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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! In
today’s video, I’m going to be sharing with you how I got all of my essential
vitamins and nutrients during pregnancy and also now while
breastfeeding my son, being vegetarian. Now I’m not a medical professional, so
take anything I say with a grain of salt and do your own research and absolutely
talk to your doctor before you put anything in your body. I am just
vegetarian not vegan and for those of you who don’t know the difference,
vegetarian just means that I don’t eat fish or meat at all. For instance,
even beans that have lard, I wouldn’t eat that, or soup with
chicken broth or beef broth, I wouldn’t eat that. I do still eat marshmallows. I
think there’s some form of animal product in marshmallows (in gelatin) and I
also take a fish oil. I’ll get into that later in this video, but other than that,
I don’t consume any meat or fish and vegans don’t consume any dairy or egg
products, along with really using any products that were tested on animals.
It’s a much stronger commitment and you have to put a lot more effort into
making sure that you are getting the nutrients that you lose by not consuming
dairy because of this, as a vegetarian, the main concerns are really just
protein and iron. When I first became vegetarian back in 2016 I started
bruising a lot, so I started taking a 65mg supplement of iron and that
immediately solved the problem. I mean within a week, I was completely cleared
up and I have had no issues with bruising at all since and then I went to
my doctor and I had some blood work done to compare my vegetarian diet blood work
with my blood work done the previous year when I was eating meat and all of
my levels were completely perfect and she had told me that taking that
65mg of iron, was exactly what she would have recommended and then when it
comes to protein, I’ve always exercised, so I’ve always
taken a whey protein supplement and then I take a Casein protein in the evening
right before bed: about an hour before bed. It’s kind of part of my winddown
ritual. The casein protein is ideal for taking before bed because it dissolves
slowly over the course of about 7 hours
and while you’re in that fasting state (while you’re sleeping), your body is
burning fat instead of burning your muscle and then whey protein has an
immediate effect. Its best during the day. If you want to use it with your workouts,
you can use it before, after, or during a workout, it doesn’t really matter. I’ve
not really seen much of a difference in when I drink it. I drink a protein
smoothie every single day no matter what: technically, I call it a fruit, veggie and
protein smoothie. I throw in frozen berries, frozen mango
and frozen pineapple, and then I make these little smoothie bags for myself. I
use the Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Strawberry Delicious whey protein for my
smoothies and that has 24 grams… I’ve been using this protein for years by the
way. I swear by it, it is amazing. I would never switch and that’s another reason
why being vegan doesn’t really work for me because I love this protein so much
and I would have to switch to a dairy-free vegan protein, but I do a full
scoop of the strawberry whey: “Strawberry Delicious” I think it’s called.
I do a full scoop of that and then I do 1/3 cup of quick oats, so I get my grains
and then a 1/2 tablespoon of chia seeds. Chia seeds are very high in antioxidants
and fiber and they have vitamins B- 1,2 and 3, zinc and potassium. Also, I add in a
splash of apple cider vinegar. I always use the Bragg organic raw
apple cider vinegar and I just do a hefty splash: not too much. The reason I add
this, is because I’m making the smoothie anyway
and it hides the taste of this vinegar and there are so many benefits. For
example, there have been a ton of studies done on rats (not people), that show that
it can decrease the size of tumors and kill cancer cells. So in my mind, if I
ever develop cancer, this is going to slow down the process or even prevent
cancer, who knows and it’s also really good for heart health and then after I
add those in… I always buy this big bag of spinach
from the salad area and then I freeze it so it
doesn’t spoil on me. I’ll throw in three full handfuls of spinach on top, which
has a ton of iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, folate. By the way, when you’re pregnant,
they say to take folate for (I believe) the brain stem development in the
first (I think) eight or nine weeks of the baby’s life.
For brain development, you want to make sure that you’re getting folic acid or
folate. Folic acid is the man-made version of folate. This is the best
thing for you because this is the real deal. Your leafy greens have
a ton of folate in them. I’m good about making this smoothie every single day no
matter what because I know that I’m getting my fruits and vegetables and I’m
not really the kind of person to cook up vegetables as a side or make
myself a bowl of fruit. It’s just not really my thing, it’s not something that
I really crave. So I know that every day, I’m at least getting my serving of
fruits and vegetables and my protein and the grains from the oatmeal and then I
always add this. This is the Winco brand, but so many orange juices have this. It
has calcium and vitamin D in the orange juice and this is what I blend it with.
