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100 thoughts on “Vegan Bodybuilding & Diet – Myths DEBUNKED

  1. Brilliant informative video guys .
     68 year old retired U K firefighter here I have been vegan for just three months .I have gone from 13 stone 7 to 11 stone in that time . I have never looked of felt better . I still do my weight training . I believe being vegan has made me much more ripped . I have more energy I dont look as good as you two , but hey !…lol .
    Subscribed and liked , please keep the videos coming and everything you both said was measured , calm and made good sense .

  2. Thas funny, i watched the recent videos and now this. The ending killed it for me, "who said we are small" the guy on the left have absolutely no back and condiering how you look at this video and on the new videos thats clearly roids not the diet or training.

  3. I really love this stuff and the positive message you guys are sending. Still i would like to see some sources on this info.
    Forgive me. I'm not trying to be a douche, just want to read some academically sound material on the subject.

  4. very informative very well done thank you for the information, this video has lead me to subscribe. please continue to bring great informative and humorous content.

  5. Love how you guys not only stay humble through this but how u dont attack while being attacked. U just explain, "tips hat"

  6. I'm in high hopes for the future when I see this kind of reevaluation of information that's molds our perceptions. Good job guys for sharing insights of a contraversial topic. I personally been on a half vegan diet for a few years now. Still ingest fish and eggs, but I had significant positive change in my size strength and stamina since. Definately encourages me to fully commit and go completely vegan. I've gained 26 lbs of muscle and I feel I can do better when I make the full transition. Thanks to guys like you this meat eating protein myth could be better evaluated with the rest of the world. Keep it coming and stay strong.

  7. you guys are awesome, especially with dealing with the negative comments of non-vegans. I'm not vegan myself, but am slowing working on eating healthier.

  8. I love how all these people were so angry. just because someone doesn't do stuff like you doesn't make them wrong. clearly this diet worked for y'all so there fact that these people are so angry that since you aren't doing it their way so there for you are wrong is hilarious.

  9. I started a vegetarian "diet" and so far so good. I'm very interested if i will see any difference to my energy levels and/or my body. I love dairy products but i think i'm ok without meat. We'll see 😛

  10. Loved the video! With vegan bodybuilding, should i stick to the sam macros form IIFYM? Protein seems pretty high from that. Not really sure how I should calculate my diet. Any tips?

  11. I eat meat. Yes,,, but if I change to vegan is very expensive,,,I'm from Colombia and yes we have amazing fruits and vegetables u never imagine ecxist ,,,but in my country all that is cheap and free from quimicals,,, but here in this amazing country. Is hard to eat healthy,,cause is extremely expensive. So please tell me how to eat well in a 20 thousand a year?

  12. Here are the simple facts: Humans thriwed 1.5 million years ago from starting to eat dead carcasses. This made our brains bigger and our digestive system shorter. When we started to hunt together we developed social cabalitites that made our interaction and problem solvling skills improve. the higher calorie density from meat and the nutritional variety from eating different animals meat made our nutritional intake bigger. About 11500 years ago, we became agricultural, and this is the true spike in human evolution. We started eating more plants with higher calorie count and nutritional density, and could become stationary, spending more time thinking than searching for dead carcasses and plants. Today, the most herbivorous cultures live the longest. What is also relevant is that the people who eat the most VARIED live the longest, and the most herbivorous cultures happen to do that. So our optimization process is very simple: start eating different animals meat for diverse nutrients: Then starting to grow all the different plants and eat them, removes the need for meats and the energy needed to hunt, then eating different plants with higgher concentration(all meat nutriens originally comes from plants, making it less dense in meat). So in our present, TODAY, with an access to many different plants, and animal protein having nasty sideeffects, veganism makes 100% sense, and therfor i am a vegan(there are also alot of ethical reasons). But to everyone isn the comment,s please put our evolutionary history in context. Eating meat is not a matter of black and white reasoning

  13. Hi Brothers what do you think of Yogurt?have you heard of the light twins brothers.? I can recommend hemp seed protein powder it has all the omegas and flavit seaweed powder loads of b12.

  14. What an excellent video. Both of you are so mature and respectful. I am seriously at the very least considering vegetarianism. Thank you. Whoever wrote that veganism is a white thing is incredibly ignorant, look at various African civilizations like the ancient Egyptians, they have always been vegan! Anyways, I appreciate the science, and your kind approach to teaching about Veganism. Peace.

