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Vitamin D is just a rock star. We should all
really be taking vitamin D supplements. Vitamin D comes in little capsules and gel caps, and
now we have emulsified drops (Genestra D-Mulsion 1000). Emulsified Vitamin D is great because
a lot of people have issues absorbing fats, and so this would go for any fat-soluble nutrient,
if you can get an emulsified version of it. Even fish oils, it’s great to take emulsified
things if you suspect that you have any problem with fat absorption. You can also take a digestive
enzyme known as lipase, which will help you break down fats. Anybody who has gull bladder
issues is going to have a harder time digesting fats. We need bile to emulsify our fats. I
put all my patients on about 5,000 IU of vitamin D, which I know a lot of people think is really
high. Well, first it was like, “Okay. We could do 1,000 to 2,000 IUs.” I’ve been
looking at people’s blood work solidly for three and a half years, and the studies really
say their goal is to get the serum levels between 60 and 80 nanograms per deciliter.
You will not get those levels on the 1,000 IU per day of vitamin D. And I’ve been looking
and looking and looking, and really, around the 5,000 IU dose tends to be perfect. When
people are initially really low, I will give them 10,000 IU of vitamin D for three months
to get them to higher levels, and then I’ll leave them on a 5,000 IU type of maintenance
dose. Everybody stays in the 50 to 60 nanogram per deciliter amount of Vitamin D. Even at
10,000 IU of vitamin D some people still can’t get up there at that dose, and they’re still
in like, the 38 kind of range. So I feel that 5,000 IU of Vitamin D is actually very, very
safe. It is fat soluble. Some of these are in little capsules. If it’s not in a soft
gel in that it’s already sitting in oil, you really need to take these with oils to
improve the absorption. So nut butters, fish oils – whatever you’re taking – but just
to get some grease in there so that if it’s a dry capsule form, you’re getting full absorption.
The big news is that vitamin D very anti-cancer. Lots and lots of cancers, very anti-cancer,
and we have a big problem in our society with increased cancer rates. So that’s one of
the number one reasons to take vitamin D. Vitamin D also really helps regulate our immune
system. Vitamin D keeps us healthy. It enhances immune function, but it’s also very immune
modulating, so this is another one that’s like a superstar when it comes to autoimmune
diseases. I have a practice full of autoimmune cases, and vitamin D helps greatly in terms
of just modulating those inflammation levels. Vitamin D also helps with bone health –
it helps get calcium into the bone. It increases the absorption of calcium as well that we’re
eating in the diet, so that’s a good thing to do. And calcium is really prevalent in
dark leafy greens, sesame seeds, so we don’t need to be consuming dairy to get calcium.
That’s another point I just want to point out. Calcium is in dairy, but it’s in a
lot of other places that we can absorb it really well from. Vitamin D also has an antioxidant
function. Vitamin D is needed for adequate blood levels of insulin. So for people who
have any kind of glycemic or diabetic issues, I thought that that was another interesting
plug for vitamin D. And I would not stay on doses above 10,000 IU of Vitamin D long-term
without supervision, so I would just say that – that this is a fat soluble nutrient,
so we don’t want to really exceed that range without supervision. And vitamin D3 is the
form of vitamin D that we want to be buying. 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 is what I put all my
patients on first. If they’re low, they go higher, but 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 is the
maintenance dose, and I would feel very comfortable without even checking blood levels at this
point because I’ve seen it so many times. 40 to 60 nanograms per deciliter is where
people end up, and some people are even lower than that. And 60 to 80 nanograms per deciliter
is really the optimum zone, according to research studies.

89 thoughts on “Vitamin D3 at 5,000 IU Improves Immune Function and Bone Health Says Dr. Angela Agrios, ND

  1. Cancer , Diabetes and Osteoporosis run in my family so I need to increase my vitamin D as I have been tested and am currently free of all three of these and want to do some preventive things.

