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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

welcome to your ashtanga inspired yoga workout class the goal of our practice today not only strengthen your entire body and stamina but to also allow the mind to be free of any other thoughts except the idea of inter-conectiveness of your breath to the movement of your body find a quite place in your house turn everything off except this video and dedicate this time to yourself and to your wellbeing if you enjoy this class check out Boho Beautiful Complete a program of full length classes pilates, yoga workout, and yin yoga created to give you incredible results with that said lets get back to our practice so grab your mat grab that watr

45 thoughts on “Ultimate Yoga Workout ♥ Astanga Inspired Intermediate Class| Maldives

  1. I love your videos so much. They light up so many of my days, thank you! The combination of this amazing landscape and the beautiful practices- it's perfect! Please do more of them (I already did every single one about 20 times 🙂 )
    You guys are amazing.

  2. I began yoga in 2011 after having my first child. I now have 4 children and always make my way back to it. I pray more people understand how amazing it really is.
    Ive begun moving up the ladder from your beginner videos to your intermediate and this one is my favorite so far. I'm testing myself and my body more with your guidance and I feel better than I have in a long time. Thank you for your positivity, and thank you for sharing that gift with people like myself. You're helping me go on.

  3. it used to be so challenging, now I experience it as so lovely – thank you for your inspiration! NAMASTE

  4. Please , more ashtanga yoga workout videos!!🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏I do it always and it’s amazing😍😍😍😍I worked out , sweat and stretched myself

  5. I love your yoga videos and your pilates videos. I look and feel more toned and stretched and less stressed. Thank you so much for everything you do with this channel!! I love you guys so much

  6. Amazing workout and perfect relaxation and the end without the music! Although those push-ups were killing me, I found this very positive and awesome workout! Thank ya <3

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  8. I personally would not recommend this practice without any warm-up. The first sequence that was supposed to be the warm-up is way top fast for the muscles when you just rolled out your mat, even with years of yoga experience. I did a 20 min warm-up yoga session before this video and even then it was too fast and abrupt for me.

  9. I feel sooooooo good after this practice, reenergized and reconnected ❤️🌿 it’s the best feeling. Namaste and mahalo

  10. I’m doing the 14 day leg challenge and this is day 6: this practice is AWESOME! Thank you Boho, lots of love and energy <3

  11. Wow I found this so invigorating and tough as im new to yoga.I didnt give up although wobbly and I will do this one a few more times along with other boho videos.Thanku guys xxx

  12. thank you!! I love you. Your practices always help me get back "in shape" when i loose myself in other obligations. I feel happy again after 2 weeks combining your exercises and feel great again and in shape (also other people telling me without mentioning i am doing something). Big big thank to you! I'm so happy i've found you few years ago and am fan ever since. Big support! One day world should be a better place <3

  13. I practiced Ashtanga yoga for an hour and a half every morning for about 2 years, but then I had a baby. 4 years later, and your videos keep me practicing yoga 6 days a week, because I can fit it into my busy schedule. Although it's less time than I used to practice, it's still satisfying. Thank you for all that you do, and this Ashtanga inspired video! It brought back (muscle) memories ; )

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