  15. I just had a blood test done and my results were excellent.  Not one thing was out of place.  I'm 27 years old, I have eaten meat off all kinds all of my life.  I eat at least my bodyweight in protein from meat sources every single day, but I also eat a ton of veggies, fruits, and complex carbs sources along with weight training 3-4 times a week and basketball 2-3 times a week.  Besides the health thing and 'caring' for animals feelings, that is a bunch of crap.  Animals, besides horses and a few others serve no purpose and do not have 'feeling' like humans do.

  16. Whether a calf or an infant, mother's milk (or formula) is raw and alkaline, whereas pasteurized milk is cooked and acidic. That's why babies given pasteurized milk burp so much, because of the digestive intolerance of cooked milk.

  17. I've read that walnuts contain a lot of omega-3 fats too. The recommended daily allowance for man are 2.8 grams of ALA (essential omega-3 source), and 2.2 grams for women. 100 grams walnuts contain 8.7 grams of ALA, so 30 grams a day should be enough.

  18. I almost turned it off after the "ocean" comment/question. It's hard to believe how fucking ignorant and narrow minded some can be. Fuck.

  19. Happy to find your channel !!! sexy vegan clever guys^^ enfin !!! I was looking for a channel with vegan and fitness food .. Thanks 🙂

  20. I enjoyed this! And I'm not even vegan lol

    I can certainly attest to some of the things you've said. For instance, even though LCHF is in fact very effective for weight loss and gives tones of energy (ketosis), but it's incredibly hard to stick to long-term. Besides, I'm pretty sure it will have some negative effects on health at some point.
    And YES there is no way cavemen had an opportunity to eat such enormous amounts of animal protein & fat. It's just not realistic.
    At the same time I've heard of cases when strict vegan diet also had adverse affects on health for some people (especially women).
    At this point I support the "asian" type of philosophy.
    Anyhow I'll watch more of your stuff to educate myself =) Best of luck!

  21. Really interesting but I can't help but feel like it'd still be healthier to eat what our bodies are designed to eat. That's just me though. Still a great video though, keep it up.

  22. all those angry comments came from meat eaters lol. tell them how meat contains parasites that actually can control your thoughts and cravings

  23. I'm not anything even close to vegan,but this video contains some some good info about how brainwashed people are. Good job guys.

  24. I recently became a vegan and I am actually having trouble with calcium. Collard greens is just about the only vegetable with a decent amount of calcium. Pretty much all the other vegetables have so little calcium that you need to eat a huge amount of them to get enough. I'd need to eat a kg of spinach. And I don't like collard greens. The only way that I found to get my daily recommended amount is by eating tofu. But I don't want to eat that all the time.

  25. it amazing how calm and unoffended u react to those the hate comments and have a good answer the questions very well. haha I guess it just show how being vegan doesnt just help with health but being a better person as well. I tried being vegan for 2 month like not having any meat dairy or eggs and I noticed that I got the best results that I've ever had on any other diet I've ever tried and I also noticed that I would recover better faster between sets and have alt mor energy then wen I ate meat. unfortunately I went back to eating meat because it became hard to do it cuz everybody at my house eats meat but I never drank milk or ate eggs again. I still don't consume those. I'm gonna start eating vegan again.. thanks fornthe videos man. very insightful.

  26. I'm half Japanese, and I agree with your statement on Japanese food. I think another staple that gives them a good diet is their fermented foods.

  27. Excellent…. So glad I found both your channels… Once yr brother graduates med school you 2 need to write a book together …. Science behind the training…
    Love the comment about money deciding what is healthy… So true…. I'm 50 and spent decades working at huge companies. I marketed products to people by explaining why the needed them… It is all bogus, just a way to get at the consumer's disposable income.
    Keep it up guys!!!

  28. thanks for making veganism cool and spreading the word about what's possible on a plant based diet. being the only vegetarian amongst my friends, it's great to hear about others who share my beliefs.

  29. meat eater here, this was filled with knowledge without the aggression. I am still going to eat meat tho because it's delicious to me. Maybe one day who knows.

  30. EXCELLENT video, dudes! It's so hilarious to see how stupid and easily brainraped so many people are today! Keep up the great work and continue to make huge fools out of the "omnivorous" people! They wanna judge and negatively critique vegans, well, they better watch out when it comes down to the facts! Peace out, bros!

