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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi friends Victor Costa peace love and
muscles hope you’re doing well decided to do another livestream the other one
got cut off so I just wanted to reconnect I’ve got a good 20 minutes or
so before I start training and I figured I would spend some time with you folks
so peace loving muscles gonna entertain some questions tonight I’m gonna tell
you a little bit about my book peace loving muscles and how you can get it
and how you can get the eBook version and I guess we’ll take off on the diet
Road tonight a lot of folks want to ask me about keto they want to ask me about
intermittent fasting they want to ask about
I have diet questions and I’m delighted to entertain those questions no I’m good
to see you buddy peace love and muscles thanks for showing up much appreciate it
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me excellent guys so peace loving muscles I’m gonna be talking about diet
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westcoast it’s obviously early so we can have a very nice conversation and
usually the smaller the group the better sometimes because we can really kind of
get into some questions and I can ask I can answer some very very specific
questions and you guys know once I get rolling I go on my own track so
sometimes a little too verbose but I’m gonna try to give you as much
information as possible in a brief little session tonight you guys can see
that this is a super chat right you can see all that just give me a thumbs up if
you can and great so we’re two minutes of 44 seconds into this I’m gonna start
giving you some information feel free to start shooting out some questions but
let me tell you what we should chat about tonight
so people have been asking me a lot about intermittent fasting and keto diet
when you first google keto diet you know you’ll see some Google searches and then
you’ll see if you click on the first one and they’ll say you know the 10 things
you ought to know about keto it’s funny when I was in second grade I
remember my my second grade teacher talking about the process of ketosis and
I always thought that ketosis was the thing that would actually ultimately
maybe saved my life some day like if I was on a deserted island it would be my
body sort of looking for food and thinking it’s starving and it would just
actually start eating itself and you know I kind of thought that that would
be like a process like ketosis would have to happen under extreme duress by
home gym fitness face to see you know well get to that question a little bit
and so guys obviously I’m not a fan of any diet that generally has an acronym
that asks or either a period of consolidated eating or a period of
fasting I prefer to eat meals all throughout the day getting my
nourishment all throughout the day using energy as I need it but never really
being at a deficit for energy in other words deploying my energy evenly
throughout the day so I also don’t subscribe to getting rid of entire
food groups wholesale meaning get rid getting rid of carbs or getting rid of
fats you know no one ever talks about getting rid of protein right that’s the
Holy Grail but people do talk about getting rid of carbs and other people
talking about getting rid of fats and there’s two ways to look at your fuel
sources to energize your body I prefer to think of myself as a little bit of a
hybrid car running on two separate sources fats and carbohydrates the
majority being carbohydrates and I use complex carbohydrates I don’t eat a lot
of simple carbohydrates and those carbohydrates that I eat are a low
glycemic carbohydrates low glycemic carbohydrates treat the body different
than high glycemic carbohydrates an example a sweet potato is a low glycemic
carbohydrate you can easily do a search on the difference between low glycemic
carbohydrates and high glycemic carbohydrates but let me just tell you
this the low glycemic carbohydrates treat the body differently so if I had
two bags of carbs low glycemic and high glycemic even though they’d have the
same amount of calories the same emetic rend of carbohydrates they would treat
my body differently so I want you to be aware of that so carbs in my opinion are
a great fuel source it’s a preferred fuel source for me it’s
a preferred fuel source for athletes every time I’ve met someone that uses
fat as their preferred fuel source their body doesn’t look substantial it doesn’t
look dense the muscle doesn’t look good it doesn’t look tight someone came to me
who only used fat as their fuel source and they wanted so basically they didn’t
like how they look they looked fleshy right even though they had a good shape
good silhouette if you saw the shadow you’d think wow that looks pretty good
and they were in shape to a degree but there was something about the texture of
the body there was something weak fleshy if you will because they were using fat
as their fuel source so I’ve never really met anybody who used as fat as
their primary fuel source that looked really really really really good
that by the way PS happens to be natural and not doing anything else funky or
shady around that so that I wanted to talk
about I don’t do i F don’t do intermittent fasting I don’t care what
celebrity or who says it’s great the most of the people that
bragging about it or actually on drugs or doing something you know testosterone
or something so you really can’t weed out how the if’ works if you have all
these other variables that are going all the time right so you’d have to really
excel the testosterone the testosterone of the steroids to find out if the if’
really really works my opinion it doesn’t over the long run obviously you
know anytime you’re messing around with your body trying to be the alchemist if
