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Hey guys here’s an exercise I came up with for biceps I used to do a lot of regular curls and pull ups but I wanted to focus more on the biceps and think of an exercise on the bar I could do so I came up with this one. You’re going to get a really good false grip about shoulder width apart You’re going to hold your body up and curl, maybe 10, 15 But I feel like this one focuses more on biceps than chin ups and an extra exercise for you guys to try. Thanks

3 thoughts on “UPSIDE DOWN CHIN-UP BICEPS EXERCISE – Gymnastics Bodybuilding Bodyweight Fitness Calisthenics

  1. Better known as half-pike front lever rows. 
    Head bangers are a way more effective elbow flexors exercise than this. Plus, it's not even difficult for your biceps; your upper back and posterior deltoids are doing the most work (highest load).

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