  31. good job dudes! have a great day and keep up the good work, will be showing your videos to meat eater friends of mine that think you need meat to build muscle. I personally do not do bodybuilding, but my body is so much stronger and recovers so quickly from any form of exercise I do on a daily basis, and I have actually grown muscle without trying. Which is very cool.
    Dyl 🙂

  32. If the whole world went vegan, the market would be flooded with vegan products, it would be even easier living as a vegan. Meat doesn't taste THAT good to compensate for the cost Earth has to pay, it only tastes good when you season it with.. plants…

  33. awesome video. solid gold for my arguments with the all the cavemen around this place
    where in the hell are you?? that place is freakin gorgeous

  34. I am vegan. It's just that 100 calories of spinach vs yogurt …. Well let's just say that's a lot of spinach . Haha. But for those who don't believe in a vegan diet, it's not like you're only eating spinach all day.

  35. Can a vegan here give me an example of an inexpensive, high protein vegan diet that you could eat while cutting? If you were sticking to say 1800 calories, would it be difficult going vegan?

  36. Its easier to eliminate animal products than it is to eliminate breads, rice etc. I did atkins for only 2 weeks and emotionally felt off and I was extremely weak. Since eliminating animal products I feel great and have much more energy. Idk if you were to put a big loaf of bread in someones face and a piece of chicken, Id say the bread would be much more satisfying.

  37. On the privilege note. Yes beans and rice are quite cheap, but getting varieties of fruit and veggies are quite expensive.

    Have you guys read studies on the green zones? I think most of the areas ate meat on average 5X a month. Obviously much less than any western country, but definitely not vegan or vegetarian. And most of their health and longevity were attributed to many other social factors and exercise.

  38. Thanks guys! awesome vid!! I got leaner and healthier after changing my diet. I did a one month experiment on myself and ended up sticking to it. The changes in my bloodwork after one month of going vegan were so amazing it would have been foolish not to switch.

  39. I'm impressed that you guys don't retaliate to all the haters. Good work. Very informative. Everything you said makes so much sense, I don't get why all those fucking retards don't understand.

  40. Lol my brother and I have been arguing about these topics for a year and a half now since I went vegan, I showed him this video a week ago and I haven't heard "protein tho….." in two weeks Hhahahahah

  41. "They feel like shit" (in reference to low carb, high fat people) is so true. I have been researching diet for a few weeks now on what to do and I have noticed a trend with the Keto people…. they're always drinking coffee.

  42. Jon venus, can you make a video on the importance of protein to bodybuild? How much do you need? Is the excess completely expelled? Is it harmful in anyway? Do you need to take protein powders? thanks

  43. Gentlemen you are 100% missing the point of the inuits. They have a lower lifespan purely on the basis of the extreme conditions they live under. Life expectancy in comparison to people who live there is completely unfair. A great deal of their people die under the age of 5. This means that the people who live long lives up there get saturated by the number of people who die very young. The key thing they said was that the iniuts are healthy, This doesn't prove your point it only makes you look ignorant to someone who is educated on the matter.

    This goes double for hunter gatherers. As soon as a girl got her first period they start trying to bear a child. Simply for the survival of the species. Back then it was a 1 in 5 chance that the child would see puberty. Him so when we have an average lifespan of 30. and on average 80% of people die before the age of 5 this means that the 20% of the population must have lived really long lives.

    Again the elements play a huge role in the life expectancy of hunter gatherers and people living in a tundra.

    Hell cancer is a relatively new disease it mostly comes from eating processed foods not just meat.

  44. do you guys ever feel any fatigue from explaining the truth over and over again? do you have any info on the health benefits of juicing raw cannabis leafs and shots and cannabis seeds? I have a small bit of peace internally knowing you and others are becoming aware of the misconceptions out there. oh.. one more thing.. what are your thoughts on the four food groups?

  45. Thank you so much for the video. One thing to mention is the intellectual differences between those who consume meat and those who don't. If there is any information that you have on this please share it

  46. Huh? If we can digest animal flesh and plants, by definition, we are omnivores. YOUR vegan diet is a custom diet. Why do vegans need to supplement certain vitamins or else they get really sick? We need to eat a little of everything. Please tell me you don't at least have to supplement vitamin B12. I saw vegan gains video where he had to take this big injection of vitamin B12. However, you guys are living proof that you can live mainly on a plant based diet with a bit of supplementation, the opposite, no vegetable diet isn't true. Before the advancements in chemistry, there were no supplements to take. That said, if you were starving members of poor societies, you would eat whatever you can get your hands on. By the way, the life expectancy of everyone with many different types of diets back 100 years ago was much lower than it is today.