you will inside your body trying to trick the body if you will you can’t
trick the body the body is a hallmark of truth at some point it pushes back which
leads to my next topic can you guys hear me loud and clear we got some
participation going here so the next topic is steroids so I was reading a
very disturbing article recently about steroids and this article was published
by the way if you saw my my life earlier awesome CAHSEE if you saw my life
earlier I referenced this there was an article printed in about 2007 or 2008
about athletes that were doping and the the the article really discussed there a
study on those athletes and sadly enough during the study two of them actually
passed away 25% of them had cancer but what was even
more disturbing was the repercussions of the drugs
blasted beyond their generation if you can believe it it was passed off
characteristics were actually passed off to their children disturbing
characteristics like self-harm and it was of course that occurs naturally yet
you know throughout the general population but it happened to be
consolidated in this population of individuals so what I want to say to you
nine people if that’s all that better he that there’s a debt to be paid for drugs
that debt will either be paid by you a family member or even your progeny and
what I what I want to say is that everybody thinks that their help is
their own their body is their own yes we stand on that platform that this is my
body and I’ll do what I want well there’s nothing that you do to your body
that doesn’t affect another person your family hurts when you hurt they are sick
when you are sick I’m sick when you are sick we are all connected
we all suffer when the general population is sicker and how sad so let
that go beyond a generation how sad to for a couple of bumps on your muscles a
couple of extra inches on your body to let your progeny have that kind of
burden of paying your debt so needless to say I again upset about this I think
it’s ridiculous and I don’t think it’s useful so we went through intermittent
fasting I’m not into it I don’t believe it consolidated eating which is the
opposite of intermittent fasting it sounds ridiculous to me
yes when I read when you read about keto you read benefits keto and there are
some benefits that have been publicized one of them was it slows down certain
types of cancers right so that was one of the benefits if you had cancer the
diet potentially could slow down the progression of the cancer there were a
couple of things about skin that it would actually help your skin clear up
you know I have to tell you guys really I think if it doesn’t say common sense
if the if the acronym for dieting isn’t common sense or the moniker for the diet
is a common sense it’s not worth doing it’s just a waste of time so so what do
you do you eat low glycemic carbohydrates you eat protein any weak
fat people are still trying to figure out Sean K peas love and muscles people
still trying to figure out you know that balance and that balances it’s a bit of
a challenge you can start off with 55 grams of carbs 30 grams of protein and
15 fat if you’re sort of you know watching the fat and you think that
that’s negative for you you can always toggle you can spit you start off with a
baseline of like 55 30 1555 carbs 30 protein 35 protein around there 15 and
you can toggle around with this but you need to have a baseline so you figure
out what’s working and you got to be somewhat consistent with your food at
the same time that you’re being consistent you’ll should also have
variety in your diet so did I shouldn’t be monotonous you should focus on
micronutrients rather than macronutrients so the macros are the
carbs proteins fats you know that and the micros are the essence of the food
you know what you’re taking in the vitamins and minerals within the food
and then you can go further to start talking about the integrity of the food
whether it’s organic whether it’s whether it’s not so that’s how we can
start to look at our diets we come up with a baseline of carbs proteins fats
macros we eat whole foods meaning we don’t eat combined foods we don’t eat
things that are sort of already mixed or prepared for us so that we can see each
ingredient on the plate so we know what we’re doing you can start off with like
55 carbs 30 protein 15 fat and work around that try that for a couple of
weeks you to raise the carbs or raise the protein lower the fat you could
always miss around I wouldn’t go much lower than 15% fat though I think that
that’s um that would be probably the baseline in terms of how low I would go
and III three or four times a day eat the same amount I do any weight on my
days off that I do on my days on and the reason for that is because we tend to
think that the body is one in one out that’s not how things work sometimes you
are eating to recover from yesterday what you’ve done yesterday
and of course eating for today’s activity and then preparing the body for
tomorrow’s activity as well some storage for tomorrow so it’s I don’t always
think of one in one out I think that’s a bad way to go especially when you’re
really really working hard a training very very hard so 13 minutes sleeper
recovery is important also it is indeed oats and fruit in the morning very good
veggie protein sweet potatoes excellent Noah no intermittent fasting
here I like food the food too and food likes me lol excellent home gym
fitness well guys I’ll say this a couple of times throughout this live this is my
book peace loving muscles if you want the eBook version I can email it to you
I’m gonna let you name your own price it’s very simple send any amount of
money you want to fix natural and you can use PayPal it send any
amount of money you want the doll or three dollars five dollars ten some
