. Thank you for having
me. Going into what it is you
eat because there’s…there’s kind of this obsession amongst vegans and non-vegans
about what vegans eat. Especially one who’s able to achieve the physique that you have.
So, can you talk a little bit about what a typical day for you looks like? A typical day of eating, I mean, it does vary day to day. I’m not one of those
who are on a set meal plan everyday. Although I’ll do that before a competition but I
do have a few meals that are exactly the same. Breakfast is always a lot of oatmeal. Usually
a cup and a half or two cups of oatmeal; that’s dry measurements with fruit like apple chunks
or something like that. And if I did work out that morning because I work out in the
mornings, I’ll have a protein shake with it. So, that’ll be like some sort of plant based protein with
bananas or something like that. So, that’s breakfast. My morning snack varies. It’s
usually either a smoothie or something like that, or sometimes I’ll just have a whole
heap of fruit. I love fruit. I eat tons of fruit but I’m not sure if you’re familiar
with, I’ve kind of coined the term, ‘bean shake’. I think I’m the first guy ever
to put beans in a smoothie. Basically it was in 2010. I was trying to
bulk up for the first time ever. I had always been athletic and everything, but never been
like ‘I want to gain the weight’. I never really had that idea in my head. And I was
looking at, you know, there’s supplements that are called weight gainers where you have these
shakes that are just packed with calories. But I didn’t want to take a supplement and
there was nothing like that that was offered for vegans anyway. So, I’m like ‘okay,
what can I do to make it easy to get more calories?’. I already eating a ton. I have
a fast metabolism and I figured out an easy way to get more protein, and just get more
calories into a smoothie was to add beans to it. Beans pack a lot of ‘oomph’. They
have a lot of protein. They have a lot of carbs. They’re pretty calorie dense. And
I found out if you use white beans like cannellini beans or great northern beans they don’t
affect the flavor at all. They have a mild taste so you can throw them in there and they
just make it thicker. They don’t really do anything with taste. So, I took smoothies
where I would normally have bananas, peanut butter, and soymilk, and berries, and spinach.
Things like that. Just random things that I threw in there. And I started putting in a cup
of white beans as well and all of a sudden I was adding a couple hundred calories to
the smoothie, and you know, 20 grams of protein in it. It was starting to look…it had the
same statistics as some of these weight gain shakes but it was all whole foods. It was
all super nutritious. Tons of antioxidants. Tons of fiber. All of this stuff, and I was
able to gain weight really quickly when I added those in because I could get a smoothie,
a 1 liter smoothie that was a thousand calories. So you know, if you add a 1,000 calories a day, you’re
gonna gain weight [laughs] for most of us. And I was training really hard, and I think
I gained 10 pounds within the first month. My weight just shot up and I wasn’t getting
fat either. I was putting on muscle so it worked really well for me. And since then
I refined it…kind of made a blueprint for, if you’re looking for a meal replacement
shake, and you want to use whole foods, here’s the things you should look at. Here’s your
protein sources. Here’s your fruits and vegetables. Your carbohydrate sources, fat
sources. I posted a great article on that in Robert’s book as well as on
So you can look up just ‘blueprint for a bean shake’. And yeah, it’s helped a lot
of people…a lot of my clients. People who are on the go or who have busy jobs like me.
I was a trainer at Gold’s Gym at the time and I would work 8-10 hours straight. One
appointment after another and barely able to fit in bathroom breaks, let alone eat meals.
So, I just bring in 2 or 3 of these smoothie cups with these bean shakes in them and there’s
3,000 calories right there. It was all good, whole food so. It’s helped a lot of people
But getting back to my meal plan, I might have had that as my morning snack. I’d have
a bean shake. I’d have something else. And then lunch is one of two things. It has been
for years. We always have a tofu salad. We’d have a big salad. A big ol’ mixing bowl
size salad with tons of greens, tomatoes, olives, cucumbers. The whole…all the veggies.
And then some kind of seasoned tofu on top. Usually it’s creole seasoning or maybe just
salt and pepper. Maybe blacken it in a pan and throw it on top. So, that’s part of
lunch. And then on the side of that we’ll either have lentil soup, and a sweet potato.
And that’s definitely a lunch we’ve had a 100,000 times. Or we would just have that
and afterwards we’d have banana ice-cream. We’d put frozen bananas in a blender.
