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Hello friends!
How are you ? Hope you’re doing well I ordered this Ultra Whey Protein from The Vitamin Company It says it’s made in New Jersey, USA but I doubt it’s actually fake You can tell by seeing the packaging The plastic stuff it’s very cheap Also the printing quality of labels I bought it on sale Now ‘m gonna open it The seal is already open It’s not fully intact See the powder texture Thank you SUBSCRIBE !!!

21 thoughts on “Ultra Whey Protein-The Vitamin Company(Pakistan) Review

  1. is this the vitamin companys orginal product that u mean fake ? how can we recognize a fake whey by the effects on body

  2. u judged it "fake" by only a broken seal or any other reasons sir. is there any other way to determine it is fake

  3. bro kindly show us its ingredients and macros lable too and also if u want perfect review then kindly make its labotary test it just cost 300 to 400 n then showed us that report thanks

  4. I bought the vitamin company creatine tablets… they are solid tablets and not powder capsule. the printing is also very bad. they have no contact information in USA they only use a Pakistani address and phone number. how can a company that makes products in USA have no USA contact information. but even strange thing is there products are being sold in chemists all over Pakistan. someone need to investigate

  5. does it helped u in building muscles and recovery . are u using it now or not . a friend recommended it though !!

  6. I dont trust this product. How come they produce protein powder when they cant even mention nutrition information

  7. i also used ultra muscle from vitamin company and after drinking feeling so bloated and there is no any nuttrition table on box!

  8. Oh bhai, powder ki quality check karwa kisi lab main, phir info da, is ki duplicate kon banaye ga? Jab koi janta tak ni is company ko,

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