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Sample Vegetarian Weight Loss Meal Plan Although this weight loss plan is more on the vegetarian side, it still requires much planning like any other diets. We know that the main goal of weight loss diets (even vegetarian diets for weight loss) is about lowering your caloric intakeóeating lesser calories than you burn in order to lose weight. To give a clearer picture, an average person consumes 1200 to 1500 calories per day but a person who is into a vegetarian weight loss diet only consumes around 400 calories per meal and for a snack or two around 100 calories. Below is a sample of what a meal plan for this diet looks like. Breakfast The golden rule in this vegetarian weight loss diet plan is to NEVER skip meals and this starts right by eating breakfast. Time and time again, it has been emphasized that breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it boosts your metabolism and starts up your energy for the day. You can make a smoothie that has juice or milk, fresh fruits and vegetables. You may also want to add in a scoop of protein powder and you have with you a healthy breakfast that is packed with protein. If you happen to be a vegetarian who doesnít mind eating eggs, you may also cook omelets with vegetables and you may cook it at a nonstick pan with no oil. Oatmeal filled with fresh fruits is also a great idea for breakfast. Lunch Packed lunch is the best option if you are on this diet so you can control what you eat and not get tempted to eat foods that are in your cafeteria or eat at restaurants or fast food chains. You can have with you a healthy salad but make sure to use a low-calorie dressing. You may also add in beans to your salad to get some protein or even add in fresh fruits if you like. Another great option is a sandwich and add in carrot sticks or fresh fruits as your side dish. Dinner For your dinner, you may eat up a meal that is based on rice or beans. You may pair your rice with bean stew that is added up with spices and tomatoes. Another great option is pasta with vegetables. Snacks These ideas may not only be used for snacks but also for dessert. Best options are fresh fruits or vegetables. You can also come up with a whole wheat pita with hummus.

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