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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[Music] six-pack abs are arguably the most desired physical feature for fitness freaks and except the rare case six-pack abs are visual proof of dedicated exercise and sound nutrition but there is one more addition to classic six-pack that takes your body to the next level of v-cut stomach the hallmark of lean and athletic physique to build it you should first get down to 15 percent of fat ratio of your body and then you will need to dedicate your nutrition and stay in a calorie deficit so in this video we are going to do four exercises this is part two of we cut your abs workout let’s get started types [Music] this first exercise lie down on the bench hands overhead and put some weight on your lower legs the way it is showing in the video exhale and push your core up make sure maintain the angle of your legs and upper body while lifting your core you need to do 12 to 15 reps try to exhale contract your abs and push your core up [Music] [Applause] [Music] hold your body on parallel bar your arms are straight hold properly to make balance slowly lift your legs with exhaling try to lift your legs as much as you can make sure to contract your abs and exhale while lifting same 12 to 15 reps [Music] this is a variation of leg raises where you are putting a ball behind your mid-back lift your legs while lifting you need to exhale make sure to avoid strain or use of lower back you need to relax it and then use complete abdominal with exhaling same you need to do 12 to 15 reps for this exercise also [Music] this is core up straight leg fluttering you need to maintain your core up position and start fluttering with your legs make sure to maintain the angle of your legs and body otherwise the effect is very less 12 to 15 reps so these are four different exercises in part two so you need to perform these exercises after part one do part one exercises for at least three weeks three times per week four to five sets twelve to fifteen reps and then switch to part two and we’ll be uploading more videos for we cut lower apps workout so stay tuned so guys thanks for watching and hope you enjoy the video if you liked the video please thumbs up subscribe to the channel if you’re new to the channel and [Music] head bulb icon so that you can get the notification of new videos thank you very much

6 thoughts on “V Cut Lower Abs Workout | Awesome Lower Ab Exercises Series – Part 2

  1. yes sir I was quite worried about my lower abs fat, and now I try all the 5 v cut videos step by step , thanks for upload

  2. making lower shredded abs is a big task for most fitness ppl, hope these exercises will help to cut down fat on these areas thanks

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