  2. I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency in 09. Was getting 400 IU's with the multi vitamin, but added 600 through Vitamin D. Went back for annual checkup in September 2010 (after taking 600 then 2 mo. before, adding 800). Though my numbers were up, I was still deficient. Then I see the IOM finding on Vitamin D and been refuting it ever since. Since September (this year), my doctor told me to take 800, but I upped it to 1,000 IU & now doing D-3. Thx for your channel. More on my channel

  3. I've taken 5000 IUs of Vit D3 daily for 2 years now. No more chronic bronchitis nor sinus infections. I've not had to take an antibiotic during those 2 years. Does anyone know if Vit D3 can be given to animals (dogs) ?

  4. I also forgot to mention that I no longer have problems with arthritis in my back. It had been so bad that I had been labelled as partially disabled by SSA. The only change I've made is the Vit D3!

  5. i was wasting from MSA and 2000 iu helped for a bit but i continued downhill . I upped to 4000iu and my heart started beating right again . I am so amazed at this. I take 3-6k a day . sometimetimes 10000iu daily for a month straight . I reversed my msa and gained my weight back . with help of AO clorite and colloidal silver . Lifes looking up . Dont want to die anymore ! No more falling around the house everyday and geting throat stretched .

  6. @deathofisrael
    also i regained movement in limbs and i got my color back . I was gaunt and greyish green with peaing hives all over my body.. For the first time in my life my ADD is getting better too . First time in my life i can read aloud without stumbling . So cool it aint funny ! I couldnt even articulate words properly too . Now , no problem .

  7. @deathofisrael
    excellent vodeo by the way ! Cant forget the fish oil and spiralina . Actaully , i take alot of supplements . Good health to all !

  8. @Cherished131
    these run in mine too . i was able to get my 75 year old mom off all big pharma drugs and she went camping again at 72 years old and is pain free now . high . b.p. diabetic , all stuff better now . actually got her to go from stage 4 renal failier to stage 3 . Did it with help from health rangers site . NaturalnewsDOTcom

  9. My D levels are at 19 right now. Should I take 10,000 IU per day and then check my levels in a month or so and go down to 5000 when I am between 60-80?

  10. Dr Agrios,
    what do you do for those that take large doses of Vit D supplement (such as 12,000 IU per day) for an extended period of time but the serum levels do not come up. Do you test for other antagonist nutrients?

  11. @lagio5 Vitamin D is added to dairy, and calcium is not readily absorbed into the body because of the high phosphorous content. Dairy makes the body acidic, which causes it to withdraw calcium from the bones to balance out the pH, leading to osteoporosis and other problems. Dairy also is a leading cause of ear infections in children, because it causes mucous buildup in the ears. Dairy isn't very good for us, at all.

  12. hello, i hope you'll reply to my question…is there a specific brand you recommend? i don't want to consume synthetic or low quality ones and also, I am PETRIFIED of possible side effects and which ones are supposed to be normal (or at least temporary). I once bought liquid Vita D3 from costco but had some strange side effects the very first day i took it and the same the next day, so i returned it and have been scared to try brands of others. Then there is the issue of needing to supplement

  13. continued….,.with magnesium (because Vita D increases absorption of calcium right? and that you need the right ratio of mag to cal, right?), which i do have a bottle of, but it's been causing me gas so i only take one tablet a day (jigsaw).

    If there are side effects from taking Vita D, does that mean someone took too much at one time? or that it's a bad brand? I recently purchased but didn't yet open some Vita D in the D2 form but i've been scared off by another video saying

  14. continued….that people who took it had terrible reactions and side effects to it. I am wanting to go vegan which is why i ordered it in the first place but now i'm terrified of possible or worse side effects than the D3 might give off. To my knowledge there is no form of vegan D3.
    Also, are shiitake or daikon mushrooms a good source of natural Vita D?

    thank you for your advice !

  15. @SleeplessinOC You may want to visit a naturopathic doctor in your area to get a full workup and then that will give you the best possible answers.

  16. @LarryCook333 Thank you, I was/am planning on doing that when i'm financially able to but still thought i should be doing something about my Vitamin D defeciency (which i'm certain i am) until then.

