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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

To me, bodybuilding means air… to breathe. If someone took it from you… …it would be the same as somebody choking you… then you would realize how much you need it! Bodybuilding in the way that I do, it’s insanity. You could never understand when you have no relation to it. It’s a way of life. Bodybuilding…you must have it in your heart… …or you can’t do it. Bodybuilding gave me discipline, taught me to finish things and to just go for it. It made my lifedreams come true. Bodybuilding took me nothing. I don’t regret any minute that I sacrificed for that and I would do it again. Maybe just one thing… Bodybuilding takes me the time that I would like to spend with people I love. But it belongs to that. It is not a sport but it is a way of life which you choose, It is a lifestyle. I started with bodybuilding for myself. And I still do it for myself. I enjoy it. And as I said I love discipline. I like to look different than others. If I’ve accomplished my goals? Yes…all my goals in bodybuilding! I’ve become a profi bodybuilder and I made it to Mr.Olympia. I couldn’t wish more… …just repeat it and keep improving! When I came to gym for the first time, I knew that this is what I looked for. I was 16 years old and I had no idea that I found the right sport for me, yet. I have a dream…of course I have. You must have dreams to have power to continue. My next goal is to get better and to visit Vegas again (Mr.Olympia). Vojta Koritenský is a boy from Hradec from ordinary housing estate like most of us. Vojta Koritenský is a normal guy who had his dream and made it come true. I try to be a good example. Because if you want or not… you have an influence over many people. You should become aware of it and have appropriate approach to it. My greatest motivation is to be better every day. My greatest fear is that I steal our common time from myself and my loved ones. You can never take it back.
The only thing that can’t be taken back is time. Bodybuilding absorbs you so much that you don’t see other things. But it’s important to realize that it isn’t the only thing in the world. There are another things, another people…like family, friends who supports and loves you. It is important to return to it them. Do not mind just yourself. It’s a strange sport. But it’s a beautiful thing when you develop a taste for it. You have to do it for no purpose… just for big muscles. Because you’re not normal. It just takes your money and health. It just grasps your heart. It’s a sport of egoists, great personalities and also of fools. The most expensive are bicepses…you can’t buy them boy! I don’t suffer from anything in bodybuilding. I enjoy every part of my training. I know that I have tons of food in bulk phase which is to strenuous to eat it. However, I like it. It is thing that you have to surpass every day. You have to do it. That’s what motivates me and what I really enjoy. This is how I do it. And there is no possibility that it would be different. I love it and enjoy it. Maybe it’s the pain that I enjoy. I’m used to doing bodybuilding so much that I’m doing it automatically. I don’t even think about going to gym or not. I just go. It’s the same as to breathe…you don’t think about breathing too! You just do it without thinking. This is what I’m doing. It just goes itself… The key to success is to keep going and it doesn’t apply just for bodybuilding. Believe in it and keep going. It is the most important. Keep going! And you will see that it pays off. I’ve always dreamed of having big muscles. Because my height is just 163 centimeters. So I’ve decided to grow to be wider at least. …be special in something. I wanted to be a muscular shorty :). If you have your dream, go for it.
Nobody can’t take it from you. Don’t let them take it. Don’t let anybody to talk you out of it! Do what you want to….because you live only once! You shouldn’t give a fuck about the other things… Unfortunately, my family suffer sometimes. And they wouldn’t have to with a normal person. The most beautiful thing about bodybuilding is when you see the results of your effort. Because the preparation for competiton takes months or years. And finally when you are on stage, everything reveals. It‘s great to watch it. But it doesn’t always happen as you wish. Right there you can see your imperfections,
so you know what you have to improve next time to come better. I really like to push my limits. I was great one year but I must be better next year. And after that I have to overcome myself. Anyone who is willing to suffer can do bodybuilding. Only a person who is crazy enough to want to look like a monster. The truth is that bodybuilding is not for normal people. My dad always had muscles and I wanted to be like him. I didn’t want to be ordinary guy. I wanted to be diffrent. Similarly as Arnold Schwarzenegger…he looks diffrent than anybody else in his films. He is extreme person. I wanted to stand out of crowd, not even how I look and behave… …but I wanted to be an idol like him. It goes hand in hand, I think. I’ve never wanted to be muscular neanderthal man. I always wanted to be the one to look up. And to be respected not only for my appearence but also for what I would have done and for what I would have in my head. One time I quitted bodybuilding for one month… because I wanted to live normal life. But during the month I realized that it wasn’t me. I didn’t have a reason to get up and to just be, because I didn’t have a life goal. I dind’t want to end as those who are living just for ordinary things – money, family… …of course I also want all this.
But I want to have something more… success in bodybuilding! Somebody wants to be an actor, I want to be a successful bodybuilder. I want to be one of those who achieve something in life. I want to be extraordinary! Milan Šádek is a boy who began workout when he was 13 years old. And he found his way of life in it. He decided that he would be one of the best bodybuilders in the world. Even though everyone was discouraging me from doing it. And telling me that I should have stopped dreaming. I wanted to prove them wrong and show that they underestimated me. And I think I succeed to prove them wrong. I belong to the better bodybuilders in the world. And my best will just come… I know it! Bodybuilding made me strong-minded and more self-confident person. But not arrogant. I have a lot of humbleness because I know that there are better people than me. But I am trying to catch up with them. Impossible doesn’t exist for me. Bodybuilding is a way of life. You must adjust everything you do during the day. You must adjust employment and all your free time. It is the way that an athlete starts out. Last but not least, it’s a sport. And as I say…
…it is the hardest sport in the world. It isn’t just about training, but you shloud adjust your whole day to it. You actually sacrifice a part of your life to it. For this reason it is the hardest sport in the world. You must sacrifice everything… all your money, all free time, personal life… everything! No other sport requires this…. Bodybuilding definitely made me a better person. It is the only sport that opens the doors to the world. It’s a good start… …I mean that for bodybuilders it’s no problem to become anything they want. A politician, an actor or a rich businessman. It opens the doors to the world for you. When you become a successful bodybuilder, it opens all doors for you… it is such an extraordinary sport… …for me it’s also a job. And for successfull bodybuilder it’s not a problem to go into the top spheres of society. Bodybuilding made me better person in the frst place. My physical and mental qualities have improved. It also made me successful bussinessman. And made me literally superman! Bodybuilding means the whole life for me. It is my job and my hobby. It is love of my life. And it is a fulfillment of my life. Filip Grznár is one of the most famous and successful czech athletes. Primarily a bodybuilder. And nowadays he is the best known czech bodybuilder of all times. I have achieved all my goals in sport. What I’m doing these days it’s like an extension… I want just one thing… to come back again… after all the injuries I had. And be terribly rich and successful in my life. The most painful thing in bodybuilding is diet. Because training doesn’t hurt. It is the pain you want and because of which we all do it. But diet hurts terribly.
You can’t even imagine that. Remember one thing… if you want to do bodybuilding, you have to be rich! Lot of people ask me about training and diet.
But no one asks me how to earn money. Bodybuilding is just about money and nothing else. When you are healthy, you only need the money to be successful in bodybuilding. Because you can’t do bodybuilding without money… much less in professional bodybuilding. Muscles… to be huge, shredded, to look better than everyone else… it is the most perfect thing about it. That’s why we do it… Bodybuilding… you must have it in your heart… …or you can’t do it. Bodybuilding in its core is… a perfect idea. The only thing it took from me is a word “impossible” from my vocabulary. Bodybuilding definitely made me a better person. You can’t just buy good physique. If you want to be the best, you must sacrifice something and do your maximum. I was willing to sacrifice anything. I’ve always dreamed about having big muscles. I do bodybuilding because I want to
and because I enjoy it. Bodybuilding gave me a meaning of life. It’s love of my life. It’s not like that next day you will read in newspapers that you have fulfilled your life dream.
No… you have to do your best! You have to live for that. And if you don’t live for that, you will never achieve your goals. When a person begins to suffer, you take food from him, force him to train hard…
everyone reaches the bottom! And everyone gets to know himself. How tough he is or not. I think it helps in normal life, too. My greatest motivation is to be better every day. Bodybuilding means the whole life for me. It’s a way of life. Thanks to bodybuilding I can live the life I’m living now. It’s a beautiful thing if you develop a taste for it. Muscles… to be huge, shredded, to look better than everyone else… it is the most perfect thing about it. Anyone who is willing to suffer can do bodybuilding. Being a bodybuilder is a madness and obsession. The most expensive are bicepses… you can’t buy them! The main thing is to not shit yourself and still go on. The key to success is humbleness. Bodybuilding gave me so much… it is worth everything in the world for me. I know that there is not “impossible”. If you have your dream, go for it.
Nobody can’t take it from you. Don’t let them take it. Don’t let anybody to talk you out of it.
Do what you want to do…. because you live only once. You shouldn’t give a fuck about the other things…