    I'm just counter arguing. I don't care what anyone eats, as a matter of fact, I want to try to transition into a more vegetarian or even a vegan diet in the future.

  47. the arrogance in ignorance of vegans is really amazing to me. first off there's no logical Health reason to be a vegan It's All Pure lies and propaganda. somehow suggesting that milk is bad is absolutely ludicrous. you can't justify your vegan religion with facts so you have to lie and use propaganda. vegans do not eat very healthy they simply eat a little bit healthier than some of the worst American fast food eaters and that's about it. they keep siding fall studies that suggest they get enough protein when in fact Harvard Medical School came out with a study in 2015 showing that even people that eat meat don't get enough protein to be healthy and vegans constantly lie about how much protein and amino acids they get. lies lies and More Lies

  48. I agree, but your brother made a little mistake. Hunter-gatherers were actually stronger and healthier than the first farmers (10 000 years ago). These peasants, as archaeology shows, had massive back and muscle injuries. There diet was both plant and animal based (meat and dairy in the winter, vegetables during the summer).

  49. So good to see young people like yourselves who have the extensive knowledge to educate the ignorant, selfish, and compassionless who refuse to think about anyone but themselves. Flesh food production uses half of all the clean water in the United States, a huge percentage of crop resources and pollutes the environment enormously. We can feed the world and eliminate hunger if those resources were used to produce plant food instead of flesh foods such as meat and poultry . My reason for being vegetarian 46 years and vegan the last 5 is compassion. I cannot fathom how heartless anyone can be to kill and eat the result of your murder. That's what DiVinci said : the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as the murder of men. That from one of greatest minds ever to exist. Keep up the great work guys.

  50. You two are super awesome!!! I wish I had friends like you to hang with. Great job on this. I hope you don’t mind, I wanted to throw in some more things in response to each topic as they appeared in the video:

    HUMANS ARE MADE TO BE OMNIVORES: First, aren’t we closer to “frugivore”? I attempt to cover this a bit on my site here:

    JAPANESE EAT FISH: While Okinawans may eat some meat their longevity and health demonstrates that more plant based the better. This supports the fact that the Seventh Day Adventists eating no meat live the longest.

    OCEAN IS TOO BIG FOR OUR GARBAGE TO MATTER: Most aquatic life is more concentrated on the coastlines where most of the pollution collects and then bio-accumulates into sea life people eat. And this is of course also where most of the fish are caught.

    CALCIUM: Also there is evidence that animal foods deplete our body of calcium. “Meat and eggs have a lot of sulphur-containing amino acids (two to five times more than grains and beans) that are metabolized into sulphuric acid, which the body buffers with calcium compounds”

    BREAST MILK ISN'T VEGAN? And human breast milk is the perfect profile for when we’re growing the most. Also worth mentioning is that human milk has the lowest amount of protein of any other mammalian milk. Cow’s milk push us to grow when we can’t which in turn pushes cancer to grow (IGF-1).

    INSULIN SPIKES: Since there is no fiber in animal products the fiber in plants actually help slow digestion and reduce glycemic response. Also, when saturated fat found in animal foods enter our bloodstream (intramyocellular lipid) end up in our muscle cells (toxic fatty breakdown products & free radicals) blocking insulin and inhibiting blood sugar from getting into our cells causing a blood sugar spike. This is called insulin resistance and is the cause of Type II Diabetes.

    VEGANISM IS A CULT BY THE RICH: This is what they call the Hispanic paradox in America. That is, Hispanics tend to have a lower socioeconomic status yet tend to live longer than the general population. This has been observed throughout history where the rich, like kinds, did not live nearly as long as the lower status people. This is because meat consumption increases as wealth increases.

    OMEGA 3’S: What’s awesome is, the more plant based our source of omega 3’s the more likely and capable our bodies are at converting short chain to long chain fatty acids. Ideally we would have as close to a 1:1 ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 as possible. But, most people these days have a 20:1. A perfect source of omega 3 is milled flax and raw walnuts! Get in balance on a vegan diet!

  51. Humans are opportunistic frugivores, rather than herbivores.
    Our digestive system and biology evolved to specialize in eating fruit.

  52. Thx , I really am impressed with the knowledge that this guy has. He has also said a lot about the scientific proof of why we shouldn't drink milk from a cow, that I have found out before I even heard this guy I am so impressed thx guys.

  53. Love this, so much CORRECT info! Good to see that some people actually research a whole food diet. Thanks

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