  17. can you recommend a place or online store that sells this drop for a good/reasonable price? The best i found was on for around $18 for the 1000 unit 1 ounce which is too much for me to maintain on a regular basis.

  18. I started taking Vitamin D for about five days, the first day I was amazed how awake I felt and that night I slept like a baby. The next day was ok not as affective as the first day, 3rd 4th and 5th day I felt sick and all I wanted to do was sleep. I thought the vitamin may have been out of date but it wasn't, my husband shared them with me, he slept good and more then normal for him but no sickness. We took 800 IU why did we feel this way off vitamin D? I would love to know.

  19. What side effects are those?
    The video states where to get Vit D3 from non animal sourdes – they are found in nuts and green leafy vegetables. Brazil nuts andoily nuts are a good source.

  20. Hmm, i'll have to watch the video again but i don't remember hearing that you can get Vitamin D3 from nuts and leafy vegetables. I'd have to look for the video and internet sites to see where I read about D2 side effects but they sounded unpleasant enough for me to not want to try it.

    I bought Biotics emulsified D3 in a bottle even though it's not vegan, been taking it with some magnesium that I bought online, and i've been sleeping pretty well now for about two months now.

  21. I've read that when taking Vitamin D, that it's very important to take magnesium also so I never take Vitamin D without also taking a little bit of magnesium and I only take both in the morning, not too long after I get up and never past that otherwise I can't fall asleep.

  22. My gallbladder was removed when I was 7 yrs old(car accident),I'm in my late 40's now.What should my concerns be?

  23. Dr Stash Gominak Discusses Sleep and Vitamin D in a 5 part you tube video. She gets into regular testing of our vitamin D3 levels to maintain a level of between 60 – 80. In this range our sleep patterns become stable enough for our bodies to really begin to heal during our sleep.

  24. Been taking 5000 IU/ day for three years now, including 10,000
    mg of vitamin C/ day for just as long……the worst side effect is less sick days

  25. the body makes about 1000iu of D3 per minute from sun exposure.
    i also read that sunglasses inhibit melanin and serotonin.

  26. I am reading a lot of info on using vitamin D3 to fight liver disease such as fibrosis. Israel doctors claim it can stop Cirrhosis in its tracks. There are many other studies that are provided on the web. Google "Vitamin D3 Liver Disease" follow the links. I believe if one has liver disease and treats it with Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal Glutatione, Magnesium, and Liposomal Curcumin with a diet change to fresh fruits and vegetables, liver disease could be effectively treated or even cured.

  27. Getting a cold and have not been taking D3 for over a year. Is it ok to double to 10,000iu gel rapid release for a few days then maintain at 5000iu after that?

  28. In Oder to absorb better the vitamin D3 you have to combine it with vitamin K2 that's the best way to get the level you need.
    Don't forget to make the test
    25 (OH) hydroxid Level Vitamin D
    Before you star to take both vitamin D 3 and K2 and then three month later.

  29. I'm in the frozen north and get almost zero vitamin D because I don't go out in Winter, not that it would help, but I don't go out in summer either because I cannot tolerate the intense heat and light.  I was taking 4000 IU a day, then dropped to 2000 then 1000 because I now have liver fibrosis and a transplant.    My question is: Will the higher doses harm my liver or cause problem with rejection?

  30. One thing to point out is that K2 is essential. Reference to calcium as you mention for bones – problem is that it can get deposited in your arteries. K2 removes all the calcium build up in your arteries and directs it into your bones where is the most important.

    K2 and D3 are inter dependent.

  31. Do you mean 10,00iu a day or a week?  And maintenance levels for a 13 year old, and 58 year old woman 59 year old man with low levels. Is that 5,000 iu a week? 
    Also, can one get more joint or bone injuries due to a vit d deficiency? And what is causing one to not absorb the Vit D? we have a lot of intestinal issues? now trying to stay away from GMO's. Thanks!