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  2. Vojta a kulturistika super,respekt o tom zadna ,jen bych uvital taky nekoho, kdo ma kolem 40ceti ,brutalne cvici a nikdy nesypal a snazi se to nejak udrzet ,nebo nejlepe zlepsit ,jeste naturalne ,proste jestli existuje takovy 40 a vice lety Ales Lamka ,furt zaprisahlej natural .

  3. podle toho jak se při normální řeči zadejchává tak při tréninku si musí extrémně kurvit srdce ….možná se mnou hodně lidí nebude souhlasit, ale kdo si neváží vlastního zdraví si nezaslouží respekt, asi tak

  4. Ani jsem nedokoukal do konce a davam dislike,je to strasny jako by scenar psal spatnej rejza 😀 nevim koho tohle muze bavit je to stejny jak s Buresem,nevim todle mne fakt nemotivuje

  5. Na kulturistike je najlepšie to že keď rok nebudeš cvičiť a brať suplementy tak sa sfúkneš ako balónik 😀

  6. Život je dar. Někdo nám ho daroval a místo vděčnosti k Němu se mnozí nechají svést k takovýmto nesmyslům. Až těsně před kolapsem a smrtí si tito pánové a dámy uvědomí, jak s tím darem naložili a kam to dotáhli. Cpát do sebe látky a přejídat se v honbě za nesmyslnou muskulaturou,to je jako koupit si novou Audinu a sypat do nádrže písek. Takový nesmysl. Přeji všem,aby tomuto nenaslouchali a uvědomili si,proč tu jsme a komu jsme vděční za život. Nenechte se svést na cestu k sebezničení.

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    Děkuju moc.

  10. Kulturisty a opravdový chlapi v tomhle odvětví bych v čr napočítal na prstech.. Jedné nohy a ruky)) zbytek jsou především nedozrálí děti který neumí zacházet s anabolickými steroidy respektive jejich mozek který je poznamenaný mindrákama z dětství.. Vojta je jeden z těch nejlepších chlapů v kulturistice

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    díky všem…tvůrcům atd a Vojtovi
    nejsem kulturista a nikdy nebudu, ale kombinuju street work out a klasickou posilku a tohle video je prostě pro motivaci top a díky moc za to!
    Dlouho jsem neviděl něco podobnýho….

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