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100 thoughts on “Vegan Strongman REACTS To ‘The Game Changers’ Drama…

  1. His channel is part of the mainstream media, so there's a good chance that Joe Rogan was paid by the Meat, Dairy, Egg, and maybe even the Pharma-Medical Industries to say the stuff he was saying against plant-based eaters and for the meat-eating camp.

  2. Wow Patrick Baboumian……so well-spoken in a foreign language, so well prepared on nutrition AND so superbly strong! Congrats from a fellow German. Hut ab!

  3. Patrik is so intelligent adn well-spoken!
    Joe Rogan is ridiculous, and the fact the he doesn't understand that makes him even more ridiculous

  4. He is so well spoken, Bravo. Loved the interview. The game changers has really changed many if my friends minds , its a very impactful movie, and i think this scares a lot of people,

  5. Continued consumption of animal products leads to bowel cancer…colon cancer….heart disease….gout….the list goes on. Do you ever hear of vegan's with stomach cancer? Nope. But meat eaters? The numbers are staggering! Plant based power forever and peace to innocent animals.

  6. this strongman has never even made it into a world strongman event haha watch the link most athletes in the game chargers are injuried or not in top 10 positions of their sport just saying???

  7. People in Hong Kong are currently the heaviest meat eaters on the planet (695 grams/person/day) and at the same time they are the longest living nation on Earth. How is that possible? Isn't meat supposed to kill you much quicker than other foods?

  8. But… the movie was still filled with false information. I don’t care if your vegan, vegetarian or whatever all I’m saying is don’t believe everything you hear go look it up for yourself. When someone makes a documentary they cherry pick everything and leave out the full content of the info.

  9. im all for veganism, but I dont think the "documentary" was good at all. So much BS in it, like the blood test which i can find no replication of, and the boner stuff was just super lame. And then you look up all the producers, and ups, they all got investments in vegan companies trying to sell supplements. Its SO biased and like one big commercial, that rational people get skeptical real fast.

  10. I've been making the 'meatloaf' with oats and lentils (recipe on game changers website) and it's delicious. Incorporating more plant based foods into your diet is the way to go

  11. Quadruple bypass Rogan….if he admits he is wrong ALL of his credibility falls…spreading heart disease and diabetes through his misinformation …think of the suffering and deaths he is perpetrating…its not about philosophy it is about disease prevention and ecology….adn animal rights.

  12. I totally agree with that any kind of short term diet statement and also misconception that losing weight automatically does not mean you are healthy; sleep a lot sunlight adjusted, eat well & move your body you'll be fine.

  13. The game changers is also the life changers. Fantastic film and I'm promoting it with everyone I love.
    You turned another guy to vegan. Thanks for that spectacular work and fun film.

  14. eat good clean food . Eat what makes you feel healthy and clean. The eat meat, eat no meat argument is a tangent a waste of time!

  15. Excess weight is excess waste. The waste gets in through the diet. Animal products have no fiber so the waste stores. Grains are not appropriate for the human anatomy and physiology either. The members of the physicians committee for responsible medicine have become vegans which is one step, but as far as I know, still promote cooked foods and grains. I have seen and adopted quite a few diets during my 50-year career as a naturopathic practitioner and have been a vegan for 49 years. I have a 41, 31 year old children, an 18, 16, and 5 yr. old grandchildren, a competitive runner son-in-law of 43 yrs. old. I am one of the few nutritional consultants that have been a raw vegan for 18 yrs. There are quite a few truly great, record-setting vegan athletes and some are raw vegan athletes. Raw vegans get much more value from food than do those who eat corpses, egg, grain or dairy products. Cooking destroys enzymes and nutrients. Grains contain anti-nutrients, and animal products contain growth hormones of other species. Then there’s the phlegm,, cholesterol,, gluten, pus and pathogens. The debris will be responsible for many illnesses and dis-eases to come. Dr. Robert Atkinson killed himself with his animal protein diet, he did not understand what carbohydrates are, nor did he know enough about amino acid recombining, I used to take my own patients off the Atkins diet, immediately, but sometimes only after there had been high blood pressure or damage to their kidneys.

  16. This vegan strongman got too where he is by eating plants only as a Child. Not The Meat AT all that helped him xd … eats Meat for 30yrs became huge. Switch diet then lie too ppl saying its thx too vegan diet. How retarded is that?

  17. 13:11 Don't stop now. Keep on competing! I'd love to see you get better and win in genuine international strong man competitions. Since it's all about the long term. I need you to prove all those ex-vegans, that looked like cancer patiens in the end, wrong!

  18. Dear vegans, you're wrong. 
    You're always talking about saving animals yet your eating habits kill more animals than the meat industry. What about these poor insects, theres trillions of them over the world and you're killing billions every year to get your greens. Im sure no Vegan always look down not trying to stand on a ant or any other animal, we are all mass murderers so stop talking bullshit.

  19. Tried veganism for a long time. I still think a pure vegan approach esp. for performance is still not the best approach. More like a 90-10. 10 being eggs and other animal protein and fats.

  20. Joe Rogan I made a physique with carnivore ,🙈mate you are in steroids from 35 years old are you fucking kidding me???I am not in anyway vegan no support it though

  21. Here’s a thought call me crazy but why don’t you just eat a balanced diet, low fat meats balanced with whole fruits and vegetables.
    Edit: If you do it for ethical purposes then it’s different. And Patrick is the only fat vegan I’ve ever seen.

