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The bodybuilding process often starts
after a truck leaves the assembly plant. This can result
in long lead times for customers. But with Volvo Trucks’ new, flexible
chassis and unique 3D chassis drawings which allow for parallel work flow the body building process
can be shortened by up to 14 days. At Ragnsells,
what matters most is lead time. Receiving the trucks on time, so we can
fulfil our undertaking to our customers. The challenge
during the bodybuilding process is that the different components,
truck and body work, are often built in different places. In the end, they have to fit together
and there’s no room for error. The new chassis flexibility for FM
lets us be more bodybuilder-friendly. One example is that we can
prepare for chassis installation. We can give free frame space
on the chassis to allow space for the crane legs and we can install crane plates. The new flexible chassis is important
in shortening customers’ lead times. To make the process even more
efficient, the bodybuilders get access to unique 3D drawings of each chassis. In practice,
this means the bodybuilders can see exactly what the finished chassis will
look like before it’s constructed. They can zoom in on details and
look at the chassis from all angles. The 3D drawings give us
100 per cent accuracy. This allows us to produce the body
while the chassis is being produced. That means that when the new truck in this case a Volvo FM comes from the plant, the body work
is already waiting at the builder’s. The main advantage with Volvo’s
new chassis is that they have adapted the top holes and left them
accessible to us bodybuilders. We don’t have to drill any holes
ourselves, which saves time and we can position our brackets
where it makes the most sense. All in all, the flexible chassis
and unique 3D chassis drawings makes the final assembly more efficient. This means that the customer’s
lead time can be shortened by up to 14 days.

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