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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

[alarm ringing] Hey guys what’s up Good Morning Let’s get up and make our muscle building breakfast which you have all been waiting for Before that, I need to freshen up [music] [VLOG #1] The main goal of this shake is This is not actually good for cutting Because for cutting you need to eat less carbs and it has lot of carbs in it It will help you a lot in bulking I drink this shake twice everyday Fist you will need 500 ml milk Well, this milk is a fat-free milk or a skimmed milk so first we’ll add it The next thing is whey protein Add 1 scoop of whey protein now now we will add This is 100 grams of oats I will blend it separately Never waste anything There is some stuck on the sides, we will add that as well Next thing that I am gonna add is wheat bran It is rich in fiber (cellulose) and helps in digestion This shake is very calorie dense So, you need fiber for proper digestion So I add 30 grams of wheat bran to it next thing is chocos Well guys, I can’t miss this Think whatever you want I love it and I add it every time [extra carb source] I don’t add a lot of it Only 30 grams and we’ll blend these separately this becomes a very fine powder I blend most of these things separately because it increases the mixability now for enhancing the chocolate flavor I add power vita You can find it in any of the Patanjali’s store it’s really good because it has a good source of protein it has a lot of amino acids so, it’s actually very good but I add a little amount of it only because it has a lot of sugar in it just a little bit for the flavor next thing that I add is cinnamon it is really really good cinnamon doesn’t let the insulin level spike so any of my friends who is diabetic [said it wrong haha] they can take cinnamon because it won’t increase your blood sugar and I like its flavor as well next thing that I add is cocoa powder cocoa powder boosts the nitric oxide levels in your body and and this keeps a flow of nitric oxide in your body Earlier in my videos, I have told you about nitric oxide this gives you a really good pump it doesn’t have any bad source of fats and carbohydrates now the most important thing flax seeds it has omega-3 and omega-6 fats which keep our brain activity healthy it also lowers the LDL Low Density Lipoprotein cholesterol so make sure to add this peanuts it’s not peanut butter I don’t use peanut butter because it has hydrogenated oil in it which are not good for your health instead of that I use peanuts only and I blend them separately 40 grams of peanuts if taste is not an issue for you, use peanuts over peanut butter I never use peanut butter can you see this these are layers of gains and now the final ingredient that we have here is a banana it’s my favorite and I will never miss it now it’s ready to blend now you have here THE BIGGEST BIGGEST MUSCLE BUILDING SHAKE EVER!! You get so many good nutrients from these sources you will love it and it takes only 1-2 minutes to gulp it down for a hard gainer, I would recommend him to drink this shake twice daily it’s consistency is a little thick now I am gonna enjoy it you also make this and tell me how was it for you okay guys now I will catch you next Thursday at 5 pm and I will show you some exercises that I do for fat loss CHEERS!


  1. sala aisi chutiya Panti Marne bale londe ya to gay hote h ya unko marbane ka muh me lne k sauk hota h gandu or kya kya milbayega Loda lehsan kaju bdam

  2. Maggie dalna bhul gaya. Abhi phir se video bana chal.
    Insulin spike hone ki baat karta hai, aur Choco dalta hai

  3. Iski inhi harkto ki waja ce yeh kch bun nai paya 😂🤣😁 … pury din ka budget breakfast ma he dal diaa.. urao urao baap ka paisa bhai

  4. Kon SA course Kiya h tune Bhai, jisko dekho YouTube pr channel bnakr dusro ki esi tesi krne par lgey ho apni income k liye,

  5. Bhai agae informatio Deni h toy sahi to….galat kyu dete ho…itni jyada calaries agr Banda ek time m Lega to firstly digest nahi hoga aur secondly it's just waste of protein because body digest hi just kar paigi us protein…..plzzz misguide Mt kroo….

  6. bhai aise chutiya to naaa bnao …….ek video me tu khud bola hai i love peanut butter ….mai ise din bhar khaata hu 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬saala tumlog chutiya bnate ho

  7. bhai apne kaha whey optional hai, but agar aap whey nikal doge toh 53gm protien ji bache ga shake mai, but sugar toh utni hi rahe gi na. Toh kuch khas fiyada nhi hone wala is shake se.

  8. Bhai mene kuch he cheezo me muscle gain kiya hai.
    Oats, banana, peanut butter, honey, khajoor, daalen, roti, sabzi, aaloo, bs..
    Roz ka 100..
    Itna bhi kafi hai, aur digestion k liyee phodina khalo 5 rupe ka. Aur adrak, lehsan khalo. Sab achha hoga

  9. Bhai meusli b mila hi deta jab sab mila diya hai 100gms ho jata protein, hai na? Kuch bhi matlab…..Bhai subha uthne me chicken b kha sakta hu 5min me….chicken break or milk ko blender me ghuma do….bas…matlab blender hai to kuch b dal ke mila do…:''))((((
    Cinnamon b dala… bhai multi vitamin, gokshura, fish oil b dal deta….Kitni gali du yr ..matlab kasam se….Khana khajana fail kr diya tune

  10. Loda lassan bhi daal deta ismai.. kuchh bhi kar rahe hai log aaj kal thode time gym kya chale jaate hai khud ko expert samajhne lagte hai bc bhai log apne shake mein ye sab bhang bosada daalne ki zarurat nahi hai keep it simple that's all

  11. I can’t understand this…he can eat chocos, choco powder, but he don’t want to have peanut butter because of they are not healthy…it doesn’t make sense to me🧐

  12. I can’t understand this…he can eat chocos, choco powder, but he don’t want to have peanut butter because of they are not healthy…it doesn’t make sense to me🧐

  13. Puri body ko ek br m hi bnale…. Bc hame bs whey protein mil tjse achi body bna duga… Ye sb bhasad nh kruga….. Guaranteed

  14. Wow superrr healthy protein breakfast. Its looking awesome .i m impressed .I have made it in my home .this is so yummy .i loved recepi .well done .

  15. Steriod le le ke to body banai hai bhadwe ne
    Apni doosri video mein sarms ki cycle chla rha hai
    Aur ankhe jo iski chadi hui hai pata chl rha hai ki steriods ki cycle chla rha hai
    Aur jitna isne 10 ingredients ek saath mein daal diye utna ka isko fayda bhi nhi hoyega
    Sabke nutrients aadhe adhe hi mil payenge bhadwe ko

  16. All those who are criticizing it, he already said that the shake has high carbs, ALSO EVERY PERSON HAS DIFFERENT METABOLISM, HE CAN EASILY DIGEST THAT WITHOUT GAINING ANY FAT

  17. The ingredients were really good bro but the amount differs person to person because a 50 kg guy can't have this must for breakfast I think you should have specified that 😇and keep growing bro🔥💙

  18. 1:33 pagal ho giyiga h kya bahi mere 100g oats .
    professional body builders bhi nhi lete etne oats at a time .
    body pie etna load mt de .
    .count calories !

  19. bahi skin care mtlb body hair removal pie video lao that is how you remove your body hair including (your hands , leg and abdomen ) use shave or trim or wax?

  20. bahi mere jo shake thune piya hie uska carb content 750 calories h .
    . i have made same using same ingredients .
    .or jo thuune oats dale h na unka hie calories 150 g h

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