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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So, if you want to get a bigger upper back,
and I’m talking about the area up here in between your shoulder blades but up on the
high side. Here guys, you’re going to have to do one
thing first and foremost, and that’s start carrying some heavy things around, or lifting
some heavy things. Farmer’s Carries we know are great ways to
actually work our upper back, our traps, our rhomboids. So are doing Deadlifts. Obviously one of the best ways to build thickness
in your upper back is to start doing heavy Deadlifts. But there are 2 ways that you can actually
target and train this area directly, and I want to show them both to you here today. The first exercise I’m showing you here is
a Face Pull, and when I say Face Pull, I mean pulling right to your face. See, a lot of guys get this wrong. They stop
about halfway in this range of motion, and they’re actually losing the most effective
part of the exercise. You can see here as I demonstrate that I’m
actually pulling the rope here. From the side I’m pulling the rope straight towards my face. My hands will leave the center of my face
and go out to the sides. There’s 2 advantages to that. Number 1, it allows me to actually get a greater
range of motion as I go through the Pull. And secondly, it allows me to engage the posterior
delts even more as I perform basically a reverse Fly motion with my upper arms. Take note as you can see here from the back
that by keeping my elbows down and my hands up, I do have the ability to make my shoulders
here externally rotate. We don’t like to have our elbows elevated
high and internally rotated at the same time. We know that’s not a good recipe for your
shoulders and the health of your shoulders, but we don’t have to worry about that. Not
if we do it this way. So, if you don’t have a rope and you don’t
have access to a gym, you can still do this on a Pull Up bar with a regular piece of tubing.
So, no excuses guys. This is a great exercise that you can start
doing to target that upper/mid back. The second of my 2 favorite exercises is this
one right here, and it’s called a Trap Raise. Now, it looks like a front Shoulder Raise,
but only from the top portion, and that’s exactly what we want. We don’t want the contribution of the front
deltoids if we start from a low position. So, we position it so that we’re starting
from parallel to the ground and go all the way up until our arms are perpendicular. The advantage here is that we’re working the
traps and not just the upper traps. We’re getting the lower traps as well because we need to make sure that as we’re getting
full elevation of our shoulder that we’re getting the proper rotation of our shoulder
blades. Our lower traps are going to kick in to help
that happen by keeping them firmly placed against your rib cage as you go through this full rotation movement here of your shoulder
blades. So, as we get towards the very top, that’s when our upper traps will kick. And you’ll feel that squeeze no doubt. So,
there you go guys. there’s 2 exercises that you can add to your routine if you’re trying
to thicken up and create more 3 dimensional look
of that upper back of yours. And if you’re looking for more workouts and
more exercises that will help you to target whatever it is that you’re trying to target,
then head to ATHLEANX.COM, and get our ATHLEANX Training System. Guys,
we train like athletes. We move our bodies the way they’re meant to be moved. And if you need to start moving yours, then
get your ass over to ATHLEANX.COM. Alright guys, I’ll be back here again soon.
Make sure you leave your comments and thumb’s up below. And whatever else it is that you want to see,
I’ll make sure I cover it here in the weeks ahead. Alright. I’ll see you guys back here soon.

100 thoughts on “Upper Back and Trap Thickness (2 KEY EXERCISES!)

  1. I've only done simple workouts (bench press, curls, chest press, etc) but before I knew it I suddenly had traps… It took me a while to think of how I got those traps.

  2. Ive been lifting for close to three years now, and my middle back will not grow. I have hyper mobility in my shoulder blades (I can make them pop out like wings) and this happens with ANY exercise I do that requires some movement in the scapula. What can I do to start to fix this weak point/issue in my physique? Note: My back is my strongest area (lats and teres major). Thanks.

  3. Thanx Jeff upper back workout was great I am happy today cuz The back training was great but I have noticed that training the traps will involve some shoulders try to do light weight but still same thing.

  4. That is good for 60 years old plus. I u are yang u will never get gains there if u don't do dead lift, bentover rows and blandly rows with heavy weights and not that retarded people's machines…

  5. i did the facepulls today and an older man stopped me mid exercise to ask what i was trying to work and how it was ineffective/ will cause pain later on… funny how when someone sees a slightly unorthodox exercise they think i dont know what im doing

  6. I have scapula wings and I'm trying to find a way to work on my upper back because supposedly I have weak upper back muscles , will this work?

  7. Do these hit the rear delts as hard as rear delt flys do? Because if so, I'd be happy to ditch the former as these feel amazing and also work other muscles of the upper back.

