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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I’m gonna blow a bunch of vegan bodybuilding
stupid common myths today for those are you think all roughly
sir skinny and wonder if it’s possible for robbing a pack on bodybuilder
muscle in that it costs lots of money need to
spend every day in the gym me Danny Dalton a humble simple cab
driver who was almost no money vegan bodybuilding for food as in the median years in only two
of uncooked fruits vegetables nuts and seeds
oh yes 53 Danny became a raw vegan in 2002 cuz my
apartment it’s very simple 104 just a vegan bodybuilding character
who must face and remain quite understand here is that
I don’t have a lot of money I don’t use supplements a thinker of
fruits vegetables and nuts and vegan bodybuilding if I can get here if I can afford it
then you can too what you eat well basically whenever I
feel like as long as it’s in the plants category fruits vegetables and that’s my
main supplement my main staple for protein believe it or not is ross
Spanish peanuts I am at the grocery vegan bodybuilding store by my house
and I called the president of the company in north carolina verify that they will
sprout I to the other one said i’ve seen have a
long life so darn expensive it’s ridiculously expensive this is Ross Spanish peanuts with
raisins peaches in papaya and vegan bodybuilding mangoes and they’re sometimes think this life
in the food processor destructive process peanuts in your food processor
raisins organic if you can by the way try to
save this company organic it’s the whole world goodness wanna come
so often but financing even if it’s not organic is a
hundred percent better than cooked vegan bodybuilding so right now I’m just cab driver can’t
really afford to get sick all the time domestic and me and I don’t know my
whole agenda it’s about being able to stay focused on wrong is the key it’s not always
organic and I would if I could afford it and we can scare them can
get some illness from using pesticides but I should know that and investing
in some they will use your own food processor when these together vegan
bodybuilding really good the careful that you don’t get it really hot
in there from the fiction because you don’t kill the enzymes
enzymes die about 180 degrees vegan bodybuilding I believe sake is very important do not I
you know if you can if he can put your hand in there that burns then you know I kill
the enzyme so was just looking for this release just
logic is just nonsense just if your hand vegan bodybuilding burns when you touch it then
you’re probably kill the life and don’t kill I think
food because it’s you not gonna get any any results very very important you
know so that’s how you do that this is the result that and
then you’ve got to the key ross is very important I got
this from Stephen Ireland’s but when vegan bodybuilding I first started about seven eight
years ago everything has to be valid so eating raw
foods like a triangle you need a large green salad every day
we need any fruit and vegetable no now sigh and
fruit and vegetable details are a little different category
that they’re okay if you I’m be sure vegan bodybuilding not to come here c’mon that your
yes five-to-one mention my field and %um it turns out like that watch opens an eye vegan
bodybuilding out for them now and I’m to for them not to get the cinema show
I and maybe some avocados you take some kale and some Robert a
dose now showing and vegan bodybuilding that food processor with
avocado it tastes just like mashed potatoes from
the no show it brings out the flavor so you can refer if he doesn’t know it potatoes now
showing kaelin avocados the with the present it to the site we just did
this is the result what we just get in there when it’s finished it vegan bodybuilding
comes out like that it’s of discussion I census in
seeing that panetta speeches whatever and there is also what is this is tomato
and this is definitely a mind reader and Eli and I was a downline greens are so that you
can get a ride from your arms he vegan bodybuilding
teaches at Sai mark is not there anyway I got this payment mark is at a
seminar on that for every night vegan bodybuilding in Ibiza yes exactly and it’s it’s really
a what’s really phenomenal the flavor this sounds
weird that if you put dandelion greens inside a decision or in which
this is right sits on past races KSN you for this insider there it okay
so gambling greens it tastes vegan bodybuilding like sushi I know it sounds weird but then
again you know either office for a while so to you
it might not but you know I’m hoping it will because I want people to vegan
bodybuilding do or die and I want people to understand that your you will change
it’s like a lil C you get bigger and bigger inside but that little see gets
more and more large in you start vegan bodybuilding getting more more balancing start getting
healthier and stronger and your whole life changes because you
are no living in peace with the earth and you follow nature’s law that’s so
important to understand in this live life is really religion he
really is and for me it’s on the vegan bodybuilding rest my life I don’t
care about anything else that making the world better place just
like Marcus is focusing on you don’t have to nuts for protein one avocado has more
usable protein than one can stay I’m talking usable though I’m not
talking about protein that you’re vegan bodybuilding getting by measuring the meetings and they
haven’t got on scene your body converts amino acids into muscle growth then so this is why
avocados nuts coconuts durian solace they’re all great source
is essential that your body doesn’t need that time protein especially from animal
products at me funny i I’m you vegan bodybuilding know I’m not a huge
likes me people are on steroids but I’m happy where I am with my buddy than 53 years old
and I feel stronger now than ever happen this is all I’m doing
the fast and the rest my lifetime have I’m doing the best thing I can for the world