people send me 25 bucks you don’t have to but you can send whatever you have I
know different people have different incomes and inside the book our workouts
it’s me showing you how to do all of the exercises in detail as well as a diet I
also talked about how to prepare your mind for bodybuilding and how to abandon
limiting behaviors that are holding you back from allowing the body to manifest
so if you’d like the book simply send any amount of money you want via PayPal
to Vic’s natural and and I will send you the PDF version of the book let
me ask answer a couple more questions how long do I spend in the gym between
45 minutes and an hour sometimes as much as an hour and 15 I usually schedule
meetings so that I have to come up from the gym rather than dilly-dally and I
try to keep the pace moving how much well I can’t ignore that question how
much alcohol should see if you limit yourself to zero alcohol is not part of
my life you can use it it’s not nutrition its recreation and obviously
we are unable to control ourselves from the amount of abuse that has happened
from the amount of problems that have happened as a result of that we tend to
have to have organizations that are devoted entirely to saving ourselves
from the things that we are doing so in my opinion none is a good answer I have
a dry household and that’s how it is that’s that’s it alcoholism you know can
be a social lubricant I think it’s interesting because people
tend to bond over alcohol I think one of the interesting study is that I read
about alcohol I am 21 in Canada you just turned 21 so this is all new to you with
the boot I suppose I don’t know what’s interesting about alcohol consumption I
don’t know if you’ve ever heard this is that people who tend to drink socially
are happier than people who don’t drink at all and I think the interesting part
about that study was the fact that obviously people who drink tend to drink
together right a healthy a healthier way to drink if you are drinking is in a
relationship and communion with somebody sharing conversations and that builds
bonds that’s the healthy part of the alcohol it’s not it’s not the drink the
alcohol itself it’s the relationships that people develop through the bonding
experience of that social lubricant when people tend to not drink they don’t
drink alone and they tend to isolate themselves to a
degree kind of like I do because I don’t go into a bar I won’t even go into a
place that serves alcohol I don’t have any bodybuilding influences I’m kind of
disappointed in just about everyone anybody who’s ever taken steroids is not
a bodybuilder and I’m not impressed at all with anything it’s very easy to
stick things into your body and let them let those things do the work for you so
of course I don’t have any bodybuilding influences zero zero zero in the
negative column the greatest disappointment in my life was finding
out that people take steroids I thought I could do this on my own without the
drugs meaning compete on the biggest stages and I found out that all my
heroes or all my people that I had looked up to the whole thing is a joke
it’s an absolute joke the sport is not there to take care of you the fitness
industry is not looking out for you nobody gives a shit about you and you
have to look out for yourself people will sell anything they will say
anything and do anything to get a couple of bumps on their body so that they can
die a bigger corpse makes no sense at all to me but that’s how it is so
there’s no bodybuilding going on there’s zero bodybuilding going on
and that in terms of the word fitness and bodybuilding those two things are
completely separate when I think of fitness I think of you guys out there I
think of you at home who’s you have a wife kiss or you’re going to school you
have a job and then you’d like to go to the gym that’s my inspiration it’s not
anybody in any magazines trust me it’s not impressive to take a bunch of drugs
and to look bigger big deal I mean that’s a symptom that’s not about hard
work the drugs dictate how big you’re going to get and they dictate your ride
for you there’s nothing impressive about
somebody who’s a drug addict and doesn’t really want to acknowledge that peace
love and muscles pity people who are in that position actually rather than um
where can i buy the book is it only available on PDF no you can buy it on
Vic’s natural my website if you’d like I can I can mail it to you as well but the
book PDF will send it to you email later on tonight supplements do you take any
no don’t take any supplements don’t need any supplements I have a very
well-rounded diet it’s dense and micronutrients and the diet is
everything that I need supplementation is for people who are lacking something
so they need to supplement it what kind of split do I do that’s a
great question I prefer to do a split routine I prefer to do back and triceps
chest and biceps I do ABS almost every other day and I do legs
and shoulders I incorporate the traps with the chest I do think that a lot of
people who are starting out may benefit though from full-body workouts that’s my
opinion but the problem is with training guys it’s not so much the training I
know you guys put in the work I know you’re not afraid of hard work the gym
part is the easy part of training the hard part is to allow this whole thing
to happen do you get massages or do foam rollers neither I don’t do any of that
stuff by the time people are through you know making love to the foam rollers I’m
done with my workouts so back to back to what I was saying
I think that we have to become experts in healing rather than experts in
damaging and I think that the the the fitness world or the bodybuilding world
talks about how do you pound the body into submission so that it’ll grow