So all of the fruit flavors over power the spinach. I used to put kale in my
smoothie too, but it was just too strong of a green taste, but with this and the
berries, it overpowers any of the green from the spinach (any of that green taste)
and also, that apple cider vinegar and my smoothies are seriously amazing. Since I
always have the strawberry whey in my smoothies, that is 24 grams and then my
casein before bed, I put it in this little blender bottle and I only do a
half scoop because the casein is a little bit more expensive and you don’t
need that much protein. So I just do 4 ounces of water and a half scoop of my
casein protein. So that’s 12 grams of protein
and I just keep it in here. I don’t have the actual jug because I have everything
all stored, but I’ll insert a picture of both of these proteins and also link
them down in the description box below for you.
I use the Chocolate Supreme Optimum Nutrition Casein protein and then I
drank that with water and during the day now, I don’t really do this that much, but
during my pregnancy, I made sure to also have a third, middle of the day protein
scoop and I would just mix it with this Blue Almond, Almond Breeze Unsweetened
Original almond milk. It has a good deal of calcium, iron, vitamin D, vitamin E and
a little bit of protein. I pour 4 ounces of that in here and then I have
my other chocolate protein… my whey chocolate protein. It is the
Double Rich Chocolate by Optimum Nutrition and that with the almond milk,
is delicious. So during pregnancy, that would be 24 grams of
protein with my smoothie in the morning and then in the middle of the day, I
would have the 12 grams of protein with my blender bottle and the almond milk
and then in the evening, I would always have the 12 grams of casein protein
before bed with water. To calculate how much protein you actually need per day
not pregnant, you’re going to take your weight and for each pound that you weigh,
you’re going to multiply 0.36 grams of protein. So for instance, I’m
127 pounds and you multiply that by 0.36 grams of protein. That means
that I should have 45.72 grams of protein a day. Even if you weigh a lot
less than me and your recommended daily is a lot lower, during pregnancy you want
to be getting at least 60 grams of protein. The healthy range is
about 75 to 100, but 60 is healthy: that’s the minimum, that is good.
Your baby is going to need a lot of protein and also if you are vegetarian, I
highly recommend that you go ahead and get on a 65mg of iron. I just
continued taking that, I didn’t make any alterations to my iron consumption. I
also was taking a prenatal as well though and that has iron in it
anyways. If you look at all of the labels on your food, everything that
you eat has a little bit of vitamins that are adding up. Really, as a
vegetarian the only things that you need to worry about, are protein
and iron. When it comes to calorie consumption, I’m going to tell you guys: you
only need 300 more calories (starting the second trimester) during
pregnancy and 500 more calories during breastfeeding, but with breastfeeding,
that really varies because are you bottle feeding at all? Are you having to
breastfeed and pump, so you’re producing a lot more milk? For me, my son does not
bottle feed at all, I never pump. The only time I have to pump is if I have a
clogged milk duct, but I never pump and he only drinks from my breast, so I
don’t really need to be consuming an extra 500 calories a day. It’s not
necessary and let’s be real, our nation of the United States (if you’re watching
this and you live in the United States): in 2019 we were ranked the 16th
most obese country in the entire world. 36.2 percent of our
country is obese and our average BMI is 28.8 so odds are you
are probably consuming a couple extra hundred calories than what you should be
consuming anyways. I really from personal experience am advising you
(unless you’re underweight or you’ve got a really low BMI to start),
don’t think about how you need to be consuming extra calories because you
probably don’t. Those 300 extra calories are going to easily be eaten with all of
your pregnancy cravings and really, it’s only like one extra little snack a day:
like some yogurt and granola. It’s not a lot of calories. In my first pregnancy, I
worked in a restaurant and I was surrounded by people that were looking
at me like, “Oh you need to eat, you’re eating for two.” It’s a fallacy you guys.
You are NOT eating for two! This teeny tiny little baby, does not need all of
those calories and I ate so much. I gained so much weight.
