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hi Robert. hey Debra how are you? HAHA. this is
my longtime friend Robert former roommate travel buddy yeah he’s at my
house here in Orlando. Excited to be here it’s been a little while since we last.
few years. yeah we tour a lot but it’s been a while since I’ve been to Orlando.
super pumped to be back. yeah. yeah. having fun in the sunshine? having fun here for
a great Fitness Expo which has a lot of great food at a local vegan restaurant
and that was awesome as usual so just always excited to be here in Florida and
always lovely to see you. yeah and I love food and I love like trying different
restaurants cafes when I travel like we just ate it dandelion which I’ve showed
on my channel before dandelion in downtown Orlando yeah I ordered a little
bit too much food I think I’ll tear it away but it was it was great him and I
had this big bowl with broccoli and carrots and quinoa and cabbage and
lettuce the harvest bowl I’m sure had a few other things in it I had a bowl of
chili and then I had this big tempeh like tempeh lettuce tomato the TLT I
guess. yeah TLT healthy sandwich that was awesome yeah yeah that was awesome we
actually had a lot of really good places here in Orlando during the three days
I’ve been in town eating that a lot of great places a lot of good food and so
cool yeah it’s so cool there’s just so many
yeah so many places are becoming more vegan friendly all the time and that you
can find this food anywhere you don’t need spot it even the fast food I don’t
need food but they’re all adding my food fast though like you know shovel it in
fast that’s my fast favorite yeah you ate
like two entrees and I was still eating my first one I like traveling anywhere
around the U.S. or the world now so easy like vegan apps finding vegan food
just going to regular restaurants alright just use like a travel around
the world use a happy cow app you know I got food at the Tokyo Airport and I did
a vegan restaurant tour in Beijing China I was in I was standing in the middle of
Chiang Mai Thailand and I opened up the HappyCow app and within walking
distance about hundred vegan friendly restaurants in
Chiang Mai in the northern part of Thailand and you find that all over the
place I mean all throughout the US and Canada and around the world
and hundreds of places in Europe and it’s just it’s a really good time to be
vegan. Yeah and still healthy it’s not like the vegan junk food I mean you can find
that and it’d be great but well and also it’s important though the healthy stuff
has always been there like any kind of supermarket any kind of produce aisle
any kind of farmers market produce has always been there fruits and vegetables
grains legumes nuts and seeds have always been that we just get a little
carried away I think because we got vegan burgers and milkshakes and all
this now so as long as you you know have a little bit of produce with that burger
and fries at the vegan burger and fries a little more on the right path yeah
yeah you can do it with any kind of like macros well like what didn’t whatever
what someone wants to do if they want to do high fat or low fat or whatever it’s
yeah you can do it and I also like just stopping at a grocery store when I
travel like I don’t have to do people ask me what kind of restaurants you go
to you or what if you’re in a town that doesn’t have vegan restaurant I said
well they have a supermarket right they have a grocery store right and and do
that yeah you know and there you can go and you can always find like that they
go to things like like vegetables and hummus or or any kind of fruit apples
and citrus and bananas and all that kind of stuff you can find some pre-made
things already oftentimes even staying away from the frozen or refrigerated
items you might you know there’s endless bars and snacks I think they’re actually
more energy bars that are that are that are vegan than non vegan it seems and so
it’s just endless supply of vegan food everywhere you just have to look for it
yeah and it can be fun to eat in restaurants especially with a group but
like the worst is when I’ve traveled and it’s like a ski town maybe and it’s like
you go in and you ordered a salad but the salad is nothing but lettuce. I’m
like I just could have went to the grocery store and got produce. well and you
know also thinking about about a lot of international cuisine whether we’re
talking about Mexican food or Indian food or Ethiopian food or Vietnamese
food or Thai food so much of it is rice and vegetables. Right easy. it is
rice and vegetables curry tofu and as long as as we avoid the the dairy that
sometimes sneaks into some of those items to just ask about that it should
be good to go you know so much of a rice and vegetable culture is what the rest
of the world is yeah and and that’s plentiful in these international
restaurants all over the country so that’s what I do when I travel a lot and
I hit up pad thai and fried rice and noodle dishes and fresh rolls and and burritos
when my all-time favorites and soups and a lot of veggie sushi you know a number
