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Hey guys, Sean Nalewanyj here of
& and in this video I want to talk a little bit about vitamin
D and why I definitely think it’s a useful supplement to include in your overall plan
in most cases. So vitamin D has been getting a lot of attention recently as a genuinely
worthwhile supplement for optimizing overall health and fitness and I think rightfully
so. Now there are very few suppplements out there that I would put in my strongly recommended
category but for most people in most situations vitamin D is definitely one of them. So rather
than going on and on with a drawn out explanation of all the nitty gritty details behind proper
Vitamin D supplementation I’m just going to to go ahead and cover the main points that
you need to know for immediate use. So I’ll be talking about what it is, what it does,
why you probably need it as well as proper dosing instructions. So what is vitamin D
and what does it do for you? Well, vitamin D is a fat soluable nutrient and it’s one
of the 24 micro-nutrients that are considered to be critical for human health. Although
you can obtain small amounts of vitamin D from whole foods like egg yolks or cheese,
beef or fatty fish, sunlight is still our major source of it as your body uses UV rays
to convert cholesterol into vitamin D. Its health effects are extremely lengthy including
benefits like boosting your immune system, enhancing cognitive function, improving bone
health, improving mood, well-being as well as testosterone production as well. And that’s
just a very small example. So next up is why should you supplement with it? Well unless
you live in a warm climate and you spend many hours a day outside in the sun, there is a
very good chance that your vitamin D levels are not in the optimal range. In fact, this
is true for the majority of people in today’s modern society. On top of this, obtaining
enough vitamin D through whole foods alone would be extremely difficult if not impossible
for you to achieve. It’s unlikely that you’re actually deficient in vitamin D but most people
are simply not in the proper healthy range, and supplementation has been shown to raise
and sustain levels of vitamin D in the body. So, although vitamin D supplementation is
not likely to have any direct muscle building or fat burning effects on its own, its many
positive health effects will still have some definite carry over into your overall program
and indirectly benefit you. For example, improved immune system function would entail getting
sick less, improved mood and well-being can enhance your overall motivation as well as
your concentration levels during your workout, and in the case that your vitamin D levels
are especially low, the increase in testosterone could have some noticeable effects as well.
In any case, muscle building and fat loss aside, the overall health benefits of vitamin
D and the endless mounds of positive research that support it are definitely reason enough
to include it in your plan. And finally, how much vitamin D should you take and when? Well,
technically speaking, you would actually have to get blood work done in order to determine
exactly how much vitamin D you need to be supplementing with each day, and this is because
everybody’s baseline levels are going to start off in a different range and everybody metabolizes
and absorbs vitamin D in varying ways. That said, for most people, in most cases, anywhere
from 2,000 to 5,000 IU’s per day is a safe and reliable dosage to get yourself into the
proper range and I personally use 5,000 IU’s daily. The risk of vitamin D toxicity is very
low with the available research showing 10,000 IU’s to be the safe upper limit. Vitamin D
supplements can be purchased in either D2 or D3 form and although there is some debate
on this issue, the D3 form is generally considered to be the more absorbable of the two. Vitamin
D should ideally be taken with a meal and it can be taken at any time of the day, though
some people do report having trouble sleeping if they take it later on in the evening or
close to bed. Don’t worry too much about the specific brand that you buy but I personally
use “NOW Vitamin D3” in softgel form from and I’ll link that in the
description box below, though you can very easily find vitamin D3 at your local supplement
store if you go have a look. So thanks for watching this video lesson. I hope you found
the information useful here today. If you did enjoy the video, as always, please make
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46 thoughts on “Vitamin D For Bodybuilding And Fat Loss? (Benefits & Proper Dosage)

  1. if you take a multivitamin that has 100% of the daily recommendation, I suppose there's no need to take a seperate D3 supplement?

  2. Hi sean, I live where there's a really warm climate. Question is, what time of day is healthy to get vit d from sunshine? Is afternoon sunshine as beneficial as the mornings? Thanks for the useful vid mate!

  3. I great topic for you to hit that people including myself don't have much knowledge is on insulin. How to spike with natural things. The most optimal time for it etc. I think that would be a great topic.

  4. (an Honest Review) I personally use Bio-Tech D3, to be honest its hands-down the best brand ever, its recommended by the Council of Vitamin D which cares about most Vitamin D studies and part of the revenue Bio-Tech get gives back for Vitamin D research facilities. 

    I used a couple of brands before especially NOW Foods, I think Tim Ferris tested their potency, turned out they are dosed like  30-50% of whats on the label. 

    I get 200+ days supply of 5000 IU for $10-15 from Bio-Tech. I get it from 

  5. Sean, you are extremely accurate and well-informed on this. Clear information and good nuance. See my video for more info.

  6. hey sean i've been drinking alot of vitamin D whole milk since i started lifting would this be considered a good source of this essential vitamin? 

  7. Sean all your videos cover many problems beginners like me face but what I feel lacking is more videos doing different workouts. I highly suggest more workout videos as it will surely have a more positive effect on the number of your subscribers

  8. I've been taking d3 liquid gels for months 4000iu daily no issues, I ran out and switched to a tablet form and ive been getting constipated. I track fiber and drink a gallon of water a day. The only thing that's changed is my vitamin d3 supplement source. So if you guys are considering supplementing with vd3 go with the liquid gel form and save yourself the potential unwanted side effect of the tablet form.

  9. I load up on 30,000 IU and will be ramping up to 50,000 IU per day….
    I've researched mega dosing can do wonders for your body.

  10. Vitamin D is falsly called "Vitamin" its actually a Hormon a Steoridhormon. Some people even take 100.000IE a day. I think there should be a brand used without soy

  11. Half life of Vitamin D3 is 10 weeks…Does working out deplete it to the point you need to take it daily? Awesome vid:)

  12. Sean, I'm surprised no one asked you about Vitamin k-2 deficiency and that all three fat soluble vitamins A, D and K2 work synergically. And if you need stronger bones you'll also need to take the proper amount of calcium and magnesium. K2 vitamin is it seems like the most important of them all, because it stores calcium into the areas where the body most need it. That's why Dr. Weston Price recommended for the best results to consume cod liver oil, together with butter oil. I'm now interested into buying K2 vitamin as a supplement, but not sure how much should I consume daily. Some say anything from 100mcg to 200mcg is a safe dosage, while others will go well over 1mg to let's say 5mg, or even more, which is quite a lot in my opinion. Tell me what you think. Thanks.

  13. Thanks for u vidoe I don't take any supplement other than protien I just don't believe or trust them and plus I can't keep take pills I get bored so is that problem ?

  14. In all honesty, I stared at your shoulders the whole time I watched this. Like, wow. LOOK AT THOSE NECK MUSCLE!! …you did good.

  15. We barely have time to go out especially i am very dark skinned and it takes way much more time for us to take vitamin d
    Do we need prescription to buy this

  16. what about vitamin k2 to go with it, high dosage of vit d3 without k2 will lead to calcium deposits in soft tissues eg heart joints etc

  17. I found out about this diet regime “fetching tuti space” from a friend who drop a great deal of fat through it and decided to research it on Google. After a week of following it, I was able to lose six lbs. I worked out three times last week and ran one day..

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