I was completely huge. I’m surprised I
didn’t gestational diabetes. I had no health issues, but it was bad and my
confidence was just really bad and the second time around, I was a lot more
obedient. I weighed a lot less to start, but don’t
just shove your face and use pregnancy as a Hall Pass
or you’re going to pay for it after you have that baby and your weight is not
coming off. Now I’ve heard some people say that as a vegetarian you need
vitamin b12, but since I consume dairy and eggs, I am getting my b12 from those:
that’s not an issue. I do not consume milk: I am a vegetarian,
but the dairy industry… it’s heartbreaking, it really is extremely
heartbreaking when you look into that, but I don’t want to lecture you guys. I
don’t consume milk because I think that that’s the one thing… I don’t cut
out my cheese, I eat cheese, I eat yogurt pretty much daily, but by cutting out
milk, I feel like I’m making some contribution. I mean, it’s not an
all-in thing you guys. You can make the tiniest contributions in your own way,
but because I don’t consume milk, I drink the almond milk (that unsweetened almond
milk by Blue Diamond), but I’ll put it in oatmeal, or I will have cereal with it
and like I said, I’ll put it in that chocolate middle of the day shake if I
decide to make that and my eggs too. I mix the almond milk with my eggs and
with my mashed potatoes. I think that’s all I use it with, but because calcium is
a little bit of a concern, that’s why I get the calcium and vitamin D in my
orange juice and I also take an extra calcium and D3 supplement. I just take
one a day, I think it’s recommended to take 2-3 a day, but I just take
one a day and then like I mentioned before, I also take a fish oil.
Yes I’m vegetarian and that’s conflicting, but the omega-3s are really
good during pregnancy. They are really good for having a healthy pregnancy and
for so many benefits to you and your baby, so I have always taken one fish oil
a day. That’s something that I just couldn’t stop when I became vegetarian.
It’s worth the health benefits to me and I just take one 1000mg
gel a day. Also, I always make it a point to eat one form of veggie meat a
day: be it a burger… you know, like all the Morningstar products
or the Gardein, you know, grilled chicken, burgers. These grillers
right here, I pretty much cook with everything. I will make tacos with them,
I’ll put them in spaghetti, I’ll make baked potatoes with guacamole and
veggie meat on top and cheese, but I really just like to make it a point to
have at least one veggie meat a day for a little extra protein, especially during
pregnancy and really the best thing that you can do, is listen to your body during
pregnancy and breastfeeding. If you’re feeling dizzy, if you feel like
your baby is drinking all of your nutrients during breastfeeding and you
start feeling dizzy or you start seeing bruises, go to the doctor and get a blood
test and see if you are low on any of your nutrients. They give you a
full printout of all of your levels and what you might be too much in or too
little in. I highly recommend you go and do that. It’s such a great way to know
that you’re on top of it and I am on top of it: all of my levels are wonderful.
Meat really is not necessary guys and I was already taking protein before I
became vegetarian, so it was effortless when I finally made the decision to go
meat free. So this is going to wrap up my breastfeeding series. It was a
requested video, so I decided I was just going to go ahead and go through with it.
You know, I’m not a nutritionist, I’m not a medical professional, but this is what
I do to kind of balance out my nutrients. It’s not that difficult when you’re just
removing meat from your diet. If you go into veganism, it’s a whole other
battlefield and it requires a lot more looking at labels and translating
all of those words they use, that actually mean…
there’s all those hidden things that they hide in products and it’s
just too much work for me. For me, just removing animals is a great way to
contribute to [fighting] the environmental damage and the animal cruelty.
Anyways, my daughter is vegetarian and I’m going to
raise my son vegetarian as well. I may give him cow’s milk when he hits one, but
because I’m planning to continue to breastfeed for 2 or 3 years… at
least until I have my next baby. I’m planning to have my next baby when he
turns 3: like actually have the baby. So I don’t know how I’m going to feel about
breastfeeding during pregnancy, but I would like to breastfeed him until he’s
about 3 years old if I can and in that case, he probably is not going to need dairy
milk and he isn’t consuming meat, but he already loves the vegetarian meats. He
likes the crispy meats the most, but he’s doing fantastic. He doesn’t really like
vegetables, I have to make him like avocado toast, but when it comes to
fruits and veggie meats, he loves it. If you have any questions at all though, go
ahead and drop them down in the comment section below and like this video if you
enjoyed it and subscribe to my channel and I am currently waiting… I just made
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  1. You can have kidney stones by eating spinac (or kale) every day. It's very toxic full of oxalate. Also grains are the most unhealthy plant you can eat. Just do your own research about antinutrients nthe plants. I recommend some videos of dr. Natasha Campbell McBride but there is much more. Good luck!

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