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100 thoughts on “Wake Up With Me | My Morning + Workout Routine

  1. Happy Sunday, everyone! Spend the morning with me in my newest video. How are you spending your morning today? ☀

  2. Is it weird that i cant/dont listen to music when im doing my workout. I find it disturb me and having trouble to concentrate hehe.

  3. man… I watched your everyday makeup tutorial a few years back, and then I found you on instagram, and then I realised that *you* were clothesencounters, so this is my second time watching one of your videos… wow. I can't believe it. It feels like you've gone a long way from that makeup tutorial.

  4. Hi Jenn! That's a really good routine! But for your fitness routine: do first your strength exercices and then your cardio!! It’s vital that you lift before your cardio workouts, because you will have the most power and the most strength to lift heavier loads, which in turn will make you stronger 😉

  5. How many times a week do u workout? I usually do cardio twice a week but I'm not sure if that's enough

  6. LOVE FROM AUSTRALIA!!! I've been watching your videos a lot and absolutely love them!! Please come visit Melbourne, it's winter here right now but its not that bad (: How do you keep your skin so clear and hydrated? I have a lot of pimples on my face )); LOVE YOU JENN!! <3

  7. hi Jen. really impressed with your daily workout routine. might incorporate some of your strength exercises as part of my own. love your channel. 🙂

  8. Hey jen could you do a video on different skincare routines for different types of skin.what people should be using,avoiding etc.i have combo,spot prone,sensitive skin and its frustrating as hell! I feel like im wasting money and the products arent working..

  9. "I used to do the treadmill but now I'm getting old and my knees are bad." Girl I feel you. I'm only 16 and knees and ankles pop when I'm running 😩

  10. This honestly has to be the most retarded thing I've ever seen. There is absolutely nothing interesting about this video. e.g. I woke up, worked out, etc.

  11. I wish could wake up in the morning to actually have a morning routine like this. Im having a summer break rn. Its already 6am and Im about to go to bed after this lol

  12. I love this video! Made me motivated to hit the gym tomorrow! Do you shampoo your hair everyday after workout? I heard it's bad for the hair

  13. "Getting old"….😂 imagine how many older people you ticked off by saying that. I'm 18, I don't think you're getting old. 30s is still young. Don't stress

  14. I tried the work out today and I actually like it lol and I never work out a lot besides swimming aha!

  15. My morning routine.

    >Wake up.
    >Wish I was dead
    >Get up
    >Take my morning psychotropic cocktail of Effexor 225 mg, Vyvanse 40 mg and large coffee containing around 150 mg of caffeine.
    >May or may not have breakfast
    >Brush teeth
    >Shitpost on 4chan or 8chan the rest of the day to distract myself from my suicidal thoughts.

  16. watches video

    "Ok! Starting tomorrow, I'm gonna be more like Jenna and actually have a refreshing and healthy morning routine!!!"

    ~Next day~

    hits snooze button at least 50 times

    "…………….FUCK I'M LATE"

  17. I stopped using simple because the smell turned me off. But jen's videos make me wanna try them again! For those who tried Simple skincare, was it good?

  18. If you want to say something than be nice say something good to make others happy why do u always want to ruin others life what is yr problem

  19. even though it's a sponsored video I really enjoyed watching it, love to see more content like this, and your simple makeup look is so pretty! thanks Jenn~`

  20. I watched ur 2013 morning routine and 2017. So many changes used to drink a green smoothie before, now coffee, you used to feed ur cat, now ur dog, you used maybelline foundation before but now clinique…

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