  8. its easy to get juiced up and just do simple workouts on youtube and get alot of views and subs.

    but this guy is legit.

  9. Es muy interesante y enriquecedor el metodo de enseñanza que propones estoy muy agradecido por tu grandioso trabajo muchas gracias Jeff

  10. (hey JEFF does doing over head exercises block height from growing…I am 16 years old and I was doing bodyweight exercises for a year and from 6 months I have been training in gym ..but I have never done any type of over head exercises I afraid that I will stay short I am (5.7) I have developed nice shoulders, thighs.. without doing a shoulder press or a squat ..I want an answer from u does over head exercises block height)

  11. I figured out why my shoulder hurts working traps. Shoulder muscles are on the side of my arm and don't go past the outside of my joint. Let's see some gains now.

  12. Hey, I love ur techniques to build muscle. Question? Does doing rack pulls above the knee, with Maximum weight and holding weight eccentrically for a few seconds then another.. does this type of training build huge traps. That is what alphadestiny preaches. What do you think???

  13. Jeff i do free weight excercise only….kindly note i have dumbells and barbells only….no band no cables……and today i noticed that my left lower pec is more lean than the right lower pac(it kinds of slags)…..and i am having a great upper trap….but scapular winging….and i am trying very hard to fix it…..i am getting depressed here man…..sir plzzz tell me how to thicken the area between shoulder blades…….and how to fix my pec problem with free weights only….sir plzzz i really need ur suggestion…i am totally depressed

  14. Best and only site for safe fitness, l can’t thank you enough.
    Please never stop informing us about correct movements in fitness.
    Being a woman over 50’s,, l want to be the best l can. You guys are helping
    Thank you.

  15. I'm sorry but he mentioned that heavy deadlifts train the upper back which is confusing because it's only doing so isometrically. Your upper back is only trained isometrically in the deadlift so theres almost no hypertrophic benefit to your upper back from the deadlift is there?

  16. 1) aren't you actually working the rear delts with this? OR
    2) is it a compound movement between the rear delts and upper back?

  17. I did face pulls for the first time and it was murder! I've never done them before and will definitely include them from now on! Thanks!

  18. Overhead trap raise is amazing. Did it yesterday and i felt muscles around my upper back come to life that i've never noticed before.

  19. fast forward 3 years and i just saw this video for the first time!! i love finding gems like this one, when i am on youtube watching any given video. i have a question about these 2 exercises. i am holding a lot of tension in my traps, will doing these exercises help work out that tension, or do i need to do something else to help me with the tension in my traps? thank you so much for sharing Jeff, with love from Wes!! hugs!!!

  20. What am I doing wrong? I feel a burn in the top of my shoulders much more than anything else…maybe because i am using bands?

  21. That moment when you realize you haven't hit that like button after watching this video more than 5 times.. definitely liked this time around!

  22. Has anyone ever noticed that in that pose from the thumbnail Jeff's back looks like some sort of demon?

  23. Incuded these two exceises today and wow, felt it immediatley doing the reps and still feeling it in the lower and upeer traps. Thanks Jeff!

  24. Face pulls hurt my levator scapulae, and I can’t contract traps very well :/ any advice or experience in this please?

  25. When I'm doing facepulls I'm only feeling it on the shoulders I know it's normal but I'm not feeling it on my upper back.

  26. I have only been able to do facepulls at home lately. I get sexually aroused just by thinking about the benefits of performing this exercise 💪

  27. I did an involountary version of the trap raise at my summer job when i was 16. I was cleaning out the forest, cutting and gathering bushes and smaller trees to make room for bigger trees to grow. Loading it up on the trailer meant we had to lift it above our heads and since it was lightweight i did it with straight arms and eventually started doing it while walking back and forth aswell. Probably did 3-400 reps each day (lightweight) and when summer came to an end i had a fricking armoured plate between my shoulder blades

  28. I find these very hard to do for some reason …ohhhhh and I just figured out why lol I have the pulley cable system set at the bottom …I see Jeff has it set high

  29. Great video.. i hold mitts for fighters all day and i think there exercises will help keep my back and shoulders stable!!

  30. the first one is my favourite, learnt from you, thanks for that! the second one is new, but surely will be my next favourite exercise!

  31. I can't feel any burn on my upper back and rear delts. Been trying so hard with so many different exercises
    Don't know what I'm doing wrong

  32. First and foremost carry some heavy things around….one of Jeff's words that I've kept with me for months now. Time to try some deadlifts 😀

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