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Hello. My name’s Michelle Kenway.
Unfortunately some women living with prolapse problems stop exercising altogether, and they
miss out on those really great benefits that exercise can bring their body.
Today I’m going to show you how to modify a couple of regular, commonplace exercises
that are performed in the gym. These are abdominal muscle exercises, and we know that some particular
abdominal exercises create pressure on the pelvic floor, and can worsen prolapse and
can make prolapse symptoms become much worse�actually worsen prolapse problems and even contribute
to recurrent prolapse after surgery. So I’d like to show you how to modify a couple of
regular exercises that you might have seen performed in the gym.
The first one we’re going to do is called the plank. And many of you will have seen
this. For the plank is performed, typically in the gym, on your belly. So you would have
seen it performed in this manner: Elbows are down, and often you get the instruction to
pull in your abdominal muscles strongly and lift up into a full plank. Now what that does
is activates the strong upper abdominal muscles to push down, and that actually pushes down
the pelvic floor and pushes down the prolapse. To modify that exercise, bring your elbows
in� just activate your abdominal muscles really gently, the lower abdominal muscles
should be a�just a really gentle contraction. Shoulders back and down, and lifting onto
the knees. And that is enough. That will work your deep abdominals, but avoid creating undue
pressure on the pelvic floor. The second exercise I want to show you how
to modify is called the hundred. Now you might have seen this in Pilates class. Lying down�typically
this exercise is performed with both legs up in the air and again you might have the
instruction to draw in the abdominal muscles strongly, and then lift in the hundred involves
lots of little lifts and pushes and little sit-up type exercises. We know when these
muscles contract strongly there’s a downward force onto the pelvic floor. So how can you
avoid that or modify that? By lying down in the class, raising one leg, keeping the normal
inward curve in the lower back, and with those abdominal muscles just gently contracted,
lowering the leg down slowly towards the ground and then lifting it back up. Maintain that
abdominal contraction. Lowering down slowly, and lifting back up, and taking the leg down.
So, as you can see, there’s ways you can really readily modify unsafe exercises in the gym.
If you’d like some more information on how to modify these types of exercises, so that
you can exercise with a prolapse, grab a copy of my new book, prolapse exercises. You can
grab a copy here now, available from this shop.

30 thoughts on “Unsafe Core Abdominal Exercises for Women With Prolapse

  1. THANK YOU!! Exactly the information I needed! Will share this with my chiropractor and trainer. (Most trainers REALLY need this information.)

  2. I have a client with diastasis recti, which I knew NOTHING about, and I really, really appreciate your knowledge!!! Now, I've also heard that downward dog is not advised. Is that correct?

  3. I have a client with diastasis recti, which I knew NOTHING about, and I really, really appreciate your knowledge!!! Now, I've also heard that downward dog is not advised. Is that correct?

  4. can generally speaking prolapse advice be followed when we have external hemorrhoids? to which point are the root cause and preventative actions the same?

  5. if you could help me understand if be grateful. are planks bad for a woman who has had a hyst forever or can they be done after a period of time?

  6. Big WOW- had pelvic floor reconstruction September 2018 and was told to do planks by Dr! I regularly used the Total Gym- 5 years ago and caused the prolapse to become extreme making the surgery necessary. Thank you for helping this community.

  7. Is hula hooping for 25-30 minutes a day safe to do??? I need to lose weight in two months but activities like running seem to cause varicose veins. Also if I do exercises every day how soon can my mommy tummy be gone?

  8. What why does it say unsafe does that mean you can get hurt. I saw this and I was looking for a exercise video so can someone please give me a answer I would appreciate it bye

  9. I have prolapse, and I worked out A LOT before my pregnancy. Not working out is not really an option for my sanity, so thank you for all your videos. I'll probably follow every single one!

  10. Thank you so much for your video. I just found out I have a rectocele. It seems to have gone down some, but I’m petrified it will alter my life. Dr. Says surgery not required. Will the exercises help to pull it back?

  11. Hello mam , can you pls tell me what type of exercises I can do to reduce my weight because I have diastasis rectii,I m so confused😞

  12. Can you comment on biking riding (for exercise) while suffering with Prolapse. Will I make my prolapse worse?

  13. Hello. I'm very impressed by your videos and website. I'm a little confused though. So with any ab exercise I should only contract lightly through my abs? I have prolapse and have been working out with weights (mostly upper body, in a seated position, or on all fours for lower body with ankleweights) consistently. I have been bracing my abs very tightly with each exhale. Is this wrong then? Thank you for all your time and energy giving out this highly valuable information that is very needed!!

  14. I had a total laproscopic hysterectomy. Can I just do what I did before the surgery and be safe? I have never had children and no prolapse issues. I'm 4 months after surgery and have returned to skiing, I just want to go to the gym and not think about when and how to breath, I'm not into lifting heavy weights, just things like skiing, surfing, mountain biking up hills and don't know what's safe for a lifetime of activity.

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