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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

yeah every workout should be a good
workout just weight predetermine how good your
workout was gonna be not really you know because for me its all about stimulating
that muscle yeah every workout should be a good workout because for me its all
about simulating that muscle you know stimulated dont annihilate you start with upper chest why the chest
sags now do you guys do too much lower pecs you don’t need that it’s about the
upper chest side chest then everything you guys see me wear the protection
it’s to prevent its cool fucking belt elbow wraps wrist wraps
if I could only done that with condoms we used to use very heavier weight
before with you right now is constant tension make the must the muscle the muscle doesnt know how much weight you’re lifting it’s so much tension intensity you put into the
muscle for some reason Victor never stops at ten always gets twelve or
fifteen reps doesn’t matter what I give them he’ll
still get that rep oh I think I’m good for chest workout No the position on your chest on this
machine is important because if you go up too high or too low you’re gonna miss
the contraction on that on the chest right now you want to hit a little
medium and upper chest at the same time they’re going to say why isn’t you going heavy was
it how about going heavy all the time sometimes you go a little
faster for more intensity sometimes you go heavier not not every time you have
to go heavy staying in the game I mean everybody goes heavy all the time I
mean I doubt they’re even getting a good workout all the time but again this is what you
make it I say most Hammer machines we’re not
made to do exactly as the seat position is made out to be because it was made for
football players because of the angle of having that push move which is down and
upward that’s why you have to reposition your body to make it a pressing movement
not an upward moving movement so that’s why even on the incline if you sit all
the way back your inclining the upward movement if you move up the seat you turn
it into a pushing yeah every workout should be a good
workout you just can’t have one of these stroll in the park workouts each one has
got to be good again does weight predetermine how good your workout
is gonna be not really you know because for me its all about stimulating that
muscle you know as Lee Haney has said and you know stimulates dont annihilate but uh
you know today it’s not about always you know slamming the muscle killing the
joints getting that balls-to-the-wall workout every single time becausefast forward your 45-50 you aint gonna get one of those workout in I guarantee it and
that’s it why I always have a good workout you know because I always
emphasize on the movement the pump simulating the muscle next one there’s a different variation of a bench
press most people do bench press straightforward what we’re gonna do is
six reps and then hold it for five seconds on the bottom one inch away from
your chest that keeps tension on your chest your arms shoulders everything
then you’re gonna do another six reps and then hold it again for five seconds
and put it away six hold it one two three four and five all my
injuries has never been in the gym the arm thing is only affecting my benches
so it does it affects my bench used to be able to do about three four
plates easily now the imbalance cause I feel everything compensating on my left
arm for my right arm is not stable enough so I have to make do with just
focusing preexhausting on my chest any heavier then I start overcompensating
and the weight shifts to my good arm now I dont want to do that because then it’s
gonna create injury on my rotator cuff and on my elbow so I kind of keep it
where it’s enough weight that both arms can handle it my injured arm and my good
arm now I do this one whole one two three four five all she wrote a little pump pose pose

94 thoughts on “Victor Martinez’s Bodybuilding Chest Workout

  1. Just here making sure that bicep vein is still paying its taxes… it’s hiding under that sleeve, sneaky fucker.

  2. should do more with sir.victor martinez. he has a lot knowledge about muscle groups and working and stimulating the muscles. love his workouts

  3. Why do ppl always start with incline dumbbell press at the beginning of the workout? Is there anything special with it due to hypertrophy purposes? I usually start with regular bench press

  4. Your body does know how much weight/pressure you’re pushing or pulling. No degree having personal trainers just love pulling bullshit out their ass.

  5. It’s sad to say but these physiques are literally built by steroids lol. If a natural guy lifted weights like this even with all the mind muscle contraction in the world and proper diet they’d be small af

  6. U gotta take advice from the pros w a grain of salt though. They use steroids…you prob don't. Your body will respond differently

  7. Take your bench press down 50 lbs, slow it down, improve your back positioning on the bench (don't lay flat), focus on the contraction and eccentric, and do this for several weeks until you retrain your chest muscles to take the load. You will grow once your mind-muscle connection has improved… Going heavier forces you to use more force from triceps and shoulders, which is why tons of dudes in the gym have big arms and flat bird chests. ZERO understanding of how to use the chest. ✌️ OR, just keep ego lifting and keep that flat 🐦 chest.

  8. Love Victors explanation of the hammer strength (muscle factories) machines. Love me some hammer 🔨strength machines!! Dust them off, they’re legit imho.
    Thank M&S

  9. Pipe down about steroids. You can get like this naturally by using their diets and working out over 20 hours a week for years. People just don't do it so they automatically assume steroids. Cracks me up.

  10. One good thing I notice with victor is, that he doesn't train so heavy in order to get a good muscle hypertrophy, high reps with moderate weight is just enough

  11. I fuck with Victor he's very chill and gets right to the point and has no arrogance about himself if I was that big I think I'd prob be a douchebag lol salute Vic

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