because I’m letting people know do this you can sure enormous do this
you can get younger do this you vegan bodybuilding can be strong do this you can be more spiritual
then if I can tell one person about it then they
tell another person then say somebody else is there some documentation
of numbers of people that you’re terminal cancer on this diet then what
better jobs than that anything for vegan bodybuilding me to share with people i wud rock I was about
200 now us a lot of fact a I went completely Rana lost 50 pounds mother list she was begging
me to get off the diet because she was scared hi look
I couldn’t even look at the firkin here it was
horrible and then I stay draw for about two years you’d have two years vegan
bodybuilding and whenever we were riding who’s all
kinds we become a two-way yes yes I was everybody says to know who
called his way yeah probably me back yeah it depends on
how toxic you were before you started but is generally yes because most of us go over
up because we’re desperate we have some kind of vegan bodybuilding
illness or some kinda health condition were not happy were
sluggish whatever and you can the way it’s gonna fall
there’s no way around that me that that’s part of your body itself out there getting
more balance more flexibility him without balance and flexibility your
muscles can’t be what they ought vegan bodybuilding to know the overcome used to you want to this
review we can sit on everything love god yes I was scared oh my god
tough but unlike yes I had to get my house you’re scaring me day I’m thinking that
and that’s right that was really scary I could not look in the mirror and
everybody looked at me and they vegan bodybuilding worked on this I had cancer or something the
party mood like it view it that was I could feel it the reason to stay on it because
there’s an urgent biological need to be healthy your body talks to you
I mean sure you lose weight but you’re becoming a different person you know i mean
it’s don’t be afraid of losing the weight embrace it it but seek that’s your vegan bodybuilding
thing you can feel yourself getting stronger even though
maybe it may not be stronger physically initially but tell the truth I
really never got weaker I just looked weaker yes so it you
went through what most people went through in now you say vegan bodybuilding
I I don’t believe this site me are you get up in the small yeah healthy food
again you start your mind plays tricks on you start you start to rationalize
that hey this isn’t working I am NOT meant to move on chess plants I
mean I am I meant to be and opportunistic on the
morning plants and also what vegan bodybuilding happened I got my start to get
bigger but I went up to about 170 from $1.50 after about a year and a half and them I
decided to eat pizza and the people that I hung out with the
the rock essays you know we’re very very shocked that I
would be the pizza and then vegan bodybuilding I went maybe another three months and then
I just plain fell off the wagon and a then you
know there’s nothing he was on it was my own fault because I just
even though I was detoxified to a degree a of Health said that was better than
I had in years I became weak and vegan bodybuilding
then I went of the diet completely after even minor to the state says which has
been my favorite consensus orchid and up I’m the nightmare start happening
a few years later I got pass to Titus which is an
infection of the prostate it was very painful very that
Aston Martins freezes here keeps you from going PA
just read your life is my mind so at vegan bodybuilding any rate then shortly after that
I got a kidney stone that was so big it I would have died
if I have got to the hospital time yeah ironically I was a
vegetarian when I got the kidney stone and almost died which I was chai was
slowly starting to get back so I never did believe anything animals
but I was slowly start to get back to the raw food diet not really intentionally
vegan bodybuilding I’m just gonna be a vegetarian I can
still eat my pizza but done as a result to overtime that
intentionally did become intentionally because I
thought self tanner again urgent biological need to do it so the kidney stone time I was
in the hospital for about eight days and out vegan
bodybuilding when I got out I decided to go vegan with the game for about seven months
and then I started getting pains again and I went
back to the doctor and there was still another kidney stone left over or
something maybe my body made it I really don’t know that does so I knew I had
to do another house surgery procedure should say to get vegan
bodybuilding that one out and that’s when I decided I’m going
alright was never sick when I was right I was skinny but I was never sick and I had
balance I don’t know where I I lost track of my ability
to vegan bodybuilding understand my body when you compare going rock to being
a vegan there is no comparison I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense but raw is living a cooked
is dead that’s just the only way I can really relate to you know perspective it’s just vegan
bodybuilding you got he’s living through to get my
that’s about it another big myth as people think to get this big you have to
work out at the gym every day I work out only twice a week for about
three hours a time I work out which growing up I never
thought a person could do anything vegan bodybuilding worth twice a week was just 10 people never
get stronger but now I’ve understood that because the balancer of it
has given me I’m even working out that small amount
I just I wish I could become a competitive
bodybuilder to really show the vegan bodybuilding world and i believe even without steroids
a person can do it 153 yeah I’m not working out that
much and if I was training every day at this stage
I mean No you know Scott awesome so I mean it’s for me it’s it’s a home
world and I’m really excited I’m always gonna do it never change again because I found
something and I don’t know that vegan bodybuilding girl no surprise on

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