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Varram pet fitness is a robot designed to
keep your pet healthy it plays with your dog by automatically zooming around the
room interacting with your dog and dispensing treats it’s a fun and
hands-free way to keep your dog sharp and active all day and Varram pet fitness
is smart too with automatic obstacle avoidance you don’t ever have to worry
about it getting stuck it can dodge anything in its way and drive over large
obstacles and with its tough construction verum pet fitness can go
over carpet with ease and take a hit like a champ and it’s smart enough to
know when your pet is no longer close and cute enough to get your dog playing
again as a pet owner I know how important it is to keep my dog
physically active not only does it keep his body strong but it stimulates his
mind helping reduce the risk of lethargy and depression as the owner you decide
when your dog needs to be active how many treats they can have and how long
they need to play that way you can always have peace of mind knowing that
your pet isn’t bored at home I love having Varram pet fitness at home
on those long days in the office knowing that there’s a toy that gets Lincoln up
and moving a fun way and rewards him is valuable to me verum pet fitness can be
remote controlled through the app allowing you to interact with your pet
directly you can choose a route for Varram pet fitness to follow or you can
create your own patterns for the bot to follow make ensuring your dog is always
getting a new experience its ipx4 water-resistant so it can survive
everything your pet throws at it we’ve also made sure to use durable FDA
approved materials in its construction to make sure that it can withstand
roughhousing will always be safe for your pet not to mention an easy to keep
clean and verum pet fitness takes any kind of treat you prefer as long as it
fits at the end of the day we created Varram
pet fitness to be a fun safe way for your pet to get exercise its
patent-pending design and high-tech abilities make it the perfect way to
keep up on your pets fitness whether your home or not I love fairness and
Duke loves it too whenever I’m not home he’s always chasing that thing around if
you love the harness with the feathers the very pet fitness I don’t always have
to worry about making sure I go on and walk with Lou every day sometimes it’s
just so hard to get there when I have an eight hour day and then I come home and
I just don’t have any energy but when I put Varram up I can set it up on
automatic and I can look at the stats and see how far she’s walked and how
many treats she’s got throughout the day it really takes a lot of pressure off me
you can monitor your pets activities on the app and even compare with your
friends and keep track of your fitness history as well we have working
prototypes and secure Manufacturing avenues we simply need your help to
begin production so bring a new friend for your dog into your home by backing
us today Varram pet fitness is designed to be your pet’s best friend for a

30 thoughts on “VARRAM Pet Robot: A Smart Fitness Robot For Your Pet

  1. Hey! Je développe un concept en ligne sport et nutrition 💪
    J'aide les personnes à atteindre leur objectif sportif ou silhouette.
    Je cherche également des personnes qui désirent rejoindre la team de développement.
    N'hésitez pas à prendre contacte avec moi.

  2. Read an article about varram on and was impressed how the technologies helping us more and more. Great idea with huge potential 🙂

  3. I must say this is a fantastic toy for a dog, but I have to ask this: I own a 9 mts old Dogo Argentino with extremely strong jaws. Is the toy strong and durable enough for big races or strong jaws?

  4. The man says after 8 hour days at work he doesn't always have the "energy" to take his dog out. If you can't bother taking your dog out for walks regularly (preferably three times per day), you should not own a dog.

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