Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Bright and early. Let’s find
out what my next job is. Morning, Mike. Morning, Dave. How did you go with that job yesterday?
Yeah, good. All finished. Oh, great. We’ll have a look at this
board then and get you another one. Yeah! We’ve got a freezer to build. That’s
140 hours, delivery in May. Let’s have a look at the job card. There you go.
Do you want to have a read of that? OK. I’ll make a start. We manufacture all types of road
transport equipment, from small four-wheel drives to buses, semi-trailers,
road trains and van bodies. A lot of our designs are
specialised and custom built which keeps the job
from becoming repetitive. I’ve worked on prison vans
and mobile blood banks. Maths is an integral
part of the job. I always liked metalwork in high school.
I did work experience here and was then asked to complete
my apprenticeship here as well. Now I’m an employee and
doing what I love. One day I would like to train for
work in sales or management. Welding on a hot summer’s day is really
uncomfortable but in winter it’s not too bad. As the senior First Aid officer on site, I have
to make sure our emergency gear is stocked. Excuse me. You couldn’t give us a hand
fitting this roof? I’m a little bit stuck. Yeah, no problem, Dave. What we’ll have to do is
pre-fit it first, drop the roof down, make sure
it all fits, lift it up, put it on props, as you
see then what we do is put the glue all the way
round, allow it to… Excuse me, Geoff. You
couldn’t give us a hand to bend some material, could you?
It’s pretty big. Yeah, all right, Dave. Right. We’re going up there
now to do it. When we work as a team, the jobs
are done quickly and safely. Now the body’s attached to the chassis,
all I have to do is sand the floor. It’s the painter’s turn to add the
final touches and the overall finish. That’s a good feeling – to see the job go
from a length of steel to a complete vehicle. I don’t mind a bit of overtime. I’ll ask Mike
if there’s another job I can get started on. Hello, Dave. That last job you
did was brilliant. The customer loved it and it was under hours as well.
So here’s your next job. It’s a mobile workshop. OK. Thanks. Looks pretty tricky.
Should be fun.

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