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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

if you’re looking for a killer
upper-body workout then you’ve got to try this sampler today. This is a workout
from my CHIZELD series. CHIZELD is a 12-week strength training fat loss
program that I teach here in Fort McMurray.It’s for women only but if
you’re following me at home, of course men you can join me
too. This sampler today will demonstrate all the exercises that we do in one hour.
This does not include the warm up and cool down so if you’re going to try this
make sure you do that. So this workout is designed with a 5×5 structure of supersetting. So we do five reps of one exercise, five reps of another exercise immediately, back-to-back, and we do five rounds of this, then we get a break
and move on to the next set. If you’re following me
make sure you pause the video so you do your five rounds because I’m only going
to show you one round of each set of exercises that we’re doing in this
workout. For this workout you will want a variety of weights anywhere from three
pounds up to fifteen, twenty, twenty-five or more. It depends on how strong you are so you got to pick your own weight. So the first round is renegade rows, five
of them with push-up. Push-up renegade rows, and then we’re going to
stand-up and do dumbbell rows. So it looks like this. Push, row, push, row. We gotta do five full reps that’s on
each side. Then we stand up, and we go into the row. You repeat that for five rounds. The next
set of exercises are chest flyes with the kneeling Arnold press. Put your knees
up to get more core. So fly for 10, sorry, 5 reps. That’s 2-3-4
and then we come up to a kneeling position and we do the Arnold press for 5
reps. 1-2-3 4-5. Repeat that for 5 rounds. Now we do a
narrow chest press with lying tricep extensions. Bring your weights together 5-4-3-2 last one.
Then we go into tricep extensions. 5-4-3-2 last one. Repeat for five rounds. We do push-ups
again for five, and then we do a supine curl, kneeling. 5 push-ups and
5 kneeling supine curls. Grab your weights at the top. 1-2-3-4-5. Make sure you do that for five rounds. Next we do kickbacks and hammer curls. 5-4-3-2-1. Then the hammer curls. 5-4-3-2-1. I almost forgot, make sure you do that
for five rounds. Next up are lateral raises and upright rows. 5-4-3-2-1 and then upright rows. 5-4-3-2 last one. Five rounds.
And the last we do of this workout is it push-press and a tricep extension set.
Let’s push these suckers. You want to use a heavy weight there
but not too heavy. You better watch that back. And then tricep extensions, standing. 5-4-3-2 last one. Five rounds. Alright so that is a killer workout. By
the time you’re done you have a lot of weight pushed. Okay, so a
few tips for this workout. One, don’t be flexing your spine. Keep your spine
stiff through everything – the push-up, the presses, everything. Avoid hyper-extensions and the void rounding the back. So when you’re doing rows you don’t want to look
like that. You wanna have a neutral spine and
row. Okay. When you’re doing your push-ups you don’t want to be like this.Pushing like that or pushing like this. Stay
nice and neutral. Alright. When you’re doing your overhead presses you don’t want to
be pushing like that, with the hyperextension. I like this stance because
then I can push like this or extend like that. So anytime you’re pushing over
your head make sure you’re not dumping or hyperextending that low back. When you’re doing your curls for your bicep work, make sure you’re not swinging the
elbows forward like this or swinging the arms at the bottom like that. Also when you’re doing your kickbacks you don’t want to be moving your
shoulders and going like that as well. You want to try to do everything with a
nice strict form. Try not to get momentum from other body parts that you’re not
targeting in your lifts. So if you’re doing your bicep curls, you don’t want to
incorporate the shoulder movement and getting a momentum from other areas of
your body. Try to focus on the target muscles that we’re working. So nice and
strict, nice and steady, under control. When you’re doing the rounds, they’re
back to back, so I only showed one 5 x 5 for each but you’ll
actually keep cycling that and then you take a break. The break is probably
around two minutes. You need a good break because that is a lot of volume. Do
what you can. Maybe a 5 x 5 is too much to start. If you’re a newbie maybe
you could do of 5 x 2, so 5 reps of each exercise x 2 rounds. Then you can
go up from there, and over a period of several weeks build your strength and
work up to the 5 x 5. Anyway that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed this little sampler.
If you’re interested in the CHIZELD program, and you’re in Fort Mac, check me out on I have a couple spaces left to sign up. Anyway, I
hope you enjoyed this. If you try this workout at home please let me know in
the comment section below. LIKE my video and SUBSCRIBE to my
channel for more workouts coming, and a lot more in 2019. Great! Thanks, and see you later.

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