that’s not how anything works and what I want to express to you guys is whoever
becomes the smarter healer is the one that progresses so let’s talk a little
bit about how this works um you know when you create some kind of
trauma to the body you know you’re in a state of disease actually you’re not
you’re not elevated in any way shape or form you’re in a state of dis
and what you’re hoping is to not recover recover is like getting the flu and then
just feeling better what we’d like to do is this we’d like this to happen so
whoever can become an expert excuse me in the rebound rather than just healing
or breaking even or recovering the word recovery is like you know you were sick
you had the flu now you can go back to school or work you’re not any better
than you were in fact you’re still a little bit walking wounded we want to
become experts in this now how do you do this
well that’s the trick the trick isn’t to pound the crap out of the body into
submission it’s kind of finding your right way of of knowing how your body
works how much is too much for you now obviously if you’re sleeping 9 hours a
day and eating 3,000 calories a day your body can absorb a little bit more than
the person who’s eating 1,500 to 2,000 calories a day goes to work the midnight
school and tries to work in a half-hour training of course that person would
progress more that the person who’s overworked with a little bit less work
right the person who has a lot of the calories left over 3,000 calories sleep
at 9 hours a day all that kind of stuff can do a little bit more to the body so
you have to know your body in terms of how much are you pushing it so for those
guys who have regular jobs regular lives get to the gym an hour a day you know
what I think is a lot of us are actually pushing too hard we’re not we’re not
having enough of the recovery in order to rebound and what’s happening is two
things really we’re creating body parts specific damage or
right from pounding the body with with exercises and then there’s this other
taxation of the body that comes from this this well of where everything comes
from your energy and your health and
everything so when you’re taxing this locally and then you’re taxing this
universally there’s a drain and whoever can figure out to not drain too much is
gonna rebound faster so it’s not about working harder it’s about working the
right amount for what you’re doing to yourself
visa IV all the other things the recovery asleep the nutrition if your
nutrition is it isn’t very tight but you’re eating enough calories you’re
gonna probably be stronger than the guy whose nutrition is so on point but he’s
missing one or two things so what we have to do is we have to really become
experts in knowing ourselves and knowing our bodies and recovery part of me in
rebounding and whether that means you go to the gym three times a week and do the
same body part but you don’t do it too much or you’re really good your body
seems to recover when you do it only twice a week we have to figure that out
for ourselves a good baseline routine if you’re doing full body is to train three
times a week every body part not putting too much
stress on any one body part at any given time and then so that way you are at
least physically and locally the body parts haven’t sustained too much traumas
if they can actually rebound from within a relatively short period of time do I
don’t have any nagging joint injuries from years of training I have none when
I am gladdened Claven 916 I’m glad you asked that question some of the
exercises that I see people doing on Instagram guys you know push-ups where
you launch your body off the ground and then you know you’re in a supine you
know you know you’re Superman and then you come back down I noticed people do
squats or are jumping with weights in their hands you know I don’t know how
long people can do that kind of stuff I think what you’re controlling
when you’re moving in a very very connected way with a lot of presents
right you’re present in your workout you’re moving the body using the muscles
rather than allowing joints to get like extended too far and then push and pull
and having somebody else complete your reps so if I’m training right CrossFit
is to blame I suppose you know I don’t want to get into down on anyone Theory
or anyone or a group of people or whatever but if I’m in a contest with
another person and the objective is to do more repetitions than them am I
really looking out for my body or am I really just trying to win the
competition see if I really have respect for myself and in my body I’m going to
probably stop sooner than I’m then than having a heart attack right I always say
that you want to work to failure but not heart failure and that entails having
some good thank you thank you Michael Mikasa Rocha stroke cop so I think you
have to work to failure not heart failure and that involves common sense
and when you’re competing against somebody guys I used to wrestle and I
mean I would literally black out and and like just
I wouldn’t even remember what happened it was like all I wanted to do was like
be done with it and then I would kind of like figure out later on
boy that was hurt or I would it was like you kind of kind of woke up from a from
a from a dream or a nightmare so I would go into this as zone do this thing and
then only later on and there in the car on the way home find out that I had this
injury or that injury so I understand what it’s like to be a competitor and if
you’re doing that for a living it’s a totally different game right when your
family’s the food you put on the table as a result of how many reps you push I
understand that that’s totally different in a weird sort of way my dad did that
with how many hours he put in overtime at work I mean he did kind of the same
