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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

OK. We’re going to get started
with weeks 4 through 8. This is the core phase. And don’t forget this is
your day after cheat workout. This is workout F, lower body. Are you ready? I’m ready All right. Let’s get going. All right. Everybody at home
let’s get started. So 40 seconds. Go ahead and start. Low squat. Dumbbell press and stand. Don’t forget we’re
doing intermediate. So that’s going to be 40
seconds on, 20 seconds off. Now, she chose these
8 pound weights. You can choose 2 pounds,
you could do 15 pounds. You can do whatever you want. Now, notice that
low squat, right? Coming down, hips
dropping below the knee, and then bringing it back up. Nice. Good. Going for 40 seconds solid. And making it happen. OK. So once we get to
our 40 seconds, we’re going for
20 seconds break. 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Nice job. Rest up. All right. Now we’re going for
20 second break. And then we’re going to
get into split squats. How are you doing? Lower body going wild. Now what do we want, right? We want to shed fat. We want to look like Natalie. Right? We want to look, we want
to look like, right? Well, our figures are right
to make you lose that fat, get that fat off,
and get shredded. OK, ready? Let’s go. Here we go. Split squats. Alternating sides. This is split squat. Watch what she’s doing. OK? Now, she’s alternating sides
and she’s got her dumbbells down by her side. And then she’s lunging it back
and split squatting it, OK? Now, when you do these,
do it at your own pace. Set yourself up for success. And remember one thing
if you do it fast paced like she is, it’s
a little more advanced. If you do a little slower,
it’s more of a beginner pace. And you can actually execute
this and work your way towards an advanced movement. Nice job. Doing great. Seven seconds. 6, 5, 4, 3,, 2, and 1. Nice job. So a 20 second break. All right. So now, everybody out
there be pumping it up. Keep that kill mode mentality
going, keep that mind set set. Natalie, you’re doing amazing. That’s what I’m talking about. All right. Next up is clean body
dumbbell presses. We’ve got 6 seconds. So again, you’re going
to need your dumbbells. Now, don’t forget
we’re doing 3 rounds. Pace it out. Here we go. Ready? So we’re going to go down,
bring it down, and then clean. And then press. Right? And then back down. Yes. Now, you can do this on
the side, like she’s doing. You can do this in the
front forward, right? Working a little
more hamstrings. Your choice. None of it is wrong. She’s getting a low squat and
the clean, and then the press. Nice shot. How are you feeling? Awesome? Nice. 12 seconds. 10 seconds to go. 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1. Nice job. OK. Next up. Pile bench jumps. Let me go ahead and grab
this over here for you. Put this in the front. Now, when you do your
pile bench jumps, you don’t have to
jump this high, OK? You can actually jump half this. If you have something at home,
maybe a wooden bench or maybe even a tire, or whatever
you have around, you have to jump this high. This is actually pretty high. Are you ready? OK. Let’s go. 40 seconds, jumping
up and then back down. Nice shot. Up and then back down. Good. Now, pace this out. Again, intermediate
is going to be a little faster pace
like what she’s doing with a little higher of a jump. Excellent job. Exploding and getting up. And then coming back down. Nice. Well. Good. Sick. What I’m talking about. Good. 7 seconds. You know what? Let’s give a bonus couple. Ready? 2 more. Nice. Good job. Last 1. And rest. ‘ talking about. Good job. All right. That’s 1 full round. 1 full round. Move this to the side. All right. How are you feeling? You feel that, right? You feel it. I know you feel it at home. Get ready. Here we go. Low squat. Dumbbell press and stand, right? Up here. Low squat. Press and stand. There you go. Good. Now, everybody
wants nice glutes. Everyone wants a nice teardrop
legs where you have that muscle striation there, and you look
like, you feel like you’re fit, you look like you’re fit. You feel comfortable
in the mirror. And that’s what
this is all about. All right? This going to help you get that. And it’s also going to
tone those shoulders like you see here on Natalie’s
shoulders, which is great. 6 seconds to go. Pump it hard, girl. Doing great. 3 2, and 1. Nice job. All right? Next coming up is going
to be split squats with dumbbell alternating sides. Catch your breath. I know. Pace it out. Catch your breath. All right. We’ve got 5 seconds
left on this. And then we’re
reaching our half point after this, which is your
half point accelerator. All right. Let’s go. Here we go. Split squatted. Split squatted. Nice. So it’s very similar, obviously. Just do a reverse lunge. And you’re holding it down by
your side with your dumbbells. And you’re going left to
right alternating sides. Nice job great form make sure
90 degrees on your knees. Squeeze the glute, get
