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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys welcome back to my channel Jane
here so today we are doing 12 simple exercise to work on your lower abs this
is a very short routine but very very amazing and effective, each exercise is
going to take 30 seconds and no resting in between. Remember you cannot target a
specific area to lose fat in just that area you need to incorporate cardio to
lose fat generally and then you tone that specific but this exercise help
to tone a specific part which is the lower abs . This specific exercise if you can’t
keep your legs up feel free to put them down it’s okay and if you’re strong
enough you can even raise them up straight engage your core while doing ab
exercises it’s really important if you follow me on instagram you know that
I’ve been away and I’ve not been taking good care of myself I definitely feel
like I’ve gained some weight I’m working on feeling more comfortable fitness and health it’s a journey
when you start there is no stopping cause when you stop then you lose all
the benefits it’s a wonderful commitment that you can never regret where you

3 thoughts on “V CUT AB WORKOUT/Best exercises for lower abs/Intense abs workout routine~Janekate Fitness

  1. I love your videos! Very inspiring. Just started my fitness journey a couple weeks ago…while I feel healthier I think I'm slowly starting to see results. Cause i really want to get toned and have abs but thank you for everything you do!πŸ’•

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