thing so I’m not going to get down with people who do that stuff but for
Sustainable workouts connected bodybuilding over the long run
without taxing too much on the body without taxing the the joints being very
mindful of yourself stopping right when you have failure not heart failure being
cognizant of the body and not you know allowing the weights to control you so I
move the weights I don’t let the way to move me whereas like that’s why
kettlebells I don’t want I don’t like kettlebells because I feel as though
there’s a momentum that I’m creating and the stronger I get the stronger the
momentum I create so I mean I can get the kettlebell up but I can’t control it
necessarily on the way down as much as I would like to as soon as I’m strong
enough to get the heavier weight up I have to pay the consequences on the way
down of that weight dragging on me right so then we’re back to using light stuff
and then so what’s the point of that so I’m holding my body you know there’s
something to be said for every type of training
I think mindful body building connected body building is very very good anyway
let me talk about the book real quick in case anybody forgot we’ve got 25
beautiful people on here this book peace love and muscles is available on eBook I
can email it to you tonight inside the book is theories on how to have been
delimiting behaviors to allow your body to manifest this is me right there so
it’s how I would train people let me give you an example of something in the
book distressing before working out you get into a fight with your boss your
girlfriend your boyfriend your husband your wife whatever and you go to the gym
to work it out no you don’t you don’t work it out you wind up working it in
the body fix up a physical imprint of that stress and convince to this I’ve
seen it this is what create ulcers this is what creates stress in the body in
tension of the body I don’t want my wife and my five steps I don’t want an
argument stuck in my chest okay I try to clean the mind de-stress and then I
approach my training this is what I would do with my clients well they would
come in to talk with me I would sit with them I would rap with them I would
distract them I would do anything to get them off of what they were thinking
about so that we could just kind of like start with a tabula rasa like just
totally clean I walking around the block with people
even before training them they would be in a shit mood we would just walk around
the block and relax and just you know talk distract them get them not focusing
on what was bothering them and getting that stuck into the body in a
vibrational way just getting them to chill out relax and that that’s part of
healing that’s part of healing this if this is all messed up guys this can’t
look good and it can’t work it that’s just the bottom line that’s how things
work when this is organized everything else will work when this isn’t organized
this doesn’t work at all so you may as well forget it
whoever whoever fixes this up right will win in everything I wrote a poem get
right your mind on the goal of the dream no matter how far it may seem and all
that’s required for the gusts of heaven to blow all you need to know all that’s
required for this conveyance is the simple act of allowance when this is
right when your mind is right the body will just manifest I’m telling you you
free this you free this up this will heal up okay everybody that ever ever
met that had a roadblock couldn’t get in shape couldn’t lose weight it was never
anything about their body the body was 100% fine get right your mind exactly so
in the book is also workouts this is my favorite page my wife took this
photograph detailed explanation of how to do the exercises and all you have to
do is send any amount of money you want I don’t care how much you send to be
that you send it via PayPal to Vic’s natural at it’s a way that I can
get the gout there without busting your budget and also you know there’s people
out here you know on my pages there are guys that I know who are confirmed
billionaires who are out there on their pay so those guys who are out there who
are students who have no money at all somebody sent me a dollar earlier and
said they were sorry and because they were a broke student and they wish they
could send more and you know what that’s wonderful the guy was from Germany just
so you know FYI Vic trivia I was born in Nuremberg Germany
I’m italiano but I happened to be born there my dad was stationed at the US
Army and we were stationed in that in Nordberg Germany anyway back to back to
some more questions how much protein should someone take in a day I would say
look you know some people say a gram per body weight some people say a gram and a
half or two grams or three grams you know some people are taking 505 grams
per body weight for me it’s about one and a half grams 1 gram something like
that I’ve weighed about 180 pounds and that’s a lot of to me that’s a lot of
food when the food is cleaned well it’s really getting dark when the food is
clean it’s a lot of volume you guys have noticed that so um oh this is you know
stuttgart stuttgart very good no i was born in nuremberg my first
address was 16 austin Strasse and stalin städel germany so you guys forget right
in your mind we heard about the steroids we heard about that if somebody has to
pay the debt for you taking steroids whether it’s you whether it’s a family
member who has to sit with you while you’re not well or it’s your progeny
that has terrible things that happen to them as a result and it skips a
generation it really does I know it sounds crazy I was disgusted to find
that out we know about the book peace love and muscles if you want to send any
some via PayPal to fix natural at we know about whoever figures
