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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi everybody! I just received a delivery that’s nice. A supplement delivery: of proteins and
of food supplements. And we’ll look at what it contains. Ah yes ! So those are the abs … to slip under the t-shirt like that, or you can put them into a ball. You feel like you have pecs. Perfect ! That’s the bill. I do not know why they put it every time because I do not pay. No, I’m kidding, I’m not sponsored. I buy them with my pennies. This is a silly gift. So peanut butter enriched with coconut fat. 10% coco in, for essential fatty acids. One of my favorite supplements for
recovery immediately after training: Re-Con by MusclePharm. Still, I’m not sponsored, I quote it because I use it. Contains really many things that are
excellent for after training. Small free samples
of vegan proteins. Another sample. And the pot of proteins. Of the brand R Nutrition, vegan protein. It is not the most assimilable protein, but at least it does not kill the animals, it does not contain lactose, it contains no crap. It’s sweetened with stevia, so
even no aspartame, not even shit like that chemical. With that, I do 3 shakers a day. And frankly it works. If you want to participate in Mr Olympia,
this is certainly not enough, but if you want to be healthy
and be fairly athletic, well with these 3 supplements,
you already have a great base.

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