  22. The problem with the movie is that they just cherry pick studies that support their narrative. For every athlete in that movie there are hundres of athletes who are out there that are NOT vegan but still perform better. I don't get why it always has to be extremes. All or nothing. Why not pick the best of everything and combine it?? Fish has positive impact on the body, meat has the best amino acid profile out there, then you have all veggies out there that fill you with micro nutrients. Why not take the best of all of it. Extreme restriction is not the answer and also a reason why people fail long term.

  23. you know his records aren't worth much in the current era of strongman
    But this guy is insanely strong especially for a 5'7 guy

  24. I went vegetarian and I take B12 as well as other supplements and I whole heatedly feel so much more clear. I still use organic dairy because im not confident enough to stop all animal products yet. However I love being meat free thus far.

  25. Oh so vegans can put out a doco that goes world wide and is quite literally full of misinformation and errors, but a single pod cast isn’t allowed to discuss it haha haha. Gotta love vegans. Stop trying to press it on others like it’s the one true answer, it’s no different to religious nuts going door to door, none of you do yourselves any favours, you try and ram this shit down peoples throats. You come off like psychopaths, it’s hilarious.

  26. Feed adolescent children nothing but a vegan based diet for several years straight and see how the stack up physically compared to their counterparts feed a more traditional diet!!! Kids have become deathly ill and even died being fed vegan diets, you’re all nuts, YouTube is literally full of videos where past vegans have made vlogs of how much better they feel coming off a plant based diets. Enjoy your plants peeps, all the more murder burgers for me😊

  27. I saw a Now This episode where they acquired video footage of animal abuse in slaughter houses. The animals were punched in the face, kicked in the head, thrown against walls and there are were also reports of animal RAPE. Also, a lot of animals break their legs or get hurt in transit and suffer tremendously before they are slaughtered. I no longer eat meat. I actually want to make changes that move our society towards a harmonious Garden of Eden. #HumanityIsAPlague

  28. Klaus, I really love your genuine passion for veganism, and absolute authenticity, it shines through every interview, creating such a great energy and always makes them such a pleasure to watch

  29. Singe i saw game changer i changed my diet to vegan , i lost weight snd feel so much better, also it improved my bloodwork

  30. Can someone tell me why when a vegan movie comes out that is popular ppl who aren’t vegan get so angry And defensive and make a slew of videos about “debunking” it? I’m confused

  31. so a friend of mine says "you know, there is a documentary on Netflix called 'game changers' and you look exactly like the guy in it!"
    i said "nah"
    so i'm watching this and lol. he does look like me, and he's Armenian too.

  32. 2011 war Baboumian Gewinner, da war er noch vegetarisch. Danach vegan 2012 und 2013 dritter Platz. Danach kein Podest mehr oder keine Teilnahme mehr? 2017, 2018 und 2019 hat ein Allesfresser ponischer Herkunft gewonnen. Die Liste der Rekorde von Baboumian endet auch 2015. Ob es nun das Alter oder die "tolle" Pflanzen-Ernährung ist, mag jeder für sich selbst beantworten…

    For englishspeakers:
    Baboumian won 2011, he was vegetarian until then. After that he went vegan, just third places in 2012 and 2013, nothing again since then. His list of world records also ends in 2015. Is it his age or the vegan diet? Answer yourself!

  33. How long until I can get the vegans to come over and eat my shrubs and weeds and graze in my yard? The illegals immigrants are gonna be pissed!

  34. I really admire you Patrik, but my question is , how you can keep your muscles that big with the vegan diet? I am experimenting recently with vegetarian diet (again:)), my feelings are – great, more energised, better sleep, less tired…

  35. Strong in mind and body. They should have a competition that reflects this. Introduce chess and debate as fell. Like Beauty pageants did to change stereotypes.

  36. I think at the end of the day a balanced diet is going to be superior. Both diets have gaps and drawbacks, having all forms of food can support an all around healthiness.

  37. Everybody watching this video go to strength Wars and watch the faceless versus Patrik baboumian episode. Faceless destroyed Patrik baboumian

  38. I went vegan on weekdays because of game changer
    I like to taste all sort of food, so i eat anything on weekends.

  39. Patrik, you should look up Ryback TV on YouTube, he is fucken badass, and I'd love to see you on his podcast, conversation with the big guy. He just went vegan a few months ago and hes a Former wrestler, so you know. Love what you are doing. Dunke

  40. He is vegan and so what? People 10 000 bc were oly on meat. Short height and weight, and short live so we dont have teeth or claws. Our nature is to do whatever we want just like all media morons who do whatever they want with wrong information.

  41. Great interview, Patrik nails it here. I consider the game changers still to be a very one sided documentary, who tries to push the universal truth of meat being inherently bad, which I don't believe is true(and there is alot of studies which say exactly that). All things in moderation.

    What Joe Rogan did in his Show with Robert Oberst was basically taking the opposite position and bringing only one-sided arguments, semi factual at best. It's like american politics, there is hardly much common sense, the moderate in between voices aren't heard much in this heate debate of "vegan vs carnivore". That's a dangerous and stupid game, as we can see in the US political stage.

  42. I think Joe is actually pretty open minded and a podcast with him and Patrick would defenetly be fun to watch.

  43. This guy is cool, but please don't use the conservation excuse for being Vegan. If you actually read into the studies the stats were all skewed. My question for Patrick is, how many supplements do you take on a daily basis?

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