out how their body works in terms of rebound wins whatever that means so what
we have to do though is we have to take good notes about ourselves right we have
to keep some kind of a baseline so if every day is different for you the
amount of food you eat is different the quantities are different the types of
food you eat are different you kind of train a little bit for size today but
tomorrow you train a little bit for cardio I mean that’s not gonna work
you’ve got to stick with something and keep give yourself up this line right
now even if that means just going to the gym to it the full body doing two sets
for each body part and then eating you know some good whole foods three or four
times a day cutting up the sugar cutting out the
booze you’re gonna be just fine if that’s your baseline let’s call it
2,000 calories a day no sugar no booze good training and you feel good you
don’t feel waste when you leave the gym you’re more on
your way to being a bodybuilder by not abusing your body okay Bob builders
don’t abuse their bodies right we can agree on that definition yes Noah mix
natural at I know it’s an old address but so anyway we don’t
bodybuilders don’t abuse the body if you want to be a bodybuilder you just have
to take care of yourself I have a friend who helped me redefine what bodybuilding
meant he doesn’t lift weights but when he is eating right he’s bodybuilding
when he is sleeping right he’s bodybuilding when he is doing all the
things that are right for him spiritually mentally he’s a bodybuilder
I will tell you SPECT Wolf’s non-fiction books non fitness books okay
Deepak Chopra how to know God carlos castaneda the active side of infinity
dr. Wayne Dyer the power of intention Esther Hicks anything that she does or
says on the law of attraction and since we’re on the topic since we’re gonna go
to the topical law of attraction I will tell you guys that anyone can make a
dramatic transformation anyone it has more to do with your mind if you don’t
understand the fist is about your mind and it’s more than it is your body it is
not about your body your body is responsive to what you continuously do
over time what you chronically think dictates your behavior and how you’re
going to act and the body is a response and a symptom of how you think okay so
if you think oh it’s too hard to get big or I can’t get in shape or I can’t lose
weight this is the program that you’re putting in your mind this is the
behavior that your mind will find so it doesn’t turn you into a liar and this is
exactly what will show in your body the people who are able to get the best
transformations are the people who have a sense of fantasy they’re so big they
can’t see it yet so they have to see it somewhere in their mind and that’s how
you have to do it I am 21 in Canada Jordan Peterson Jordan
Peterson I don’t know what that is anyway I hope you guys understand that
so whatever you whatever you think that’s the program you’re putting out
there that’s what’s going to manifest that’s the behavior that you’re gonna do
and that’s what’s gonna show up in your body every day I don’t know one anymore
I don’t know anyone who has had a goal had a plan and failed I just don’t I
just don’t so but you know the other day I did a video about a self assessment
right the self assessment the real question is you know we are lazy about
certain things I’m lazy about certain things not about this but I’m lazy about
other things but the self assessment is if you have a goal you write your goal
on a piece of paper and then you actively write on the other side of the
paper the behavior that you have and if the two things don’t match you don’t
have to feel sad you just have to just figure it out why you’re not reaching
your goal it’s kind of like just you know a very simple self-assessment and
if you guys haven’t looked at my podcast it’s called Victor cost of motivation
it’s on pod beam though they’re not bodybuilding ish ish stuff at all it’s
all stuff about let me give you a quick story I was feeling really grumpy one
day I got into my car a lady was walking across the street
I opened down my window I said something to her like I said something like it’s
very uncharacteristic of me to do this but I said like I have all day to wait
for you how unfix natural is that and she basically said f you to me right and
I felt terrible I felt like oh my gosh you know there’s this lady she’s I felt
her words hit me pretty hard and I Drive around the corner and as I’m driving
around the corner the very same thing is happening someone is walking against the
light but this time because I had this prior experience I stopped my car and
give them ample room to recognize that they’re not walking with the light they
can’t believe I’m stopping so far away so they think there’s something wrong
they recognize that they are wrong and they mal
the words thank you to me and so what I want to tell you guys is fu and thank
you or rent around the corner from each other it’s whatever you’re putting out
is what you’re gonna get back and this was this was it within a block one block
I was putting on something I got something back it put out something else
I got something back and this is how life works
I’m good chance there’s a good chance I’m older than some of you guys out
there then the majority of you because my demo says 1834 and I want to let you
guys know that whatever you put out I don’t care if this is a cliche I don’t
care if your parents told you this and you didn’t want to listen to it whatever
you’re putting out is what you’re getting back the problem is we tend to
think it’s going to come back like within a second like one block like it
happened to me know sometimes it takes weeks sometimes it takes months
sometimes it takes years so you have to stay true to yourself and continuously