that full activation. 15 seconds. How are you doing? Good. You’re feeling it, right? That lower body. All right. 5 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Nice job. All right. 20 second break. Now is when you get your
5-point accelerator in. Chalk it up. Boom. Get that half-point
accelerator come right back, get in this work out. We’re going to keep
this thing moving. All right. Next up, clean body. Dumbbell presses, 6 seconds. 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Let’s get it. All right. So clean and press. And then back all the way down. And bring it all the
way down for them. All the way down here. There you go, there you go. Good All right. See? Even the best of us sometimes
just need a little direction. That’s why you got me here to
coach you guys through this and get through this
amazing workout. OK? Nice job. Half point right now. 20 seconds to go. Perfect form. OK? So you always want
to point the toes out so that you can
perform this exercise and make sure that that is going
to take the brunt of the knee cap. 5 seconds. 4, 3, 2, and 1. Nice job. All right. Pile bench jumps, right? Yep. All right. We’re almost at 2 full rounds. All right. Almost at 2 full rounds. Doing great. Pump it up at home now. Getting going at
home now, right? Make this thing go. Let’s go. All right. Here we go. Ready? Let’s get it. 40 seconds. Nice. Now, remember. Again, you don’t
have to jump as high. All right? And you don’t have to jump
as hard as what she’s doing. You can do half the amount which
should be more like beginner, and then you can
work your way up to where she’s at, which is more
an intermediate and advanced. Nice job. Half points now. 20 seconds. Great job, Natalie, doing great. Excellent job. 11 seconds. 10. Perfect form. See how her feet are getting
on that box every single time? Do not jump on the box halfway. Make sure it’s every time. Rest up. Whoa. Where do you go for more? Yeah. Yeah. You’re fired up. Pretty fired up. Getting it done. All right. 2 full rounds. We got 1 more round. 1 more round. 1 more round. Get it done. 6 seconds. Are you ready? Low squat, dumbbell
press and stand. Ready? Here we go. Nice. Nice good. There you go. Good. OK. So we’re firing
shoulders, right? Fire core, firing glutes,
firing quads, firing calves, firing all kinds of muscles
to burn more calories because it’s multiple
movements, which is dynamic, in your workout. Nice job. Almost there. 15 seconds to go. And yes, she’s in kill mode,
as you can see on her shirt right there. Making it happen. Right? Just like everybody else in
every 1 of these workouts. We’re all about
pushing hard, you’ve got to do the same with us. 3, 2, and 1. Nice shot. All right. Almost there. 3 more exercises. Split squats, right? Dumbbell alternating sides. All right. So split squats. Hold down by your
side the dumbbells. Alternating sides. Hold on, you got 5 more seconds. She’s so fired up she’s
ready to go already. Look at that. All right. Ready? Now we can go. Let’s get it. All right. Got got to give you that
20 second break, OK? She’s so amped up she’s
ready to rock and roll with multiple sets. OK. So 90 degrees on the knees. Make sure you’re
squeezing those glutes. Holding those waist
down by your side. And keep it rocking. Nice. OK. Over halfway there. 60 seconds. And 10, 9, 8, 7,
what perfect form. And 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Nice job. All right. Clean body dumbbell presses. Right? Cleaning and we’re pressing. We’re cleaning and
we’re pressing. Just like when you get the
shower, it should be like this, right? Hope everybody’s taking a
shower because if not, we’ve got some serious problems. Shower after. Yes. Shower after. Here we go. Ready? Let’s get it. For clean body, press
it, and then drop. Perfect. Nice. All right. Natalie is showing you that
you can use the same pound weight, right? She’s a petite girl,
but yet muscular. She’s getting it done, making
it happen with this weight. But I will tell you, right? You can do this
with a 2 pounds, you can do this with just
an invisible dumbbell if you have to. Let’s get through it. And start beginner
style and work your way to intermediate and advanced. Nice job. 10 seconds to go. Excellent. Good. 5 seconds. 4, 3, 2, and 1. Nice job. OK. 1 last exercise. Pile jumps. 1 more time. OK. You know? I’m sure you got water at home. While she’s got somebody to
help her out get the bench, OK? That’s what we need. Pile boxes, right? Get your water. We haven’t had any water. She’s still rocking and rolling. Let’s go. Come on. 40 seconds. Last round, everybody. Last round. Push hard on this, OK? Push hard. Nice. OK. 30 seconds left, 30
seconds left, almost there. Almost there. How you feeling? Awesome. Awesome. 20 seconds. Woo! All right. We’re almost done. Push hard now. 10 seconds to go. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Kill mode. Nice job. Wow. Amazing job at home. Amazing job, Natalie. Thank you so much for
working out with us today. All right. You kill mode that exercise
program like nobody’s business. We’ll see you get
on the next workout.

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