Sometimes cocoa powder. Sometimes something else like vanilla extract. Blend it up and
you have ice-cream. It’s basically just eating like 3 or 4 bananas in a bowl. So,
that’s always lunch. One of those two things. And I love it. It’s super nutrient dense. Tons
of good food, really filling, and really satisfying. Afternoon snack again, is something like fruit
or another bean shake depending if I had one in the morning or not. Something along those
lines or, you know, could be something random. Afternoon snack might change. And then
dinner. Dinner is the one that’s kind of a wildcard. If you go to our website
we have a recipe section where my wife Marcella posts a lot of our recipes. There’s like
70 or 80 on there. And she’s a really good cook. I lucked out with that. So, she’s
making something different and really good every night. But it’s always based on whole
grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds; lots of whole foods. We’ll occasionally
have a whole grain pasta or something like that but nothing too crazy, and it’s always
delicious. She makes really good recipes, so that’s dinner. We eat out once or twice
a week usually for dinner. So, that’s a typical day for me. I mean, basically what
I tell clients and everyone that I talk to is, the foundation of your diet needs to be
whole foods. And if you think about 4 food groups, it’s fruits, vegetable, whole grains,
and beans. So, as long as you’re getting those in everyday you’re covering your basis,
and just eat a lot, you get a lot of nutrition. Do you adhere to any particular macros
or any particular caloric goal with your meal plan? I tried a lot of different dietary
styles. I think as a lot of physique athletes have. I tried an 80/10/10 diet. I’ve done
juice fasts. I tried…I did the super high protein diet for awhile, especially when I
was first bodybuilding. Trying to get a gram and a half of protein per pound of body weight
which is a whole lot. I tried that for awhile. But now I’ve kind of settled on…I do track my macros. I do track my
calories almost everyday. Not perfect unless I’m right before a competition. But I strive
to get, and this is a guideline we use for our clients who are training hard as well,
about ¾ of a gram of protein per pound bodyweight which is roughly half of what I mentioned
the really high protein diet is. So, it’s definitely higher than the 80/10/10
diet where you’re getting 10% of your calories from protein. That number that I said, 3/4
of a gram per pound, that’s usually closer to 15 or 20% of calories from fruit if you
wanted a ratio number which we don’t really use. I just kind of go for the actual number.
And the same thing for fats. Fats are usually like 15 to 20% of calories. And like I said,
I’m a guy who exercises a lot. I have a fast metabolism. So I’m generally eating
between 4 and 5 thousand calories a day. And if I’m doing an extreme diet right before
a contest where I cut my calories way down, they might get down to 3,000 which is a lot for
most people and that’s not very much for me. So, it’s primarily…I would say it’s
90% whole foods. You can treats once in awhile. It’s really high carbohydrates. I’m getting
60 or 70% of my calories from carbohydrates at all times. And I have no problem getting
down to a central body fat for bodybuilding competitions so carbs aren’t scary. Yeah,
and it makes me feel very satisfying. Well, I just want to thank you again
so much for being so generous with your time and for being a literal visual testament to
what veganism…what you can achieve as a vegan. I hope you enjoyed hearing Derek’s approach
to building an epic plant-based physique using the power of whole foods. You can’t really
tell him it doesn’t work… This video was sponsored in part by Cronometer
where you can track your fitness and nutrition to ensure optimal athletic performance and
log your epic bean smoothies. Use the link in the video description or up there to make your
own free profile. If you want to connect with Derek, see his
links below- his website even offers a free diet planner and you can have him and his
team write custom meal plans and training regiments for your own fitness goals or nab
his ebook. I’ve personally worked with Derek and he’s
been a vital part of my fitness journey, giving me pointers, tips and tweaks to my own inexpertly-written
fitness routine. And I’d say I’m getting results. Now I’d love to hear your thoughts on Derek’s
smoothie to end all smoothies and his approach to his meal plan in general. Have you ever
had a bean shake yourself? If you’re not vegan but you’re interested in building mass and starting
a plant-based diet, did this help you find a possible way of accomplishing that goal?
Let me know in the comments! If you enjoyed this bulked-up nugget, give
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live vegan, grow your guns, and I’ll see you soon. [crowd screaming & applauding] Subtitles by the community

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