put out good stuff say hello to people shake their hand say pardon me when you
bump into somebody hold the door for people all that this stuff is coming
back and guess what it may not come back in drips and drabs it may come back all
at once and some beautiful package for you
so anyway Vic you’re awesome what’s your podcast the podcast is Victor costume
motivation and it’s on iTunes and it’s on pod bean I’ve been using pod bean to
disseminate that and it’s you know it’s said to me that like 700 people will
listen to it but if I go like this like a hundred thousand people do that and
it’s like this doesn’t help you you know as much and I want to just express that
to you guys so everything you want everything you want in life has the same
set of rules you know it’s it’s like it doesn’t matter what it is it’s the same
set of rules it’s the same plan if you want a good relationship you better put
some shit out that you’re gonna that you’re gonna get back you want a good
career you got to put it out you want a good physique you have to put it out and
and we just have to make a self-assessment and it’s hard to do all
those things at the same time I used to feel like I was going to go crazy how
can it be good at my job be a good be a good father be a good son be a good
brother all these things all these things and it becomes extremely
overwhelming but then just think about all of the stuff that you have to do
that gets me excited it’s a challenge to have all those things to do imagine
those people that don’t have the family they don’t have things to do they have
nobody to call they have no one I have all this abundance of things to be what
a nice thing and so it’s a beautiful thing to have to have a responsibility
it’s a beautiful thing to have responsibility absolutely trust me it
means someone’s counting on you it means somebody loves you it means somebody’s
looking up to you that’s what’s great about having the responsibility it’s
great it’s great to have somebody real and you and hold you accountable to
yourself and lay down in that bed at night and wonder was I a good husband
was I a good father was I a good provider was I did I try my best today
even if I failed did I try my best it’s the same shit it’s the same rules so if
you want your body to manifest you have to think big you have to think beyond
where you are currently if you want a good relationship and your relationship
sucks you have to think beyond the day-to-day argument and think bigger
that you want a good relationship when you keep thinking about these things
these things happen you want to do better in your job keep thinking about
it you want it you want to do better at your job you have to somehow show up for
yourself and these are all good things these are umber Daan’s these are
opportunities so that’s what my podcast is about and I think that you’d really
enjoy it anyway same set of rules for everything you got to be accountable you
got to show up you got to try your best those are all the things that you can
control the things that you can control are those things that’s it and the
scariest word in the world to me the scariest word in the world is average
absolutely freaks me out like mad the word average is the shittiest scariest
word in the world and I don’t want to be average and so you guys provide from me
a reason to up my game to be out there I and because the questions that I get
have nothing to do with bodybuilding so you guys made me create this Victor
costume motivation I can’t get motivated Vic I have all these problems at home I
can’t get to the gym in time I can’t I can’t get my diet under control because
you haven’t made the decision to do that as soon as you decide that’s how it’s
going to be that’s how it’s going to be so my job is to get you to make those
decisions to bring you up and to get you to be able to to feel motivated to make
those decisions a lot of people don’t see how they’re gonna get from point A
to point B so that’s where the discouragement comes in and I understand
that because I didn’t always look like this
and I said how the hell am I gonna get from here to here I don’t I don’t look
like those magazines but guess what I kept trying and next thing you know I
look like those magazines I mean that’s how it happened and you know it reminds
me if you guys ever want to read a good book somebody asked about a book earlier
have you ever seen the book Think and Grow Rich and the book Think and Grow
Rich has a story in there about a man who was mining for gold and he stopped 3
feet 3 feet from where the gold actually was I believe the story is even called 3
feet from gold and it just reminds me of how sometimes were so on the track we’re
almost there we’re almost there and we freakin give up and we were three feet
away or just just on the brink of the thing kind of breaking open and so I’ve
made one decision in my life and I don’t have the biggest YouTube community I
don’t know why I don’t have the biggest Instagram following I don’t know why I
think it’s because when you say something you’re gonna lose some
followers from time to time but I’ve decided that I’m not going to stop and
so I’ve made that decision and I think making decisions is really really really
powerful and you guys can have anything you want as soon as you make the
decision obviously I try to set up a template for that but you have to think
big you can’t always think well I don’t know how I’m gonna get from point A to
point B it doesn’t but you’re still you’re too busy
focusing on point a if you’re thinking that way you’re not focused on point B
the people who get to point B from point A and the people who focus on point B
they don’t go backwards they don’t look where they are they fantasize they dream
and they think big and that’s what I’d love for you guys to do and that’s what
