Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

You don’t have any chance against him He was fu*king insane big He is truly a monster pure massiness in it’s worth form Nobody can lift that much weight Nobody will achieve and beat this type of physique There’s no one that I’ve ever seen train
with that capacity like under any circumstance, he can stay out
all night, the guy stayed up all night He got to the squat rack and I saw him
squat 800 pounds for 12 reps I mean mindblowing! He’s the strongest bodybuilder I’ve
ever seen I’ve seen him do walking lunges with 100 pounds from the gym to the street and back to the gym again If you don’t have genetics you ain’t gonna
be a champion at nothing so if you got genetics to start out with – it’s gonna take a lot of hard work It’s gonna take a lot of determination it’s gonna take a ton of sacrifice you must have the motivation out of this world it’s all hard work and determination I can’t beat Ronnie because Ronnie is unbeatable for my opinion THE BIGGEST THE FREAKIEST THE KING OF BODYBUILDING UNBEATABLE MONSTER ARE YOU READY?


  1. Once the WWE should keep a match between undertaker, brocklizner, goldberg and ronnie coelme…WHO WILL WIN THE MATCH???????😉😉😉😉

  2. تحياتي لك من مصر يامستر روني انا من محبينك وانت مازلت بطلي المفضل وانت فعلن ملك هذه اللعبه ولأن يأتي مثلك

  3. I like the way they show him lifting crazy heavy in a competition, but not the part where a 76 year old man beat him, the names Roy Mason check it

  4. افضل واعلى واحسن واجمل جسم لاعب كمال اجسام شفته بحياتي الملك روني كولمان

  5. Братан подпишись пожалуйста на мой Инстаграм: matvey_skala я буду тебе очень благодарен! Моя цель подняться и получить спонсорство помоги мне с этим, а за это ты получишь много полезной информации в моем профиле да и просто интересно будет следить за моей жизнью .
    Ps: Рони Колеман красавчик !🔥🔥🔥

  6. Ahhhhhhhhh que vídeo fodaaaaaaaaaaa
    Você é demais guerreiro de Deus
    Sei que não sao só músculos que você pensava ter, mas junto com isto você teve muito mais
    Teve foco
    Trabalhou sua ALMA
    Foi guiado!

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