  32. My level is 29…. and my doctor told me to take 1400 IU per day for month…. I got my gallbladder removed 4 years ago and I had issues before that with a low level of vitamin D… Should I get a second opinion from another doctor…?? I get colds and sinus infections all the time – and feel so tired… Migraines and feel cold all the time… 🙁

  33. You should take 5000iu D3 and 100mcg K2 during the morning. If you take it a few hours before sleeping your sleep quality will be reduced, but taking it every morning for a longer time will improve your sleep a lot.

  34. I just got my lab blood test back from the VA today and my vitamin D3 levels are low, 14.21. It shows that the normal range is 32 – 100. I think I'm going to start taking 5,000IU as she recommends in this video. I'm currently taking 1000IU and had that in my system the day I had the blood drawn. So, I must be low. I just don't want to take too much as I'm very particular about how much of anything I supplement with. However, I'm gullible enough to believe that 5000IU will work for me.

  35. Everyone, read this comment. This is pseudo science and no evidence points to this being a necessary dose, this woman is clearly not a real doctor and don't listen to anything she's telling you.


  37. You (want to) sound like a vitamin D specialist, but …vitamin d3 level is not expressed in ng/dl. It is expressed either in ng/ml or nmol/l. When you say 50ng/dl, then it is like 0.5ng/ml, which means the patient is already dead.

  38. im at 25 level. i been on 5000 for 3 weeks can i start working out? my bones are pretty weak i can tell. soo i hope i can gain bone density back?

  39. I hope she is also prescribing K2 with D3. without K2 you are setting yourself up for hardening/calcification of the arteries which = cardiovascular disease. Dr Eric berg on YouTube sells d3/k2.
    No I don't work for him

  40. Yes!!! and it doesnt speak to dark skin people who need 5X more sun because
    dark skin protects from too much sun. when we livied below Equator Above Equator has created serious D deficiencies real talk


  42. I have been on 10,000 for a year and my blood level has only climbed to 49…….NOT…..the 70-80s. nanogramg's
    REASON…….I have a stress problem with severe Bipolar so it must really draw on it.
    I am losing weight now but I was 300 pounds over and that eats it up.
    13,000 with blood tests.
    5,000 in the beginning changed my life as I had 50 years of allergy shots,colds,flues infections that were deadly.
    Don't catch Bipolar it's not curable……but treatable……LOL

  43. How did you learn that vitamin D3 is good for you. I took it for 10 years and I am almost dead now. THe blood number means nothing. I got many compression fractures from vitamin d3 because it is cholecalciferol. THis poison is causing those diseases. Look at the ingrdients in rat poison. Cholecalciferol. Rat poison. Please stop pushing poison.

  44. Sheep oil for the sheeple.!!!!!! Vitamin D3 is made from the grease that is secreted from sheep that is intended to keep the wool dry in rainy cold weather. When they are washing the wool, after they painfully shave it from the animal, the grease is a by product of the wool making process.They used this by product as a rat killer, until a couple of doctors were paid to say it is good for you. Similar to the Aluminum industry that paid two doctors to say fluoride, a by product, is good for you. Let the sheeple follow you over the edge!!!!!!

  45. Doctor, what can I take to avoid the gastrointestinal distress when I take 2000 iu vitamin d3?. I get bloating and gas. Currently I'm cautiously taking 800 iu of vitamin d3, although I know this dosage is very low but after suffering from stomach distention, bloating and gas, I want to go slow. I have a blood test scheduled for next week to check my d3 levels for the first time ever…

  46. Hi
    i did vit D Test
    My Result is 9.78 which is severe deficiency

    i have both Capsules and 4 liquid oral injections
    they prescribed it as follows:

    to drink liquid oral injection mixed with water of 300000 IU every 10 days

    and the capsule vit D of 5000 IU 125 microgram
    to take it every day for 1month

    the question is
    do you think that is too much or not ?


  47. DO NOT supplement d3 without k2mk7
    nowfoods k2mk7 capsules 100 micrograms

    d3 supplement increases calcium into blood, need k2mk7 so calcium goes to bones and NOT arteries

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