Victor constant motivation is about so it’s a whenever I post a video I’d ask
you to check it out because it’s usually my podcasts that I convert to a video
for you guys Oh forty-four five minutes I’ve been
talking a long time I hope you guys enjoyed this it’s live I’ll pitch my
book one more time if you’d like the books and any amount of money you want
to Vic’s natural at use paypal sorry via paypal Tuvix natural and AOL
comm the links of the podcast i will throw the lake out there of course it’s
pod bean am I related to President Trump I am not
related to as far as I know as far as I know I live in New York I don’t know if
a meeting this is in the book detailed explanations on each exercise stories
about giving into the hypnotic procession boy that means having person
pursuing goals that other people have set for you rather than your own also
how to create your personal vision for yourself there’s even a contract in here
that you sign and something about successful / house bodybuilding and
fitness success spills over into other areas your life a link to the PDF
Michael you just go to you go to Pay Pal and send me any amount you want to vixx
natural and AOL com it’s as simple as that
and guys I love you so much as you wrote in my DVD peace health and happiness yes
I did write that to you brown creature I love that how do you stay in integrity
with yourself oh do you mean do you mean how do I state
my objectives how do I stay well I make it I made a decision so I make a
decision and then I stick with it you act a certain way through life you see
how you feel after you do it when you are rude to somebody you see how that
feels it doesn’t feel good so you don’t do it again
all you have to do is focus on what feels good when you’re rude to somebody
you’re sad that you felt you feel something when you argue with somebody
how does that feel for you if you become sensitive to yourself and you look out
for yourself it’ll be the greatest thing that you could do for me
and your fellow man you stick to what feels good for you you honor your own
commitments you say something and then you do it how does that feel when you
promise somebody something and you show up for them how does that feel you said
you’re gonna call somebody and you promise to call them and you write it in
your calendar on your phone and then you call them at that exact moment how does
that feel when you do all that stuff you feel good and that becomes addictive
right that’s what you do Caleb that’s how you stay true to yourself and then
you remind yourself that that what you think about yourself is the only thing
that matters that’s it when you lay down at night how did you do today
did you honor all your commitments were you true to yourself you know I’m
basically just addicted to feeling good and so will you if when you look at it
that way okay and you know obviously there’s some people struggling with some
stuff thank you ken hey Garth much appreciated there are people who
struggle with things and I know that and there are people actually on this page
who have had addiction and recover from addictions and people are struggling
with their own demons and they’re struggling with their own past and
they’re struggling with everything but I’m telling you man I have seen it I’ve
been I’ve have enough people 192 thousand people I have seen
transformation so I’m not just talking about physical stuff I’m talking about
unbelievable transformations in every aspect and every areas of life
unbelievable stuff you just have to believe it first
so once you believe it for yourself it is already done you just got to walk
into it you just got to walk the walk so when you think of it
you sit with it you focus on it you visualize what you want and then you
have to walk the walk the walk nobody can walk that walk for you that’s where
you have to show up the rest of it I promise you I promise you when I say
that’s all that’s required for this conveyance is the simple act of
allowance that’s what that means and all that’s required for the gusts of heaven
to blow when you start moving in the right direction you got the wind at your
back something helps you man I’m not gonna
say it’s God I’m not gonna say it’s spirit I’m not I don’t know what it is
but I can promise you you’re not alone in this world I promise you so anyway
guys peace love and muscles Cal Calvin we’re summing up here I’ve been talking
for 50 minutes I love you guys I’m gonna Whittle the way here to zero if I don’t
get into the gym I’d much rather sit here and talk to you guys to be honest
with you tonight I don’t feel like going down there but I got an honor my
commitment so peace love and muscle take care yourself I will do this again soon
I promise

15 thoughts on “Vicsnatural Live Bodybuilding Seminar

  1. Hey Vic. I don't use steroids and knowing what harm they may cause I never will. But you make it seem like you can inject steroids, sit on the couch all day every day and get very muscular. I have always been told that steroids rather extend the boundaries of muscular development, and make it go a bit faster. All these bodybuilders still need to work their ass off in the gym, and be extremely consistent to get big. They still need to put in the work but the steroids extend their limit. Have I been told wrong? Or is it all the things outside the gym, the lifestyle, that they have to worry a lot less about?
    PLM Wouter, I will probably buy your book, I have a lot of respect for you and you've helped me more than you can imagine over the years

  2. Great vid, but had to skip past the keto/IF chat as there were just so many blanket statements that I respectfully, strongly disagree with. Love the rest of the video though!

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