of there’s even a number of all vegan sushi places around in Los Angeles in
New York we have a lot of vegan friendly sushi in Arizona where I live so it’s
out there yeah yeah and we had a nice little walk at the city park here in the
middle of downtown Lake Eola. hey built my tan I’m not sure if you see that
from the bright sun. a little bit a couple of hours. People were checking out the vegan
strong. there we go yeah that was good that was good a
little cardio worked up at an appetite. for yeah yeah what do we do three-mile
little fast pace walked my act I guess so because it was an hour it was a full
hour straight of fairly fast paced walking and me taking photos of the
wildlife and running into fans there’s a lot of swans yeah that was funny bumping
into a couple people today I didn’t expect that but that’s that’s the part
of it that comes with tour into this place a lot to Orlando many times and
speaking here many times all that you bump into some familiar faces
yes that’s yet all right thanks for sharing yeah do you do any yoga yourself
so like what’s it like doing yoga like you were former he’s the former
competitive bodybuilder in case you don’t know yeah yeah so I’ve had a 10
year competitive bodybuilding career obviously been a vegan athlete for
almost 25 years and you know I really haven’t incorporated yoga
yet I have to think this back problem you know and a lot of people tell me I
could benefit from yoga with my lower back I just haven’t done a whole lot of
it to be honest I don’t know if it’s it’s I guess I’ve made excuses that I
don’t have the the patience for it you know I you know you get to slow down and
I’ve been like you know fast lifting weights or playing basketball or soccer
I’m very much a a runner very much a fast sports person and so
even taking the time to stretch sometimes is something that I ever
remember in at least one of your books you talk about how you stretch
especially legs like yes five minutes between each set. I do it all throughout
the workout I stretch legs but I don’t always pay the same attention to other
areas arms or yeah chest or whatever I figure well I like the soreness I get
from that it reminds me I’ve worked out hard but really more and more especially
after all these years of lifting and all the lower back problems from being a
weight lifter for 20 years yoga sounds more and more appealing all
the time like even today you know I’m kind of limping around even though I’m
this you know this this athlete person or weight lifter but it happens yeah
those things that a little bit at some point yeah so maybe next time I visit I
will be doing some yoga I know I have to go the airport in a few minutes. Or on my
youtube. what is it warrior one? wait whoops hold on I yeah this one
right yeah it’s hard to do like a mirror right and this foot goes back right
straight torso yeah you got your legs. Focus. Mindfulness. all right yeah yeah oh wait I’m gonna be
one with nature with my tree I’m gonna add to the greenery with my tree pose
yes this tree tipped over. maybe my hands are crooked. so I know if you pose this oh
I’ve done it I’ve done a little bit yoga but I get more about like the mind body
too and you do that with writing and yeah I’m sweetly focusing I’m certainly
getting more interested in in meditation and in sitting still and even in like a
sauna and after working out sitting still and really focusing inwardly but I
don’t always incorporate a lot of stretching with that I do some breathing
with that I do some clearing of the mind the best that I can
it’s hard sometimes with my personality to keep the mind from …always working
from my creative ideas… I’m bouncing around but that is something that I’m working
toward yeah so cool cool so what a project are you working on
where can people find you yeah I have some YouTube videos you know I haven’t
been on YouTube in about ten years but I’m thinking of making a comeback Robert
Cheeke is my name vegan bodybuilding calm is the website I run and I usually
did this thing if you wanna go back really old-school for fun I have long
hair you can check out the Robert Cheeke show there’s a funny little youtube
thing I did ten years ago but you know I’m on this vegan strong tour like I
says on my shirt I I’m on this Vegan Strong tour that travel all over the
country to the largest Fitness Expos in America and set up a vegan strong booth
with a very talented team of plant-based athletes vegan strong athletes and we
promote the compassionate vegan lifestyle to a mainstream Fitness
audience showing that you can build muscle on a plant-based diet and so
that’s the main thing that I focus on and the moment I’m working on a another
book as well and so there’ll be my fifth one once it comes out nice so that’s
what’s up with me. great well thanks for watching thank you
thanks thanks Debra appreciate it good seeing you alright bye

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  1. I was happy to meet up with Robert on his Vegan Strong tour stop Europa Expo Orlando. Check the team out on their tour of various fitness expos and events via Instagram.

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