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I am frequently asked how my nutrition plan looks like or what you should eat as a vegan bodybuilder or fitness exerciser therefore I show you in this short video , what I eat the whole day I will not say as much about the quantities, because everyone has a different calorie requirements you know, I´m 1,55 m 53 kg female and 34 years these are my key data my first meal is at at eight clock in the morning the breakfast usually I eat oatmeal I let soak them with boiling water with popped amaranth, cacao powder, maple syrup or agave nectar some nuts for the healthy fat acids sometimes I eat some fruits with it but I ‘m watching, I ‘ve discovered that sometimes I get hungry when I eat fruit sometimes I bake me a fresh bread the evening before and eat it with smoked tofu, avocado… but usually I eat oatmeal at twelve o´clock noon I have my second meal then I eat a carbohydrate source like today quinoa but I also recommend buckwheat, millet , amaranth with vegetables, sometimes raw as a salad or cooked fried with onions my preferred fat source is avocado or roasted nuts it´s awesome, because you can prepare it outside if you have the opportunity or you prepare it at home and take it with you I think it´s so important to eat varied with different carbohydrate, protein and fat sources so you get all the vitamins and minerals quinoa has the advantage , it contains all the essential amino acids that your body can not produce this is particularly valuable (the sound was my dishwasher) but I eat different food to get all my nutrients at four o´clock in the afternoon meal 3 I eat legumes like beans and lentils I cook them in the evening before because I prefere dry legumes I soaked them overnight , cook it for an hour and you’re done I share them in portions, freeze them, and finished

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    @scourly De Jardin Da ich danach leider oft mit Heisshunger zu tun habe. Das ist das, was ich meine, man sollte seinen Körper kennen lernen. Jeder reagiert anders auf bestimmt Lebensmittel

  2. Tolle Frau, hochinteressantes Video, meinen Respekt. Eine Frage: wäre diese Art Ernährungsplan auch für mich als man nutzbar? Oder würde ein Plan für uns Männer ganz anders aussehen? Danke und viele Grüße.

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